Smelling good all day long is a serious flex. It makes you ten times more attractive and desirable when you smell good. An important question we all want an answer to is how to make perfume last longer? Our daily deodorants and perfumes will usually last for about 2-3 hours in good weather and even less when the weather is humid. We are going to tell you some long-lasting perfume hacks which can make perfume last longer in humid weather. 

We want to smell good all day long but sometimes things get messy and the perfume won’t last long. Having to work outside the office in heat and humidity which makes you sweat and therefore making your perfume disappear. It kinda sucks when you spend a lot of money on perfume just to feel it disappearing in a few hours.

But, we can use some hacks and tips to make perfumes last longer. Read on to find out how to make perfume last longer in humid weather. 

Why don’t your Perfume Last Long? 

The most common reason for this question is a bad diet and skin. Many of us believe that very costly and only good quality perfumes can last longer and cheap perfumes evaporate very quickly. This myth has made us all deceive and spend a lot of money on things which gives the same results as other cheap fragrance products. 

If you are wondering why your perfume is not lasting long, it may be because your skin is dry. Perfumes tend to stay longer on hydrated skin than dry skin. Another reason, which is your diet which is remarkably responsible for your body odour. If you eat healthily, particularly green vegetables your body will not produce any bad odour. 

How to Make Perfume Last Longer?

Different ways to make perfume last longer are:

Spray it onto your pulse points

Applying your fragrance onto your pulse points (where the pulse can be felt easily) is a great tip to make a perfume last longer in humid. Your pulse points can make your perfume last longer than any other area on your body. The insides of your elbow, nape of your neck, wrists or back of your knees are some pulse points. You can try applying it on these points to smell good for a longer period. 

Hydrate your skin

The fragrance would not last long if you have dry skin. Make sure you hydrate your skin before you put any fragrance over the area. Apply some fragrance-free lotion or moisturizer before you spritz any perfume over your skin. This will make your perfume last much longer. 

Do not shake your the perfume bottle

We sometimes take “shake well before every use” too seriously, it’s a good habit but not with a fragrance bottle. Perfumes are designed to stay still. You should not shake it as it will only reduce the fragrance quality by filling the air in the bottle. It will only shorten your perfume’s lifespan. 

Keep it away from daylight

The best way to keep your perfume bottle safe is to store it in a cool and shaded place. We often throw away the box in which the perfume bottle comes. Don’t throw them away! Instead, keep your perfume bottle in it. It will help the fragrance bottle to stay cool and will not degrade its quality. 

Spritz it on your hairbrush

Spray a little amount of perfume on your hairbrush and glide it over your hair. This will make your hair smell good. Do not spritz directly on your hair, especially on roots as the alcohol in the perfume can damage the hair. Doing this can make your perfume last longer. 

Apply perfume right after a shower

Applying perfume right after a shower helps lock the aroma into your skin. Your skin is hydrated and fresh after a shower and this moisture helps the skin to seal the fragrance into your skin which makes it last longer. 

Perfume Last Longer
Perfume Last Longer

Mix it with your lotion

Take your unscented lotion and mix a little amount of perfume into it, especially when there’s a little amount of perfume left in your bottle. You can prevent wastage by doing this and have a long-lasting fragrance by applying lotion onto your skin. 

Fragrance layering

Fragrance layering is a technique where you can make your own custom scent by layering different products or fragrances. Spray the stronger scent first and then spray the lighter one so that the stronger one does not overpower the lighter one. Fragrance layering for humid weather can work really well. 

Scented cotton balls

You can prepare scented cotton balls by spraying some perfume over small cotton balls and putting it in a plastic bag. You can use these cotton balls for quick touch-ups when you are away from home. 

Naturals vs. Chemical Aroma

We often believe that natural products are better and more durable but that is not always true. Natural deodorants or perfumes evaporate easily and unfortunately won’t last long. Believing in these marketing tools is ludicrous. If you want a long-lasting effect from your fragrance, don’t go for natural perfumes. 

Apply Vaseline on your pulse points

Apply some vaseline jelly over your pulse points and spray some perfume over it. It may help your perfume stay on for a longer period as the vaseline jelly will act as a moisturising lock for the fragrance. If you need some extra life out of your scent, use this tip to make perfume last longer in humid weather. 

What Type of Perfume will Last Longer?

We know how to make perfume last longer but the other question which arises is what type of perfume will last longer? The type and effectiveness of a perfume depend on its fragrance oil and alcohol ratio. This determines the strength of perfume lasts longer.

Anything labelled body spray, eau de cologne, or eau de toilette has a low concentration of fragrance oils and a more delicate scent. Eau de parfum and Extrait de parfum are a lot more intense and last the longest. So, next time you want to buy perfume, check its label and decide what type of perfume will suit you the best. 

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