Tattooing has become the new cool over the past few years. Getting inked is quite trendy among the millennials, especially teenagers. But before you opt for this latest fashion trend; you may want to keep in mind that certain tattoo pain areas of our body aren’t actually the best to get inked. 

The location of the tattoo is quite significant because they are prone to blurring and fading. It is also important to remember how much sun exposure the area might receive. Also, if you got a low pain threshold then you should really think twice before getting inked at the tattoo pain areas. To save you the hassle, we’ve listed down some of the most tattoo pain areas to get a tattoo.

Find Out Most Painful Tattoo Places

Here are the places in the body which has most pain while getting tattoo

1. Rib tattoos

Unlike other areas of your body,  the rib cage is one of the most painful tattoo places and not as fun as you think. It is a specifically painful place to get a tattoo because this area doesn’t have as much fat, muscle, or skin on your ribs meaning you’ll feel much pain as compared to other parts of the body.

Also, your ribs move every time you breathe. So when the needle moves between the ribs which may result in an uncomfortable painful tickling.

2. Hands and fingers tattoos

They are one of the popular places for getting inked. But thanks to direct sun exposure, hand and finger tattoos fade away the most quickly. Besides that, you wash your hands frequently which makes the tattoos more susceptible to fading as compared to other parts of your body.

Also, a tattoo is painful on hands when it comes to tattooing because of low fat, muscle,  skin, and a huge amount of nerve membranes. So unless you can stock loads of sunscreen or afford regular touch-ups; it is said one of the tattoo pain areas to avoid getting inked.

3. Feet and ankle tattoos

A tattoo on the feet and the ankles may appear very appealing. But you may want to know that it is tattoo pain areas if you want a low maintenance tattoo.

The reason being that the tattoos on the ankles, on the foot, and around the heel requires more touch-ups as they are exposed to constant rubbing from your footwear.  And there’s a constant movement of your ankle too which can result in faded tattoos. Also, the skin is very close to the bone with minimal fat which makes it very prone to needle strokes. 

4. Armpit tattoos

A tattoo on the body’s most ticklish part may sound weird but most people do get them done. The glands and the skin located around the armpit is extremely sensitive. 

And when the needle strokes through that area, it leads to a considerable amount of pain. So, if you are someone who is ticklish then this might not be your call because it is most tattoo pain areas for getting inked. 

5. Inner arm tattoos

Not to freak you out but getting a tattoo is painful here. Two of the main nerves in the arm run right under the inner elbow, making it an extremely sensitive spot. When the nerves are pinched, the tattoo pain level is far beyond the areas being worked on. 

6. Elbow tattoos

As there’s no protective muscle between the skin and bone here, the elbow ranks fairly high on the tattoo pain level. Therefore, without any pad between the needle and the bone, you’re going to experience double the pain as the needle pressed into the bone. 

Also, the vibrations trigger a response from the ulnar nerve—the one responsible for the pain that rockets down through your whole arm when you hit your “funny bone.”

Elbow tattoos
Elbow tattoos

7. Inside of the thigh tattoos

Well technically, it should be one of the less painful places to get a tattoo because it isn’t close to the bone and also consists of lots of flesh and muscle. But, ironically it can be really the most tattoo pain areas because it isn’t as exposed and is therefore really sensitive. Additionally, it tends to cause friction with clothes causing the healing to be longer. 

8. Head tattoos

The head is universally known to be one of the most tattoo pain areas for the people. the tattoo is painful here. Because unlike other areas, the head has relatively low fat, muscle, and skin content and an abundance of nerves here. Tattoos in those areas where the tattoo is located very close to the bone may be quite painful.

The vibrations are too scary and unbearable and you may actually feel like someone’s drilling your skull.  Also,  there  is a nerve on your  head which conveys sensory information from the scalp and forehead to the brain which is known as the trigeminal nerve.  Since this is located on the head, this area is especially sensitive to tattooing 

9. Face tattoos

A tattoo on your face may be the most visible one as compared to other parts of the body. But however appeasing it may look, getting a tattoo on your face is one of the worst things that you can do to your face.  The reason being that the skin on your face is too thin and there is a high density of nerve endings present there. 

Getting inked may cause serious damage to the skin tissues and the reverberations of the machine causes mental discomfort too. Also, you have to live with it forever unless you opt for surgical methods. So, there are high chances that you may not like it in the future and would wish to get rid of it. 

10. Genitals 

Just the thought of getting a tattoo in this place is enough to make you cringe. it is one of the most tattoo pain areas for getting inked. But it’s true that some people have the guts to do that without realizing the trouble they are getting themselves in! The genitals are populated with nerve endings which makes it a really sensitive area to deal with.

Additionally, the healing process requires sufficient time and it can be a nightmare in terms of taking care of that area. Overall, it could be an awful experience and is definitely not worth the tattoo pain level.  Tattoos are a great way to express ourselves, but you also need to be sure of tattoo pain areas.

Tattoo pain can really get on your nerves. Hopefully, you now have a fair understanding of the tattoo pain areas which you should avoid.

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