Vaginal health is a big deal nowadays. While women are always offered a host of products online to improve the vaginal scent, we should know that none of these products are actually required. The vagina is a very interesting organ because it always keeps itself clean by maintaining the required amount of healthy bacteria and the right pH levels. The smell that you must content yourself with is quite a natural smell. So what can you do to make sure your vagina stays clean and that nothing goes wrong down there? Well, let’s find out.

Wash Correctly that is basic Vaginal Health

You don’t need to be regimental about this by any means, but try to use warm water to wash around the vulva area. Don’t douche or insert a stream of water into your vagina, because that will mess with the bacteria and pH levels, all of which is necessary to prevent infection. Wash inside with lukewarm water but make sure to use unscented soap in the labia area. 

Don’t directly place soap inside your vagina. Dry everything up with a soft towel. Try to use natural soaps in the vulva or labia area, not too harsh and not without excess chemicals. It’s important to avoid scented products.  

Know That What You Eat Is Important

The vagina needs a certain amount of good bacteria to smoothly function and help immunity, so fermented foods that are probiotic can help with that. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet in general will have good results, as will eating things like yogurt. You won’t be as prone to yeast infections. Some research has also suggested that if you get UTIs very commonly, cranberry supplements can help. 

Have Safe Sex

Using condoms during sex will help to reduce any risks of sexually-transmitted diseases which spread via genital fluids. However, you also need to use them when you’re using sex toys or anything of that nature. Clean them regularly before you use them. Remember to always wash after you have sex, because bodily fluids and particles from the condom can cause issues later. If you don’t clean, you might be at the risk of infections like UTIs. Also, remember to get tested regularly for STDs. 

Be Mindful Of Sanitary Products

Some suggest that tampons might be better than pads when it comes to vaginal health. If you do use pads, make sure to change them regularly according to your cycle, and don’t keep one on longer than 8 hours. 

For a tampon, it must be changed every four to eight hours, but preferably towards the lower end. You can get Toxic Shock Syndrome if you leave tampons in too long. Leaving pads or tampons unattended for too long can lead to rashes, irritation, bad odour, and sometimes infections.

Choose Your Underwear Carefully

Most people don’t recommend thongs (which can push bacteria into your urethra) or lacey fabrics. Much better to wear plain, breathable cotton underwear, which will prevent excess wetness for too much bacterial growth. At night, many also recommend that you just go without underwear altogether, and the cooler temperatures can be good and help your vagina breathe a little. 

Keep The Pubic Hair

While many women prefer to wax or shave down there, you should consider doing otherwise. The hair can protect the vulva from any kind of infection or bacteria, and it deals with issues caused by friction and sweating. If you shave, you might end up with a host of unwanted cuts in a delicate area. Forgoing the snipping will also give you less irritation when the hair starts to grow back, and fewer ingrown hairs. If you must shave, try to use creams or gels which are made with natural ingredients. 

Vaginal health can be bewildering when you start to read all the available information, particularly when so many products are marketed to improve its scent. But these products can be harmful and it’s a much better option to make sure you’re leaving things as they are, for the most part. Just clean things regularly as you normally would. The area can become irritated very easily, and while some of these things can be solved easily, others might require you to visit your doctor. All in all, the vagina isn’t really an organ that requires much looking after, just follow the basics and you’re in the clear.