The most famous queen, Cleopatra, preferred waxing for hair removal. She is known for her beauty and wit. She is one of the most famous female rulers the history has ever known. If she opted for waxing, there must be a good reason for sure. 

Hearing the word waxing may give you goosebumps and make one break out in a cold sweat. Waxing can be a little painful but gives out the most satisfying results, ‘no pain no gain’ after all.

Anyhow, there are many different kinds of options when it comes to waxing types and procedures. One should do their homework before making a salon appointment for waxing. Cleopatra existed in a different era anyway, there have been many inventions and advancement ever since. 

Different Types of Wax and Waxing Types

Here are the different types of waxing:

1. Heated soft wax

Among Indians, this type of wax is the most widely used one. It usually comes in a jar or a pot that can be heated before use. The heated wax along with its smooth texture makes it easy for application. It can be spread thinly and widely effortlessly. 

Wax and Waxing Types
Wax and Waxing Types

The heat also helps open pores on the skin’s surface and facilitates better hair removal. Although, the temperature of the wax needs to be monitored properly. Using too hot wax on the skin can damage it. In fact, it can be disastrous, one can get many skin boils or burns.

Usually, a wooden stick or a flat knife is used for its application. After that, with the help of a waxing strip or piece of cloth is used to take off the fine hair from your body. This type of wax is ideal for removing hair from a large part of your body but not sensitive areas. This wax also rips off dead skin cells along with hair, making your skin smoother, cleaner, and better. 

2. Cold soft wax

Don’t have the luxury of time to spend on heating wax and waiting around? It’s okay, we got you covered! Rather, cold wax got you covered. Unlike heated soft wax, this one doesn’t require so much of your time to do your hair removal procedure. For busy-bees, this wax type is the perfect fit. 

Although it surely spares you the tension or worrying about the wax’s temperature, there can be some other problems that you could probably face. 

Cold soft wax is firmer than heated soft wax. While this may seem like an advantage but sadly it is rather contradictory in reality. This characteristic makes it harder to apply a thin and even layer of wax. An uneven and thick layer of wax can be a more painful waxing session. Also, as per popular belief, cold wax leaves thin fine hair behind and thus is not an efficient method of hair removal.

3. Pre-made waxing strips

It is one of the best inventions in the field of waxing. People who do not want to take risk of ending up burning themselves or have no practical idea about step-by-step waxing can undoubtedly opt for this method. It is mess-free and hassles free methods. In addition to that, it also saves you some time of heating and applying wax. 

Wax and Waxing Types
Wax and Waxing Types

These strips have wax already applied to them. You just have to simply place it and it does the job. You don’t need to worry about skin irritation and pull it off immediately. 

4. Hard wax

This wax is used after warming it up a little bit. Not as hot as the heated wax though. In this type of waxing, there is no need for strips of cloth required. 

However, the skin needs to be prepared a little bit before undergoing this waxing procedure. Don’t worry! It is not too much. You just have to apply a little bit of pre-epilation oil to the skin. Although, in this type of waxing, a thicker layer of wax is applied. You have to keep in mind that it has to be applied along the direction of hair growth.   

This wax is ideal for removing hair from sensitive and small areas like the face, bikini line, or underarms. It is most suitable for getting rid of hard hair. However, using it on larger body areas can lead to the breaking of wax.  This waxing method is used by very few people as it is a little expensive but shows the results. 

5. Chocolate wax

When thinking about different types of waxing methods, chocolate wax tops the list. Obviously, because it is chocolate! Chocolate has countless health benefits. It is extremely amazing for having good skin health. It is a soothing ingredient and eases the pain a little bit while waxing.

Waxing can be a little harsh on sensitive skin, it can leave skin a little dry sometimes. However, chocolate wax being filled with rich oxidants prevents the same from happening and ensures smooth and supple skin. 

Wax and Waxing Types
Wax and Waxing Types

On top of that, chocolate is loaded with rich oils and glycerin that makes it the best waxing type. All these mind-blowing qualities of chocolate wax prevent skin from having inflammation, redness, or dryness after waxing session.

We can’t find any reason to not opt for this wax type. However, it is a little expensive compared to other types of waxes though. Regardless, all these good things that chocolate posses are worth every single penny and thus completely justifies it being expensive.

6. Fruit wax

Sensitive skin goes through a lot of troubles and often end being up shit creek. Guess what? Fruit wax can prevent such shit holes and make your skin glow with a healthy look. 

Fruit wax is kind of similar to hard wax and an ideal choice for people having sensitive skin. This type of wax is loaded with all good things like antioxidants, nutrients, fruit extracts, and vitamins. All of them together improves your overall skin health and make all the waxing pain worth it. 

Since all the ingredients are natural and extremely beneficial for skin health, you don’t need to worry about any allergic reaction or skin irritation. In fact, it can be a much-needed boost for your skin treatment and rejuvenation. 

7. Sugar wax

Sugar? Yes, please! Sugar wax is one of the ancient waxing techniques. These waxes generally include natural ingredients like lemon and water along with sugar and thus is perfect for sensitive skin. 

Wax and Waxing Types
Wax and Waxing Types

Unlike heated soft wax, this one can be reapplied in the same area as it is completely natural and doesn’t cause ripping of the skin or any skin irritation. 

In addition to that, it is also great for sensitive body parts. Although, you need to ensure that the hair is long enough for the procedure.

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