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Pregnancy Week 40: This Is The Week You Hold Your Lil One!

Congratulations, you have safely arrived at your due date! At 40 weeks pregnant, you have successfully completed the full term of your pregnancy, which...
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Pregnancy Week 38: The Finish Line Is Right Around The Corner!

At 38 weeks pregnant, your baby is nearing full-term, which means that it will soon be time for them to enter this world. You...
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Pregnancy Week 39: Your Body Is Preparing To Pop

Only one more week to go! You have successfully completed the 39 weeks of your pregnancy, congrats! Your family would get bigger and better...
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Pregnancy Week 36: You Are Going To Meet Your Baby Very Soon!

At 36 weeks pregnant, you are finally finishing up month 9, which means that your baby is going to be in your arms before...
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Pregnancy Week 34: You Only Have To Be Patient For A Little Longer Now!

Being 34 weeks pregnant may feel surreal because no matter how long you have had to get used to this, the closer the big...
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Pregnancy Week 37: Your Baby Has Got A Hold Of Things!

Congratulations! You are 37 weeks pregnant and strong! Only 3 more weeks to go before you see your little adorable human live from your...
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Pregnancy Week 32: Your Baby’s Body Is Getting Its Final Touches As They Prepare To Meet You!

At 32 weeks pregnant, your baby is taking up a lot of space in your womb, much bigger than they were before. This means...
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Pregnancy Week 35: You Are Almost There!

Your world is about to turn upside down in a matter of just 5 weeks. It has already been 35 weeks of your pregnancy...
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Pregnancy Week 30: You And Your Baby Have Come A Long, Long Way!

At 30 weeks pregnant, your little one isn’t so tiny anymore and neither is your baby bump! You may start to realise just how...
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Pregnancy Week 28: Welcome To Your Third And Final Trimester!

At 28 weeks pregnant, you are officially in your third trimester and only have a few months left before you get to finally hold...
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Pregnancy Week 33: Your Baby Can Fight Germs And Bacteria

If you are 33 weeks pregnant it means you have already reached your 8th month of pregnancy. Only two more months to go! You...
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Pregnancy Week 31: Witness Your Baby Blink!

Woohoo! You have completed most of your pregnancy successfully. 31 weeks are down and only 9 more weeks to go! Very soon your darling...
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