Most of us probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our feet, unless there are problems. Cracked heels occur with the buildup of dead skin and the lack of oil glands. It’s a problem women face a lot, and in fact, it can be more common in women. While in many cases it’s really harmless, and at the most, it can be annoying and unsightly, in worse cases, it can cause bleeding and pain. It can become a particular problem as we age, but aside from getting regular pedicures to keep your feet in the best shape possible, there are several home remedies to treat cracked heels.

Cracked Heels Home Remedies

Here are some of the best magical home remedies to get rid of cracked heels:

1. Bananas

Bananas have several uses, and they’re great skin moisturizers. It can help to keep the skin elastic and has vitamins like A, C, and B6. You can mash ripe bananas up into a kind of paste and then apply it to your feet. Keep it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off. You can keep using this remedy until you begin to see it take effect.  

2. Papayas

The enzyme papain is found in the papaya, and is similar to an ingredient that is used in many skincare products. So it’s going to work wonders for your feet. It will help to reduce signs of aging. Use the flesh of the papaya to make a pulp and add some lemon juice as well. Keep it on for about twenty minutes and then wash it off. 

3. A Mix Of Oils

A major reason for cracked heels is dryness and lack of oil production. Mix together some castor oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Massage these oils onto your feet and rub in some Vaseline to seal in the oils. You can then add some hot wax to your feet, and put on some socks. In the morning, peel off the layer. Your skin should feel much more refreshed. These oils will make your heels feel softer.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is great for skincare, as we know very well. Pick some leaves and extract the gel or pulp from the aloe Vera. After soaking your feet in warm water for some time, apply the gel onto your heels. Do this at night, then pull on some socks and don’t wash off the aloe Vera until the next morning. Aloe Vera reinvigorates dry and dead skin and has amino acids that help to soften skin. 

5. Shea Butter

Shea butter is a good moisturizer and is used in a lot of skincare products. It has vitamins A and E and can help heal the skin. Again, use the sock technique; rub on some shea butter and then slip on some socks and leave it on overnight to allow for nourishment. 

Shea Butter
Shea Butter

6. Honey

Honey is able to draw out water from the inner tissues to the outer tissues, so the outer skin can be nourished. This is very good for cracked heels specifically, so add a generous helping of honey to some water and massage it around your heels for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Scrub it off and exfoliate with a pumice stone and then put on some moisturizer. 

7. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds make a great exfoliant which can help to get rid of the dry, dead skin on your heels. Mix some coffee grounds together with a bit of coconut oil (a moisturizer) and apply it to your feet. Scrub to exfoliate, and then rinse it off. Certainly a creative use for coffee!

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for breakfast, but it’s also great for your feet (who knew?). It has moisturizing and exfoliating properties, so you can mix it with some olive oil to make a paste. Apply it to your feet and leave it on for about an hour or so. You can then wash it off. 

9. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is good for inflammation and this is particularly useful if your cracked heels are causing you some pain. Add some epsom salt to warm water in a dish or basin, and soak your feet in it after stirring the water. You can then scrub your feet to get rid of the dead skin layer. 

Before you seek out expensive medicines and creams to cure your cracked heels, try what you have at home! You’ll be surprised by the results.  

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