Summer is a beautiful time of year, but let's face it, the blazing heat and extremely high temperatures of Indian summers, for that matter, make it a dreadful and terrible experience. Weddings at this time of year aren't as cozy as they appear to be, even if they're hosted at night or in the privacy of your home. And this is good news for future brides, as well. The task of putting on all of those clothes while also paying attention to your look in terms of jewelry, hair, and cosmetics is not a simple one to achieve. You're already sweating profusely under your bridal lehenga, let alone the glare of those massive lights shining down on you. 

When it comes to summer weddings, you shouldn't be sweating out about how you will handle yourself on the big day! We are here to assist you so that you can go all out and celebrate the best time of your life to the fullest while looking like the most beautiful version of yourself. We have compiled a list of some wedding tips for summer brides that will help you in getting dressed for your wedding in a way that is totally hassle-free while ensuring that you do not lose any of your bridal charms.

Summer Wedding Tips for Brides

Here are some of the essential and unmissable wedding tips for brides getting married in summer:

1. Primer

After applying your face moisturizer and before applying your foundation, use a mattifying primer to minimize shine. A mattifying primer acts as a buffer between your skin and your foundation, preventing sweat and oils from invading. It can also aid in the absorption of makeup, allowing it to remain longer.

2. Get Your Foundation Right

When choosing your foundation for your wedding makeup, take some time to think about it. Water-based foundations are the only way to go. Do not use a creamy formula, even if you have dry skin. Do not forget to check that it will last. Do not let your face show any signs of exhaustion because of all the hustle and bustle.

3. Avoid Open Hair

Summer brides should steer clear of open hairstyles, especially half-tied ones, to spare themselves a lot of time and effort. Summertime is notorious for making it tough to keep your hair out of your face. And as a summer bride, we believe it would be the very last thing you want to happen on your big day. Put your hair up in stylish buns or chic sloppy buns, both of which look great accessorized. It is also a fabulous idea to add ponytails and modest braids into your pre-wedding ceremonies, and they look fantastic with gowns and dresses!

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Summer Wedding Tips for Brides
Summer Wedding Tips for Brides

4. Go for Waterproof Products

Makeup is one of the things that almost every bride is most worried about for her summer wedding. And to be honest, makeup that flows because of sweat is every woman's worst nightmare. To stop that from happening, choose the waterproof makeup that has a matte finish and is suitable for your skin type. Many brides have been going for no makeup or barely-there look with their makeup as of late. Minimal makeup is a popular trend and one of the most popular wedding tips for summer brides. Not only would the cakey makeup feel sluggish on your face, but heat and humidity are more likely to ruin it. So, choose makeup with lighter colors and softer shades, and try not to go overboard.

5. Wear Cool Summer Shades

You do not have to choose deep, dark, and rich colors like red, magenta, mauve, etc. if you want to wear high-end bridal wear. If you're getting married in the summer, choose unusual, cool, and soothing colors and other pastel colors. If you want to look sultry, you should wear either icy, cool, or earthy colours. If it is going to be hot and sticky on your wedding day, you should focus on soft, light fabrics like chanderi silk, net, crepe, chiffon, satin, and other flowing fabrics. These fabrics are made for modern brides who like dresses that are light, airy, and easy to carry. In hot weather, sheer silks and organzas have always been better than heavy brocades. These fabrics are easy to work with and let your skin breathe. With these fabrics, you will look carefree, and flowing silhouettes always make a woman look even more beautiful.

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6. Drink Lots of Water

One of the most essential wedding tips for summer brides is to stay hydrated. Even though it may seem obvious, most summer brides overlook the need to stay hydrated when planning their wedding festivities. Because of all your socializing and drinking, it can be easy to forget that you need to drink eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and healthy. The last thing anyone wants to happen on your wedding day is for you to pass out! Having your maid of honour keep an eye on your water intake throughout the day and ensure you're staying hydrated could be an excellent suggestion.


A beautiful time to get married is in the summer. Do not let the hot weather make you feel like you can't look and feel your best. Read the wedding mentioned above tips for summer brides and look your best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which makeup is best for a bride in summer?

A. Stylists generally recommend airbrush makeup for summer brides.

Q. Which bridal facial is best?

A. The gold facial helps in removing dirt and impurities from the skin, and it also leads to glowing and healthy skin.

Q. What should a bride do a month before her wedding?

A. A bride should eat healthily, drink water, and do skin care in order to look gorgeous on her wedding day.

Q. How do you survive an outdoor summer wedding?

A. Keep drinking water, wear breathable clothes, and avoid cream-based makeup products.

Q. Are summer weddings too hot?

A. Summers are meant to be hot, and however, it also depends on the way you plan the wedding.

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