The thought of being an adult seems so shiny and fabulous when you are a kid. Once you finally reach the age and you have to juggle several things at the same time, then you reminisce about your childhood days. However, with this transition, there are also some changes in our perceptions and our life as a whole. Initially, legally being an adult sounds very amusing and full of fun, but as you proceed further you may find some changes in your tastes for things. So, what are these changes that young adults experience?

Signs You Are Adulting

Here are the signs that show you are officially an adult. 

1. The idea of partying all night out sounds tiring AF

In your early twenties, going out with your friends to nightclubs or pubs to party all night is your favorite thing to do. But after a certain point of time, when someone makes such plans including you, you don’t feel like going at all or may only sometimes depend on your mood. The idea of spending quality time with your friends at home sounds more appealing to you when you are officially an adult.

2. You start thinking of saving money for future 

As a young adult, the moment when you receive your first paycheck is overwhelming. You start planning how to spend your hard-earned money for the first time, and this continues for quite some time for a few of us. Banking terms and knowledge about savings seemed blurry at a younger age, but they no longer confuse you. However, after reaching a certain age, you cut down on your purchases as you feel like saving more for the future. You create a few deposits and make investments to have a stable future financially. 

3. You pay your bills

You no longer have to depend on your family to make payments for anything. And sometimes, if necessary, you can pay your parent's bills as well. 

4. You have to file for taxes

You are officially an adult when you have to sit down to file your taxes like a responsible citizen. 

5. The aunties of your society ask about your marriage plans

Elders who know you get interested in when you will tie the knot. The important factor that will make you realize that you are an adult all the way is when your social media feed will be full of wedding pictures of your classmates and childhood friends. 

6. Your sleeping routine is very dear to you

Signs You Are Adulting
Signs You Are Adulting

 Compromising your sleep cycle is like the last thing you want to do. You need to have a full night’s sleep without failure. 

7. You sometimes miss being a kid 

Being an adult has its perks and benefits because you can make your own decisions. However, from time to time, you miss being a kid or a college student when you had so little to care for or when you had so much free time. 

8. You take out your parents for dinner

You proudly take your parents out for dinner or lunch. Your parents look at you with great pride and happiness, realizing how big you’ve grown. 

9. Your favorite cartoon shows are barely seen on the cartoon channels

You spent almost half of your childhood watching cartoons that made you laugh and you were addicted. But now if you see the current cartoon channels, your favorite cartoon shows are nowhere to be seen. The cartoon nowadays looks weird and you feel pity for the younger generations as they are missing the real cartoons. 

10. You take proper care of your skin 

Nowadays, almost everyone is conscious about their skin, even most teenagers. But when you were just a school or college kid, you barely took care of your skin. However, at the present moment, you are very careful about what you eat and take good care of your skin. You start to protect your skin against premature aging with different skincare routines. 

11. You plan to go on trips with your girlfriends

You finally get to plan and go to the destination of your dreams with your girlfriends and have a great time bonding with each other. Gone are the days when you had to ask your parents’ permission; well some of us still do but requires less effort obviously if you have to go on a vacation with your friends. 

Being an adult and acting responsibly while still enjoying yourself to the fullest is complicated, and sometimes you can get annoyed. Truth is, life is complicated, full of ups and downs, and we have to try our best to make it worthwhile. 

Have Fun♥

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