You dive into the pool, take a sweet dip, and emerge- and you have makeup running down your face, mascara on your cheeks and you end up looking like a raccoon! Well, you have news! Your makeup is not waterproof at all!! 

You slog the entire day in the sun, and you’re sweating, and at one point in time, you see your foundation running and straining from your face from the sweat! That surely is bad news!

But worry no more, because we exactly have the tips that will help you to turn your non-waterproof into waterproof! So whether it is that you want mascara to stick to your perfect lashes or your foundation cream in place, we have you covered. 

Amazing Tips for Waterproof Makeup

Following are the 10 tricks to making your makeup waterproof: 

1. Lighten Up During Summers

If you are the person who has been following the same routine throughout the year, it's time you change it. It is advisable that during summers, one should opt for lighter ones when the weather becomes harsh and sweaty. Leave the heavy foundations and concealers and opt for BB cream or moisturizers during summers. 

2. Opt for Stains, not Powders 

Summer heat is sweaty and intolerable, and wearing layers of powders on the face will make it look cakey at the end of the day. Instead, opt for stain products and ones with stain blush that blends in the face and does not let the harsh weather ruin it. 

3. Look For Multitasking Waterproof Makeup

Invest in waterproofing products that guarantee no smudging and also conditions the face in addition to being waterproof. This will ensure the skin remains healthy and gets its daily dose of essentials through the conditioning with being waterproof. 

4. Use Primer

This is essential for any day and everyday makeup! Always use the primer to keep the powder in place. The primer is a blending product that holds the composition entirely and avoids it from smudging or ruining. Invest in primer with SPF that protects the skin from harsh sun rays and acts as a smoothening blender for makeup. It is a long-lasting base for makeup, which is much needed during summers. 

5. Layering the Mascara

Layering the mascara is essential to prevent it from running down. As layering with waterproof mascara, again and again, may dry out the lashes and sensitize the eye area, it is best to use a non-waterproof mascara first and layer it with its waterproof counterpart. The first layer acts as a buffer, and the coating would last long without running it down from sweat or water. 

6. Use Oil-Free Products

Always get oil-free makeup! To have that long-lasting makeup, avoid any form of moisturizer and skincare products having oils. Opting for oil-free makeup will keep the skin hydrated during summer and prevent clogging of the pores

7. Blot Only When Necessary

When you need a quick fix, use blotting paper to eliminate the shine from the summers. 

8. Avoid the Luminescence

Avoid products with too much luminescence. Instead, invest in products that will bring a light glow to the skin but not make it shimmer or glitter in the sun. Summer means sweat and sheen, and if you use light-enhancing products, you will end up shining like a disco light in the sun! 

Waterproof Makeup
Waterproof Makeup

9. Remove Makeup Gently 

Remove your makeup gently and carefully. Going rough and hard on the makeup removal will make it harsher and leave smudges on the face. Use a light oil to remove the waterproof mascara or the waterproof products and gently rub it off. Removing hard-to-remove waterproof makeup isn’t easy, so do it gently. 

10. Use a Setting Powder

To keep your foundation in place at the beach, layer it with a light-setting powder. This will coat and set the foundation in place, and you never have to worry about the foundation running down your face. 

Apply the above-mentioned professional and beauty industry insider tips on waterproofing your makeup, and you will never have mascara or foundation running down your skin again! So blot, set, prime, and waterproof your makeup away.

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