Detox Drink For Weight Loss has been a popular trend amongst the people these days and rightly so as the recent living and lifestyle force us to do so. There are so many things people are avoiding and teaming it as detox be it drinking, smoking, technology. Whatever rows their boat. Detox is also becoming a huge trend in the fitness world too. Though our body has its means of getting rid of the toxins in our body through so many ways but the current scenario with our foods being prepared with lots of pesticides and other various bad eating habits, we must choose this option. 

If we talk about the definition of detox then it is the process of detoxifying or cleansing our vital organs from things like waste and toxins that we might consume, inhale, or drink. One of the most popular health trends these days is using detox drinks for weight loss. This sounds almost unreal at first that it is possible to reduce weight with just a drink. 

You might think what is the need for a detox or a detox drink then you would be shocked to know that if you do not limit the toxins intake then it results in fatigue, skin issues, and headaches. This can even take a bad turn to many serious problems. So it is very important to not just keep a check on what you eat but also how you are getting rid of the toxins. With a regular intake of detox drinks, you can see effective results like weight loss or weight management, better skin, and better functioning of your whole body. 

Best Detox Drink For Weight Loss

So if you are convinced to try out detox drink for weight loss and want to know more about the recipe and preparation then continue reading. 

1. Detox Lemonade 

This is one of the most loved and tried drinks. We generally make this at our homes on so many occasions but it is also one of the best detox drinks. If you are looking for a quick recipe and one that gives you the proper vitamin intake then go for this one. 

Detox Lemonade
Detox Lemonade 

To prepare this:

  • Add one lemon to a glass of lukewarm water.
  • If you are not a big fan of this then you can add honey to it
  • Drink this first thing in the morning for the best results in your weight loss.

2. Pomegranate and Beetroot Detox Drink 

If you are looking for something good in taste as well then we advise you to go for this one. Pomegranate and beetroot are a great combination, they do not just taste good but help build your immunity and give you the pink glow that we all want. So to prepare this drink you should, 

  • Peel and keep the fruits ready.
  • Use a mixer or juicer for extracting the juice. You should not add sugar, strictly.
  • For taste, you can add a pinch of black salt or even 2-3 ice cubes.

3. Cucumber Detox

This is another popular choice of many and an amazing drink for the summers. Cucumber is one of the best antioxidants and it hydrates our body. To add some taste to this drink you can add lemon and mint to it. Mint helps calm and clear your stomach and lemon have a lot of benefits of its own. So if you want to know how to prepare this then:

  • Wash and cut a cucumber into small slices.
  • Along with this wash and keep 8-10 mint leaves aside and half a lemon.
  • You can either add all these to water or store it in a bottle to drink throughout the day.
  • Another way to prepare this is by mixing them all and preparing a juice.
  • Strain it and add some ice and black salt for some taste.

4. Ginger Tea

Sometimes tea is the solution to so many of our problems. It is even helpful for your effective weight loss. There are so many brands that sell tea in different flavors and for different purposes but you can also prepare the same at your home. Ginger tea is one of our houses’ most loved hacks for a sore throat. So you can now use this for your weight loss too:

  • Boil some water in a pan and add about an inch of grated ginger. Then add some tea leaves to it when it comes to a boil.
  • Take it down from the flame and strain the tea in a cup.
  • Add a spoonful of organic honey and squeeze half a lemon.
  • Drink hot for best results.

5. Turmeric Detox

There is no way that we can leave out turmeric from our list of detox drinks for weight loss. So for most of your problems you can find a solution in turmeric. To prepare this:

  • Add a cup of water to a pan and let it come to a boil.
  • Add about a pinch of turmeric and switch off the flame.
  • You can either strain it or drink it as it is.
  • Make sure to drink it while it’s still hot for fast results in weight loss.

6. Green Tea Detox

This is one such drink that the health gurus swear by. If you are a fan of drinking tea then it is only smart of you to switch to this. It is one of the most effective and fool-proof methods of weight loss and to prepare it is also very simple. All you have to do is boil some water and add a sachet of green tea to it. If you find it difficult to drink this then you can always add some organic honey to make them taste better. Drink this every day to see amazing results. 

7. Honey and Cinnamon Detox 

Cinnamon is one the most effective for weight loss and honey is known for its antioxidants and also is a relief for bloating and stomach problems. So all you have to do for this drink is to:

  • Add a spoon of honey to hot water.
  • Add half of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to the drink.
  • After this, if you want you can also add some lemon juice to make it taste better.
  • Drink this to see great results in your weight loss.

These were some of the detox drinks for weight loss. Detox drinks are very popular and they have proved and are worth the hype. So if you are looking for an effective way to manage your weight try these out. 

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