Isn’t it just so annoying that your boyfriend or boys, in general, have better, thicker, and longer lashes than you? Doesn’t it physically hurt when you see women go without mascara because they have naturally perfect and voluminous lashes? Life seems unfair, huh? 

If you have long lashes, your face would automatically look ten times better and even more gorgeous than it already is. We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of women (or men) getting their lashes done – lash lifts and lash extensions, or they either use falsies and not to mention multiple layers of mascara. Some even use two or three different mascaras to get their ideal eyelashes. We understand – this sounds tedious. That is why we’re here to tell you that there are a few things you could do to change grow those eyelashes. They won’t be short, thin, and limp anymore – we’ve got your back.

There are several natural remedies for growing eyelashes as well as increasing their volume and thickness. You could have the lashes that you’ve always dreamt of. And all from the comfort of your home and kitchen. After reading this article, you will not feel like you have to invest a lot of money into your lashes. So, go grow eyelashes!

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally? 

Here are a few home remedies to get longer eyelashes naturally:

1. Eye Massages

Massages are a great way to relieve stress, we all know that. But, surprisingly, an eyelid massage can also help grow eyelashes naturally. Before starting, make sure you wash your face, hands and pat dry to avoid any kind of germs or bacteria. Use a finger and gently run it along your lash line. Slowly build up the pressure, ensuring that you are putting pressure in a downward motion. 

To avoid any irritation, do not apply too much pressure. Just a gentle force will do the trick. This works because it stimulates blood flow and circulation around your eye area which is vital to growing eyelashes. However, this is not something you should do every day. Start by doing it once or twice a week, and then slowly progress from there. A minute or two on each eye will be sufficient.

2. Coconut Oil

Before you fret, coconut oil is completely harmless to your eyes, eyelashes, and the area around your eyes. However, it is always better if you do a patch test to rule out any kind of allergy before applying it directly to your eyes. Once you’ve gotten that out of your way, all you need to do is fill an empty mascara bottle with coconut oil and coat your eyelashes thoroughly before sleeping. This has proven to bring you results. 

It might not necessarily help you get longer lashes but the magic of coconut oil lies in the fact that it ensures your lashes reach their full potential – length and volume-wise. Furthermore, coconut oil has moisturizing properties that trap protein and enhance the strength of your lashes. This prevents excess breakage and falling of your lashes. 

3. Vitamin E Oil 

Another proven ingredient to grow eyelashes is to apply Vitamin E oil. Many celebrities swear by this magic potion. Just like coconut oil, it helps

All you need to do is break it and extract the vitamin E oil, massage your eyelids gently and apply some oil along the lash line. Thoroughly coat your lashes in an upward motion, so the root of the lash gets the maximum oil. Once absorbed, Vitamin E oil enhances and boosts regeneration and growth in skin cells thereby you can grow eyelashes naturally. 

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E Oil 

4. Shea Butter

This has a high content of vitamins A, E, and C and hence is being used in a wide range of beauty and skincare products. Applying shea butter to your lashes will promote growth, enhance strength, and provide nourishment to your lashes. These multivitamins boost the production of collagen which in turn helps in renewing the skin around the eye area. Just apply some of this and leave it overnight – you will get longer eyelashes in no time. 

5. Olive Oil

Another age-old secret to beautiful hair and the most found ingredient in any kitchen – none other than olive oil. It helps promote hair growth and locks in nourishment and moisture to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Apply this same logic to grow eyelashes. Olive oil is perfect if you’re trying to prevent excessive eyelash fallout. As an added benefit, it will also make your eyelashes look darker and thicker. Don’t limit the benefits of olive oil to your mane. Use it wisely. 

6. Castor Oil

This is widely known as THE answer to how to grow eyelashes naturally. It doesn’t only benefit your skin, greying hair, dandruff but is also used by many cosmetologists as the cure for weak and limp eyelashes. A lot of eyelash serums champion castor oil as their main ingredient. It is one of the quickest remedies for improving your hair growth. Hence, if you massage your lash line with castor oil and apply it generously to your lashes, you will see a miraculous difference in a short period. Do not forget to patch test it before applying, though. 

7. Diet

Yes, you are what you eat. And so are your eyelashes. Good nutrition and a balanced diet will always enhance hair growth – be it on your scalp or your eyes. Eat foods rich in vitamin E and iron if you’re looking to specifically grow eyelashes. Green tea will also be a great addition to your diet. Some ingredients in green tea make way for increased growth of your lashes while also strengthening your hair follicles. You could also take multivitamins if you want to grow eyelashes naturally. 

Eat right and shower those eyelashes with all the love and goodness present in these home remedies illustrated above. We assure you; you will see a drastic change. To grow eyelashes, all you need is this list, a little bit of patience, and determination.  

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