Entering the realm of adulthood? In other words, turning 18 soon? Then you should know all your options before you step into this daunting age where you are almost an adult but also still a kid. Here is a list of things you can do at 18. It is one of the best feelings of reaching a certain age as eighteen and to be called an adult officially. So if you have to get into the age and do some adulting then you need to prepare yourself for it. Honestly, it’s still a long way to be able to make those decisions all by yourself but you can know all the little perks that come with this age. 

Things You Can Do At 18

You must be curious to know what you can do at 18? So, here are a few things to do when you turn 18:

1. You can Vote now

This one comes without surprise; it is the most common thing that you get to hear when you turn 18. You can vote. It is also important to know that the government and the wise people think that you are eligible to choose the right leader for you. You have a better sense of right and wrong; that is a wonderful thing, right? 

2. You can Get your Body Pierced

You could do that before too but this is different as they won’t ask your parent’s permission to perform a piercing on your body. So if you’ve been thinking of getting your body pierced but have been putting it off because your parents weren’t willing, you can now get one for yourself. But we still recommend you to convince them about that. 

3. Get Married

This is also the legal age for girls to get married. You can marry someone by your choice and you do not need your parent’s consent legally. However, in some places, people use this as an excuse to get their girls married. So you need to know that you have the right to decline and only get married when you want to. 

4. You can Move out of your Parent’s House

This one is a choice but mostly teenagers leave their homes around this time for further studies. They move to a different city or a different state; even to another country and they have the right to do that. 

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5. You can Rent and Buy a Property

When you are open to the choice of moving out of your house you also have the option to buy or just rent a property in your name. You get to take the full responsibility and also pay the bills like they like to call it. 

6. You can get a Hotel Room

Now you are authorized to get a hotel room in your name. Earlier you needed a parent or an adult to get you a room if you ever wanted one. Now that you are an adult yourself you can do it on your own. 

7. You can file a Lawsuit Against Someone

Yes, you are now authorized to legally sue any other person. You have the right to file a lawsuit against them and charge them for any wrongs they did against you. This also goes the other way, if you have wronged someone they also have the right to file a case against you. 

8. You can watch an A-rated Movie

Earlier when you were not allowed to go watch a movie that has been certified as an Adult rated movie, you can now watch it with permission and alone even. 

9. You can buy yourself a Car

You are now eligible to get yourself a dream car. Honesty if you want to buy a car the day you turn 18, you can. You can also use this as a thing you can do at 18. 

10. You can get a Permanent Driving License

Now you are entitled to get yourself a permanent driving license for both cars and two-wheelers. So if you are turning 18 any time soon you should get your documents ready to get yourself a permanent driving license. 

11. You can Legally Have Sex

If you have reached the mark of adulthood, it means you are free and legally free to have sex with anyone you like. However, it is only wise to use proper protection as you might not want it to take the wrong turn. 

12. End of your High School 

This is also the age you end your studies. According to the government, a child needs to study till high school that is till 12th standard. If you turn 18 you get to decide if you want to still study or pursue something that doesn’t require studying per se. 

13. You can Adopt A Baby 

At this age, you are also allowed to adopt a baby. Though you need to understand if you are mature enough to take the responsibility of a child or not. 

14. You can get A Tattoo

Just like you weren’t allowed to get your body pierced without your parent’s consent before you turn 18, similarly, you can’t get a tattoo without permission. Well, now you can. 

15. You can open A Bank Account

Among all the things to do when you are 18, one is that you can now open a bank account with your name. So if you are planning then you should wait until 18 and get it done then. 

16. You can visit Adult Stores

Like you were not allowed to watch an adult movie, you weren’t allowed to visit an adult store before. Now that you are an adult you can do that. 

17. You can get An Organ Donor Card

This means that now you can list yourself as an organ donor or donate your organs to someone else after your death. You might think that it is early to make such a decision but you should know that this is one such option for you. 

18. Buy A Drink at A Bar

This is only legal at some places while there are also places that still consider 21 as the legal age to buy and drink alcohol. 

 Buy a drink at a bar
Buy a Drink at A Bar

So these were the things you can do at 18 or even after that. While you are doing all of this make sure to do it responsibly and have a great time entering adulthood.

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