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Tartini Cocktail: The Raspberry Beauty and 8 Wonderful Raspberry Vodka Cocktails You Can’t-Miss Out On!

Whenever we think of cocktails, we think of delicious fruits, juices, and punches, associated with various colors. The best thing about cocktails is, they...
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The Festive Fantasy: Christmas Cake Martini And 8 Similar Cocktails Perfect For Feeling Cheerful!

Whenever we think of festivities, we think of Christmas. The beautiful winter weather, lights, Christmas trees, gifts, Santa Claus, and most importantly, the Christmas...
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6 Orange Juice Cocktails To Beat The Heat This Summer

Orange juice or the OJ, as the popular vernacular goes, is a popular mixer found in every bar. In fact, a lot of our...
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Jackhammer Drink Recipe: 4 Cocktails To Warm Your Spirits

Jack Daniel’s is to whiskey what electric guitar is to rock and roll. Whether it’s a gentlemen’s club in the 80s, featuring men sitting...
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5 Must Try Cocktails: Grey Goose On The Rocks

You’re bound to recognize this majestic bottle of vodka anywhere. Not only is its appearance absolutely fetching, but it hits the palate in all...
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Black is the New Cool: 6 Black Vodka Drinks

Black Vodka, just like the name suggests the drink is a dark-colored novelty. If you are planning a dark or evil themed party this...
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5 Simple Red Bull Cocktails To Liven Up Your New Year

Cocktails– a combination of spirits? More like a combination of moods. Whatever the mood, festive, blue, green, sweet, or sour, cocktails are bound to...
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Forget All Your Blues With The Screwdriver: The Best Vodka Cocktail!

Party season is here which means cocktail cravings are on the rise. Everyone knows cocktails are one of the most superior and popular drinks...
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6 Best Winter Cocktails For Surviving The December Blues

This year has been particularly weird for most of us, so let’s just assume that there are no hard-and-fast rules about cocktail drinking this...
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French Horn Cocktail: Ingredients & Recipe And Similar Drinks To Try Out!

When we talk about the french horn, it’s not about that musical instrument. There are many things that are called french horn but are...
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Tequila Snowfall Sunrise And Other Recipes For Your Sweet Summer Cravings

Do you love to explore new things, especially when it comes to cocktails? Well, cocktails come up with enormous amounts of variations, especially tequila...
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5 Cream Soda Cocktail That Is Best Suited For Everyone

Those who are familiar with cream soda know that the major flavoring substance in it is vanilla. It’s a sweet, carbonated drink, with vanilla...
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