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5 Common Myths About Exercise That Needs To Be Busted Today

To be fit and healthy, exercising regularly is of utmost importance and has to be accompanied by a good diet and proper sleep. While...
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Jump Till You Drop: 6 Effective Benefits Of Jumping Rope

Working out or exercising regularly is very important for the wellbeing and fitness of the body. It not only tones the entire body but...
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Can Planks Help You Lose Weight? Find Out How Many Calories Are Burned In a Plank!

One minute in plank feels like an hour and most people can relate to this. Planking has a great number of benefits especially for...
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Feeling Lethargic? Add These 13 Foods For An Instant Boost Of Energy

Sometimes, it becomes mandatory to munch on food to be able to work for long hours nonstop. Foods for instant energy can come to...
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Happy Feet: Treat Athlete’s Feet, A Fungal Infection

Some skin and fungal infections are pretty common and happen all the time. One of these common types of fungal infection is the Athlete’s...
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Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner: The Un-Official Couple

Most Celebrities choose to keep their dating lives private and the more they are private the more controversial they get. Harry Styles and Kendall...
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Hyponatremia: Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Sodium is a crucial electrolyte that transmits signals between the cells and helps the fluid within the cells. Having improper levels of sodium in...
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5 Sports That Can Cause Exercise-Induced Migraines

Exercise is vital for a balanced and healthy functioning of your body and works wonders for treating a lot of health problems and illnesses. ...
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Creatine Monohydrate: The New Age Supplement

If you have been interested in the fitness world then you would have heard people rave about creatine in the fitness world. It is...
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Regenokine Treatment – Does It Deserve The Hype?

Name any big shot athlete – the late Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, or other NFL players. They all tried and tested the treatment that...
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Start Your Day By Jogging: Health Benefits & Pro Tips

Physical activity is extremely important for the better functioning of our body. As we have been at home due to lockdown this year, our...
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Dry Grapes: Benefits And How To Eat Them?

Dry grapes or raisins are rich in nutrients and offer a lot of benefits which we often ignore. Many people do not know that...
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