Most people have a fragile relationship with themselves. Everyone has an inner self. An inner self is a voice inside of us that knows all the answers to the questions and knows us better than anyone else. When you connect with your inner self, you feel empowered and confident to take on the world. 

Most of us go through life feeling lost or disconnected from our inner self. Just like any other human relationship, it requires time and effort to connect with your inner self. As human beings, we tend to criticize ourselves and speak negatively. But, after finding your inner self, you will be able to maintain a positive outlook towards life and become self-aware. If you’re intrigued by the concept of the inner self synonym, read on! 

Why Connect with Your Inner Self?

The term Jungian inner self is derived from Carl Jung’s psychology of the self. According to him, the self signifies the unification between the consciousness and unconscious in a person. It represents the individual psyche as a whole and is realized as a product of individuation. In layman’s words, the inner self is like a container, which encompasses the self, thoughts, desires, fear, wishes, hopes, aspirations, and so on. 

It is important to stay connected to the inner self because it helps you live a harmonious and fulfilling life. When you connect with your inner self, you become aware of your values, vision, beliefs, and motivation in life.  Building a connection with yourself requires patience and commitment. 

People tend to forget who they are under the layers of regret, guilt, anxiety, expectation, anger, etc. But, when the connection is drawn inwards, people feel supported and at peace. When you lose connection, there are signs of anxiety and discomfort. This affects many areas of our lives, and the will to live.

How to Connect with Your Inner Self?

There are many ways by which you can connect with your inner self or regain lost connection. Here are a few things you can try if feeling lost:

1. Make sure you check in with yourself

How often do you check in with yourself or reflect on life? The number one step to finding your inner self is to ask yourself how you are doing. You can start with a simple: How do I feel right now? What emotions are going through me? Note your response. You can also tune in to parts of your body and evaluate how they are feeling. If your heart is beating fast or your stomach is fluttering, pay attention to it. 

2. If you are not feeling your best, accept it

Remember that your inner self is the only place where you can be 100% honest with yourself. If you are not feeling your best or not in a good place right now, accept it. Your inner self isn’t a place of judgment. It is a safe space of unconditional love, acceptance, and warmth. Therefore, there is nothing to hide. Be honest with yourself and remind yourself that it’s okay to not be okay.

Connect with Your Inner Self
Connect with Your Inner Self

3. Focus on your breath

Anytime you feel anxious, scared, overwhelmed, or simply disconnected from yourself, try to focus on your breathing. This is a simple mindful meditation practice that can help you become aware of what’s happening in your body. Slowly bring awareness to your breath and focus on breathing. Notice as you gently inhale, exhale, and feel the rise. Repeat this practice for as long as necessary. 

4. Try free form writing

Free form writing or automatic writing is one of the best ways of feeling connected with yourself and tapping into your inner wisdom. Just grab a diary and a pen, and start writing. Write whatever comes into your mind. The trick is to let your pen flow across the page without any hesitation. Don’t worry about what you are writing, if the grammar is correct, if your handwriting is neat, etc. Just write. 

If you are having a hard time starting, ask yourself questions like: What do I need to know today? What am I looking forward to this month?

5. Spend time with nature

Nature is restorative, and forging a connection with nature makes us feel alive. Individuals have an intrinsic connection with the Earth, which gets lost in the mundane. Try going for a walk, a hike, or riding your bike through the hills. Make sure you are doing something to physically connect with your surroundings. 

6. Move your body

Moving your body is one of the purest forms of self-love. Listen to what your body is trying to convey and move with the flow. You don’t have to force yourself to exercise. Just trying to move with the flow. You could dance, try hula hooping, or do something that doesn’t feel like a chore. You could take a walk in nature, practice restorative yoga, dance around to music. Do something that feels liberating and freeing to your body. 

7. Do things that make you happy

In the end, the best way to connect with your inner self is to do things that make you happy. Think of things that make your heart smile, things that lighten your mood, and make you happy. It could be anything creative like painting, or something productive like organizing your closet, etc. 

If there is something you like to do, find time and do it more often. Try to make space in your schedule and spend alone time with yourself. 

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