Christmas and New Year’s Eve is upcoming and it is almost party time for all of us and spending time with your friends is a good stress buster. Meeting your old childhood friends and being a child once again by playing some fun games is a brilliant idea. And we all are going to a party at our homes now due to the pandemic. You can arrange a party with your closest friends and family members at home. So, are you looking for adult games to have fun at your house party? We’ve got a list ready so you can choose the best adult games for rocking the party. 

Best Adult Games Ideas 

You may feel like the party you are hosting is getting boring with those regular gossips and drinks. Quit those boring chit chats and drinking and play some of these amazing adult games to spice up the party spirit! 

1. Drop a Hint 

This game is going to make you laugh like a baby. As the name suggests, it’s going to be a guessing game.

Material Required 

For this, you just need some slips of blank paper or index cards or just some printed blank notes and a timer. 

How to Play? 

  • Make two teams with at least 4 people. The one team performs while the other watches.
  • Name them Team A or Team B or whatever name you want to give.
  • Team A chooses one of the members to be the guesser and the rest of them stand with the card.
  • The team except the guesser will try to get the guesser to guess the word without actually saying it.
  • The standing members one by one will try to say a word related to the word written on the card.
  • If the guesser guesses the word right, Team A gets the point.
  • The time limit is 2 minutes and the guesser gets only one chance to say the right word.

2. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are one of the most common and popular adult party games. Usually, this game is arranged for children but now it is also played by adults. It is truly a fun and entertaining game. 

Material Required

For this game, you need some chairs. Count the number of people and place chairs, one less than the number of people. Make sure to place them facing alternative sides. The other thing you need is the music system. 

How to Play? 

  • Party members are required to walk around the chairs which are placed side by side.
  • When the music starts, the party members start to walk around the chairs.
  • When the music stops, the members need to quickly sit on the chair before anyone else does.
  • This happens till all the party members are eliminated.
  • Last person to sit on the chair wins.

3. Never Have I Ever

This is a fun and joyous game that does not require anything to play, just your friends. This is to be played with your closest friends and family members. It is one of the great adult games as you get to know more about your friends and family members. 

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

How to Play? 

  • Gather your friends and sit in a circle.
  • One of the party members will say “Never Have I Ever…” and finish it with a sentence, for example, traveled to Paris, ate a crab, or anything you think no one did.
  • If someone did it, they hold one finger up. If no one did it, only the person saying it will hold one finger up.
  • Continue this till one person has three fingers up. They are out!

4. Would you Rather? 

This is one of the popular and entertaining adult games to play in a group or you can even play these adult games with just one friend. For this, you just need some interesting questions ready. 

How to Play? 

  • Sit in a circle and ask the person next to you “would you rather…” and add an interesting question with a difficult choice.
  • For example, “would you rather ride a horse or a camel?”
  • Continue this game until anyone in the group cannot think of any questions.

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5. Truth Or Dare

This one is simple yet one of the popular adult games. You might even know how to play this one. This game can get wild anytime. There is no minimum limit of members for this game. 

Materials Required 

You just need a bottle and a list of dares and questions ready before you start the game. You can find a lot of dares and questions online. 

How to Play? 

  • Sit in a circle and place the bottle in the middle of the circle.
  • Spin the bottle and when the bottle stops spinning, see where the head of the bottle points.
  • On whom the bottle points, they have to choose between truth and dare.
  • If they choose to dare, they are given a difficult task and if they chose truth, they need to answer the question truthfully.

6. Name the Tune

This is one of the best adult party games you’ll ever play. It is also a guessing game and you know, guessing games are funny and entertaining. If you love music and are looking for the best adult party games, add this to the list.

Name the Tune
Name the Tune

Materials Required

For this game, you just need a music system with a bunch of songs. That’s it! You’re ready to play this fun and regaling game. 

How to Play? 

  • Make two teams. You’ll be playing head to head the entire time.
  • Play a song from your playlist.
  • The first team who shouts out the name and artist of the song first gets the point.
  • You can split the points if one team shouts the artist’s name and the other the song’s name.
  • You can make a category of the movie of the song or the actors in the music video. It’s completely up to you.

These were some entertaining and the best adult party games you can try to spice up the party and have a lot of fun with your friends and family. Invite your friends to your house and have a small party and play these fun and joyous adult games. 

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