Septum Piercing, something that most of us are reluctant and hesitant about! Why? Because it has got a badass kind of image around us. But deep down, we all know we want one! It is because it gives a sexy and trendy look. It is because it differentiates you from the rest of the crowd. Isn’t it??? Well, let’s clear off the air first. It is not about being badass, people have had it right from the historic era. It is just that we have been shown the same through a new lens. 

So first, let’s begin with a quick warm-up session of unique facts about septum piercings:

The Perfect Size

To the ones who think a universal ring suits all, no, it’s a falsity! You have to be extremely choosy about the size of the septum rings according to your face. The difference of area between your nose and lips tells which size will fit you the best. If there is a very small space between your lips and nose, then going for a smaller ring would be wise. But if there is a larger space difference between your lips and nose, then choosing a bigger ring would look great! 

The Most Popular

There is this one most famous type of septum rings known as tribal rings. It is also called a Tibetan ring. This is the most chosen type of ring. Mostly the color shade people choose are silver and gold when they go for this. 

Faux Septum Rings

If you are passionate about septum piercing too much and you do not know if you can stay committed to it or not. Then the best alternative you can go for is faux ring! These rings can be twisted and adjusted very easily. Keeping them in mind you won’t be doubtful about getting it done anymore. 

Things To Know Before Getting A Septum Piercing

So, before you step into a piercer’s shop, we want to let you know some of the important things:

  1. Research it well: If you feel extremely reluctant about it even after you want it, go get some research done. Go about researching everything right from the best piercers in the city to the kind of jewelry. Even you can go about researching the entire process to clear those heap of doubts! One thing is important, that you shouldn’t be doubtful about it after the research. If still, you are standing at some doubtful angle, then take some time and think if you really want to get it done. Because afterwards, you may fall in regret zone.
  2. Is it painful?? : Well, to be honest; yes it is painful. If you are someone who cannot tolerate even a bit of pain, then, of course, this is not meant for you. Generally, what happens is that your 2 sweetest spots on the skin are found out. Further, piercer pushes the needle in. If the spots are extremely easy for him to locate, then there isn’t an issue but if it’s not, then you may have a complete round of pain and pleasure 😅. When the needle goes within, you may feel like it’s too much. But the real game starts when they put in the jewelry! It may be excruciating for some while some may sail through very easily.
  3. Care Afterwards: There is a specific position in which you get it pierced. Now keeping this in mind is very imperative. Whichever position it is, leave it the same way completely untouched. Most of the crowd goes on to get it pierced through horseshoes. Yes, flipping is a possibility, either upwards or downwards. There are certain piercing aftercare sprays available in the market. You can always spray them in a very hassle-free manner. Also, according to piercers sea salt soaking remedy is really helpful if you do it frequently. You may find your nose tip a little rough as well as sore till the time passes by. Also, one thing is notable, if you want to touch your nose or jewelry, keep your hands clean in order to avoid any infection.
  4. No scars: The best thing that makes you feel good about piercing is that it is scar-free. Of course, there may be little scars, but they are negligible enough to be noticed. Since it is done within the inside corner of your nose, the hole is completely unnoticeable as well as nobody will know that you ever got such a thing done.
Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing Done
  1. Healing journey: It is something that is different for everybody. For some it may last for a week while for others it may take a month’s time. Well, generally the average healing period has been found to be around 7-8 weeks. Just don’t get it out, because there is a lot of chance, that the hole may close up. So, taking it out may cost you months for the healing process if you get it redone.

So, these are important things about getting septum piercing done. I hope you are convinced and not confused anymore! So, just when you get to approach your next weekend, go get that so-called badass thing done! When you choose to get the piercing done, you may get to hear some of these funny yet interesting things from your near and dear ones. These are mere stereotypical ideas that people attach your identity with once they are unable to accept your new look! 

Some of the stereotypical stuff you may hear when you get your nose septum pierced: 

“You got such a cute face bruh! Why would someone like you get that done?? “

“Did that hurt ya??? It must be excruciating right! “

“Will anybody give you a job with that? (Or) It is not allowed in job interviews! “

“Aww… you look damn pretty but that piercing! “

“Oh! Even you got it done? Every second person these days has got one! “

“You may feel regretful about it later! “

“Why do you look like a bull! “

Sadly, people still put on such comments even after the world has come this far. Shun all these false notions away and live life in your own way. Go for septum piercing today if you want to and get rid of those stereotypes! 👍

Stay beautiful 💚

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