Sexual experimentation is often shunned by society and learning more about one’s body is termed as a shameful and sinful act. While the intentions behind this may be somewhat good, this notion only leads to curbing the spirit of exploration that lies within an individual. All it does is restrict someone’s freedom and stop them from expressing themselves in the way they prefer. Sure, sex is not for everybody and some people would rather not get intimate physically at all. But this doesn’t mean that those who enjoy sex and boldly seek pleasure are wrong. It just means that each individual is different and so are their ways of being themselves. Not everything is black and white—in fact, humans mostly live within the endless greys, trying their best to just be. So, while pushing one idealized concept over billions of people might result in polite and disciplined society on the surface, it will never make for an honest and happy one on the inside. 

Sex education is not given as much importance as mathematics and the sciences, especially in Asian countries. In India, the topic of female reproductive health is seldom discussed, which leads to a population of females that does not know their bodies. The first step to creating a sexually safe and responsible society, we need to start talking about sex. Such a thing can be only solved by way of discussion and education because those are the keys to a meaningful human existence. In this article, we are going to delve into the topic of certain myths related to sex, specifically ones that give certain sexual acts a bad name for no solid reason. Yes, today, we are going to talk about taboo sex acts that are pretty normal. 

What Is Taboo Sex? 

So, you may be wondering, what is taboo sex? The term is used for sexual acts which are “off-limits” for whatever reason. Just the name might make you think of something dark and forbidden. Well, you would be surprised to find just how normal the acts associated with these terms are. 

Let’s get one fact out of the way: the word “sex” clearly means an act that is performed between two or more consenting adults, who take proper measures of care and safety, deciding to engage in sex when in a sound, sober state of mind. Thus, this is something private that is shared between two or more responsible partners who can look after themselves and each other. 

This is why most of these taboo sex acts are taboo without any solid evidence to back the claim. The term ends up being used for adventurous or experimental sexual acts, ones that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, as long as the people involved are adults have consented after knowing the full extent of the activities involved and no harm will come upon anyone else, no one has the right to judge them for their choices. Thus, before trying to call an act a sexual taboo, perhaps we just need to try and understand it better. 

5 Sexual Taboos which are Perfectly Normal 

Now that you know the meaning of what is taboo sex, you may be curious to learn about all the acts which have been deemed as sexual taboos and the truth behind them all. Well, we won’t make you wait any longer. Here are 5 sex taboos that are quite normal behind the name: 

1. Anal Sex

Since this is a list of taboo sex acts, why not start with one of the big ones: anal sex. Anal sex is the type of sex in which the anus is penetrated instead of the vagina. It can be done between people of different or the same biological sex. Anal sex has become a sex taboo because society tends to view sex from a heteronormative lens. It views only one type of sex as normal i.e. that in which the penis penetrates the vagina. 

Yet, many people, men, women, and those who don’t identify exclusively with either have talked about enjoying anal sex. This is because anal sex is safe as long as it is done with extensive preparation and communication. As long as you and your partner(s) are on the same page and have taken every possible measure to make things comfortable for both of you, there is no reason to not try it out. Sure, you do need to do lots of research and reading to make sure that you go about it most effectively, but precaution is a small price to pay for future safety. After all, why wouldn’t you do the most you can to make sure that you and your partner(s) have a good time together?

2. Pegging

This next one takes the idea of anal sex to another level, which automatically makes it a sex taboo in the eyes of close-minded people. Pegging is the sexual act in which one person wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate the other anally. It is usually associated with cisgender women penetrating cisgender men but can be done between two partners with a vagina as well.  

This is thought to be a taboo sex act because anal sex has long been associated with homosexual men. Thus, if a man is the one who is being penetrated anally, this would automatically lead to assumptions about his sexuality. Also, his partner being a woman would be frowned upon simply because men are expected to always take the dominating role during sex, while women are expected to be the passive, submissive partner. However, gone is the time for such thoughts because the world has progressed beyond these pathetic stereotypes. If a man chooses to be penetrated by a dildo, that is his choice. Many men have claimed that pegging gives them much more powerful orgasms, especially since it stimulates the prostate.

Also, though it is not compulsory for the partner being penetrated to be submissive, this can be a way for men to release the burden of dominating manhood that is often pushed on them. On the other hand, it could be a way for a woman to embrace her bolder side and take things in charge. Pegging could also simply not involve any cisgender men and be performed between two or more partners having a vagina. After all, there are always other ways to have fun.

3. Period Sex

Ah yes, how could this list be complete without the mention of menstruation? Periods have a variety of taboos associated with them, out of which the taboo of period sex is only one grain in the endless sand. Sure, the idea of having sex during your periods can seem icky or gross for some people, but some don’t mind the mess. Period sex has been deemed safe and has been shown to ease menstrual cramps as well. 

You will of course have to make sure that you are being hygienic and taking necessary precautions, such as birth control because you can still get pregnant. But if you and your partner(s) are willing to try period sex out, after proper communication and discussion, then who can call it a sex taboo? It is your choice what you do in private and as long as you are being safe, you have full right to go ahead and have a good time. 

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4. Stigma of Body Hair

This next one is not directly a taboo sex act in itself but carries its negative notions. Body hair is often deemed as being unattractive when it comes to sex and people are pressured to shave, especially around their genitals, before engaging in sexual intimacy. Women in particular as expected to be “clean-shaven” just to please their partners.

However, whether to remove body hair or not is purely your decision. Some people do not mind-body hair, while others even prefer it. If you are comfortable in your body hair, then no one has a right to make you feel otherwise, not even your own family or partner(s). 

Pubic hair has been shown to reduce friction during sex, while also protecting from bacteria and other germs. So, those who claim that having hair around your genitals is unhygienic have not done their research. Of course, if you are more comfortable without your body hair, that is okay, too. The point is to realize that the final decision always lies with you and pleasure is what feels good to you, both mentally and physically. 

5. Sex without Penetration 

Finally, let’s talk about sex that does not involve penetration. Of course, porn and popular media would have you believe that penetration is the true act of sex, but that is false. Many prefer to not experience it, while there are couples in which neither partner has a penis. 


These people can still experience the pleasure of sexual intimacy if they want to, through other means such as rimming, blowjobs, handjobs, fondling, and other means of stimulation. It is important to remember that not everyone has the same level of comfort in their relationship with sex. Some might prefer to give their partner pleasure instead of being touched themselves, while others might just not want to move under the belt, at all. People have their preferred ways of connecting sexually and it is never wrong to choose your way of seeking comfort and pleasure. 

Living a Healthy, Safe Sex Life 

Ultimately, no one has the right to define anything as a taboo sex act if it is done with consent and care between two or more adults. There is no shame in embracing your body and all how it wants to feel good. It is always okay to be experimental and bold, in having pleasure in your naughty games, with your favorite person(s). 

Sex Taboo Meaning

Remember that your body is yours and you decide what would be good or bad for it. There is no shame in being vanilla and there is no shame in being adventurous. As long as you are taking care of each other and making sure that no one is hurt in the process, your sex life is your responsibility and you are free to experience it to the fullest in the ways you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are sex toys normal?

A. Yes, using sex toys are completely normal. However, make sure you are using it safely.

Q. What are most taboo sexual activities?

A. Blow job, period sex, anal sex, use of sex toys are some of the most taboo sexual activities.

Q. How did sex become a taboo?

A. Sex became a taboo because human culture grew up to control how often and where people had children. 

Q. Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?

A. No, it is just a sexual taboo around women. It does not make you bleed more.

Q. Does sex make you gain weight?

A. Sex does not make you gain weight but imbalance in hormones does.