You’ve got your wedding outfit down (the perfect outfit!) and the venue booked, and you’ve told your girlfriends to get dressed to the nines. And you’ve finally got your guest list down and have invited just the right amount of people so no one will be secretly offended! But you still have to worry about your bridal beauty glam. However, this isn’t as big a worry as it seems.

First of all, you can consider hiring a makeup artist for your special day. You can still choose your bridal beauty look, they’ll just do everything and you can sit back and relax. But if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash and you’re quite good at managing a good makeup look, then you can just do it yourself! But are you having trouble coming up with bridal makeup inspiration? Here are some beauty tips to rock your wedding glow!

Best Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

Here are some great bridal make up tricks an tips that you can use

1. The ‘no makeup’ Makeup

Some brides prefer as little done to their faces as possible, so there’s less to fuss about. Also, you might be one of those people who prefers a little natural bridal makeup. Make sure you use a good foundation and concealer, maybe just a touch of highlight where you need your skin to glow. You can add some eyeshadow and mascara if necessary, all minimal. And then try some nude lipstick to pull the look together.

Put your hair in whatever style you feel suits you best; the whole point is to just look like you with a little extra jazz! This is also a good idea if you’ve got the pre-wedding jitters, you might feel better in minimal makeup, so you can be as comfortable as possible.

2. A Sultry Smile

Some brides want to look stunning and sensual on their wedding day. If you can perfect a smokey eye, this is exactly what this look needs. Put on some black liner and smudge it a little, and then do you can add just a little smokey eyeshadow if you want. Make sure you’ve got on lashings of mascara, a nice lip colour (maybe burgundy or red), something noticeable to balance the eyes out. Go a little bold for your wedding day!

Bridal Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Tips

3. The Bronzed Look

Unless you’re an Instagram celebrity, you might not be reaching for blush and bronzer every day, but this is a good day to pull it off. Keep your makeup simple with light mascara and a nude lip, and dust off some bronzer and blush for that glowy, sunkissed look. You can even add some slightly nude eyeshadow to highlight the eyes. Maybe pull your hair back in a chignon or a low bun with some framing pieces hanging in the front. If you stick to more or less the same colors all over your face, you’ll be keeping things quite minimal, and just enhancing your features.

4. You’re Golden

Who says you have to go for the conventional makeup looks? And actually, gold dust is quiet these days. Use some soft metallic gold eyeshadow to wash across your eyelids and maybe even your cheekbones for some extra glam. You can keep the rest of your makeup relatively simple and clean so all eyes will be on your eyes! Maybe add a touch of blush and a glossy lip to seal the fresh, glowing look. You can also try a slicked-back hairstyle to match the clean, golden look. 

5. The Romantic Look

Your wedding day is possibly the most romantic day of your life, and you can highlight that with your bridal makeup style! Go for a soft red lip to play up the romantic angle, not too bold though. Curl your hair in ringlets and sweep some of it back, and maybe include a headpiece of flowers or a jeweled tiara or anything like that to pull some of your hair back with. Contour and highlight a bit so you have that fresh, glowy look, and add a touch of eyeliner (optional) and mascara (a must, to make your eyes look wider) to finish off the look. Keep the overall effect soft and youthful, and you’ll feel like a princess!

Bridal Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Tips

You should be good to go with these bridal makeup tips. Remember to opt for something that you feel like your best self in! Don’t sell yourself short on your wedding day, as long as you feel like you look your best, you will look your best.

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