Some of you may think that period sex is weird and gross, but the true fact is some men enjoy it. The reason possibly is that they can enjoy unprotected intercourse. But that is clearly a myth. Before tossing that condom on the side, you just need to understand about period sex. Some people thrive to get pregnant while some just get it like an unexpected surprise. Planning a pregnancy includes keeping a track of your fertile days so you can bang on at the right time to get good news. A common fertility belief is that you cannot get pregnant if you are on your period. 

Period sex might not be everyone’s cup of tea but some people do enjoy it. While the odds of getting pregnant with period sex are very less but it is not a hopeless case. Pregnancy occurs when the male sperm mates with the woman’s egg the way it is taught in biology. Ovulation is when a woman’s ovary releases an egg for fertilization. If the male sperm is available at that time, pregnancy occurs. A typical female cycle is for about 28days in which day 1 is when she starts her period. Hence the ovulation starts on day 14. That is the time when a woman is highly fertile to conceive. But the ovulation purely depends upon a woman’s cycle. Some may have a longer cycle than others. 

Pregnancy Due To Period Sex

Many a time vaginal bleeding is mistaken for the beginning of the period. There is a possibility for bleeding to occur at the time of ovulation. This is interpreted to be the beginning of the period. Having unprotected intercourse at this time may get a woman pregnant. Especially in the case of a woman having a shorter cycle that means if they do not have a big gap between their ovulation and periods. Those too lie in the category of women likely to get pregnant while on periods. 

Chances of Getting Pregnant Due To Period-Sex

The chances of pregnancy occurrence are directly related to a woman’s ovulation cycle. An average woman has a 28 days monthly cycle while others may be at 20 or 40. The possibility of a woman getting pregnant one or two days after she starts bleeding is nearly zero. But the possibility span starts to increase with each successive day, even though she might be still bleeding. To be precise, at day 13 after starting her period, her chances of pregnancy is estimated at 9%. The percentage may be low but that does not mean that it is not possible. 

Birth Control Precaution

Birth Control Precaution
Birth Control Precaution

If you are trying to get pregnant, having sex on your period will not increase your chances of the matter. But if you have a monthly cycle of less than 28days then your chances may increase. Then it is very much possible that you can become pregnant while having sex on your period. But if you have sex using a condom then definitely the chances reduce to zero. Even if you are on a contraceptive pill, in that case too you can not get pregnant due to period sex. So if you are not planning to get pregnant, the surefire way to prevent is to not have sex at all or go for protected sex no matter if you are on your period or not. Because there is always a chance. So be safe and smart.

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