Petroleum jelly is that one staple product that is used worldwide and has wonderful benefits. It has multi-tasking properties on skin, hair, medicine, and household.

Interestingly that small pack of it can solve a lot of issues that you might be unaware of. It’s uses are immense and here we are going to tell you about all its wonderful benefits of it. Let’s begin:

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Here are some of the major benefits of Petroleum Jelly 

1. Facial use

Petroleum jelly’s uses for skin are endless. It is great for the face and serves more than the moisturization needs: 

  • Moisturiser: The most vital use is that of a moisturiser. It is a great moisturiser for the face and body. It provides long hours of hydration and leaves the skin feeling feather-soft. It is amongst the top moisturisers as recommended by top dermatologists. It is the best solution to dry and cracked skin.
  • Lip balm/ lip scrub: Dry and flaky lips are quite common, especially in winters. Petroleum jelly is the solution to make your lips soft and smooth. Only moisturizing your lips is not enough; it needs exfoliation too. Make a lip scrub by mixing half a teaspoon of sugar with some petroleum jelly and rubbing it on the lips. It will remove all the dead skin and will make your lips all soft and shiny.
  • Define eyelashes: Before using mascara on your lashes, put some petroleum jelly, and enjoy well-defined eyelashes. If you have a problem with eyelash thinning, it can do wonders in that too. Each night get into the habit of putting it on your lashes and witness the difference in just a month.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
  • Skin highlighter: Petroleum jelly is a great highlighter. Just dab some jelly on the areas that you wish to highlight after you are done with your makeup. It will give you a perfect radiant look.
  • Makeup-remover: If your skin is too sensitive to chemical-based makeup removers then petroleum jelly is your best go-to option. Just take a generous amount and rub it all over your makeup face. After that using a wet-wipe or cotton pads, rub off all the makeup. Then wash your face with a face wash and you are done.
  • Face-spa: Petroleum jelly on face can give you a great at-home face spa. Just take a good amount of it and rub it all over the face. Give yourself a good massage till the jelly gets nicely absorbed. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water. It is a great remedy for your dry skin during winters.
  • Night-cream: Petroleum jelly can be used as a night cream for dry skin. During winters, when the face gets extremely dry, using it as a night cream is a great option to achieve well-hydrated skin.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

2. Body use

Petroleum jelly benefits are not limited to face. It is useful for hands, feet, elbows, and other parts of the body as well:

  • Nails/ cuticles: Petroleum jelly on the body can effectively repair the dry cells of nails and cuticles. If your nails, cuticles, and hands get dry, put a good amount of it at night and cover your hands with gloves. It will lock the moisturization inside and will rejuvenate dry and chappy hands.
  • Soft hands and feet: Massaging petroleum jelly in winters can prevent dryness of hands and feet. Apply it on the dry feet or hands at night and cover it with cotton gloves. It will retain moisture and will make your hands and feet extra soft and supple.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
  • Perfume longevity: If your perfume is not lasting all day long, then here is the trick. Apply small amounts of petroleum jelly on the areas of the body you are going to spray on, like the wrist, sides of the neck and chest. If you spray your perfume on it
  • then it will last for up to 8 hours.
  • Cracked heels/ dry elbows: If you have cracked heels or dry elbow, then petroleum jelly is the best solution to it. Apply a generous amount of it on your dry elbow and cracked heels and they will heal in a few days’ time.
  • No nail paint leak: If you are not a pro at apply neat nail paint, then all you need is petroleum jelly. Apply a thin layer of it around your nails and then apply the nail paint. It will take care of the leaked nail paint.

3. Hair uses

Petroleum jelly has multiple uses for hair. Here is how:

  • Defrizz your hair- If you have frizzy hair then petroleum jelly on hair is the best solution. After washing your hair, take a small amount of it and gently apply on the hair. Make sure to use a small amount and using an excess petroleum jelly can make your hair look greasy.
  • Used as a conditioner- If you are out of conditioner, your petroleum jelly is there for help. Using it is the same way as a conditioner. It will leave the same effect and will make your hair smooth and soft.
  • Skin protector against hair dyes- If your dye tends to leak and leaves a mark on your forehead then all you need in some petroleum jelly. Create it outline near your forehead hairline. Then start with applying your hair dye. If it gets a leak, it will leave no mark.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

4. Household uses

Petroleum jelly has a few households uses as well:

  • Shoe shiner: Petroleum jelly is an amazing shoe-shiner. If you are out of shoe shiner then no worries. Put some of it on your shoes and they will shine like brand new. It is the best hack whenever you are in a hurry.
  • Fix your stuck zip: Petroleum jelly can free your stuck zip. If your jeans or dress zip gets stuck then all you have to do is rub some of it and your zip will have a smooth path to move. It works best in an emergency situation.
  • Fixes squeaky doors: If your door hinges are making high pitched sounds then all you have to do is rub some petroleum jelly on the hinges. It will make it smooth and sound free.
  • Fixes stuck drawers- If your cabinet drawers are getting stuck then petroleum jelly is the solution to that too. Put a good amount of it on the sides and it will move your drawer with great ease.
  • Prevents wax from sticking on candle stand- Wax gets collected at the bottom of the candle stand and is too difficult to remove. All you have to do is rub a good amount of petroleum jelly at the bottom and then place the lit candle. It will prevent wax fixing.
  • Treats cough and blocked chest: If you have a cough, all you need to do is rub some petroleum jelly on the chest, wear something warm and sleep. By morning, your cough will be gone. It works like magic.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly
  • Treats baby’s diaper rash: Diaper use can give rashes on the baby’s bumps. To treat these rashes just rub some petroleum jelly on the butt at every diaper change and it will cure the rash problem.

Now you are rich with the immense benefits of petroleum jelly. So always keep it at your place and use it as mentioned above. It is the solution to a lot of problems.

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