Are you looking for the wedding night tips? Then this article is for you! Weddings are a special event in a girl’s life. Marriages mark the ascent into a new era of life. Indian marriages are an amalgamation of innumerable functions, and it can be extremely tiring. But the photo ops can be pretty amazing. Every ceremony, every ritual ultimately concludes in the much anticipated: suhaag raat or the wedding night sex.

In today’s age, whether to have premarital sex or to wait is a decision of a girl, and society please spare the judgment! So, if you are one of those girls who decided to save yourself for your husband, this night is going to be extremely special. This thought would be making you both nervous and excited in the run-up to the wedding, and if you don’t have a friend or sister to discuss with, don’t fret, we got your back at The VOW with amazing wedding night tips.

Whether you had previous sexual encounters or a virgin, wedding night sex is extremely special. Traditionally, it was thought to be the union of a man and wife in every sense, physically, emotionally and spiritually. (The orgasm is the spiritual part!!!!!) Also, earlier pre-wedding coitus was frowned upon, and post-wedding, you could consummate the marriage.

Wedding Night Sex Guide

Here are wedding night tips to losing your virginity on the wedding:

1. OPT for a hotel

Your home would be filled with innumerable relatives and family members, and it can get a tad bit awkward. You would constantly be thinking about anyone overhearing you. So, if you have the option, opt for a hotel suite. The giggles and the awkward sounds don’t need to be hushed. Also, you can ask the hotel to put some candles and flowers, to set the mood.

2. Invest in some racy lingerie

Buy something nice to wear to bed, ditch the comfy PJs for later. Something in satin and silk, with risqué design, will make your spouse appreciate you more. Being bold doesn’t make you brazen, but a woman who knows what she wants. 

3. Do some research beforehand

Knowing how to have sex doesn’t come naturally to anyone, and it’s not something that is taught in Indian schools or even discussed at home. So do some research beforehand, you don’t want to be caught off-guard on that special night. Read some informative books, and understand what actually happens between the sheets.

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4. Know your anatomy

Before you let another person explore your body, it is important to know it yourself. Masturbation is an extremely healthy and beneficial process. You can also guide your partner on what gives you pleasure and it can work wonders!

5. Use Lubrication

Sex during the First night can make you extremely tense, which will make it difficult to enjoy the process. Your body when sexually excited produces its own lubrication and makes penetration much smoother and pleasurable. Use your lubricant, to ease P-in-V sex and make it a night to remember!

Use Lubrication
Use Lubrication

6. Take things slow

You will be haggard after all the wedding rituals and the whole day of being on your feet. As surprising as it sounds a lot of couples are too weary to have sex and many passes out from sheer exhaustion. You can spend the night with wedding night talks, kissing, cuddling and whispering sweet nothings to each other, as you both get comfortable. The morning after you will be energized and the sex will be pretty fantastic. Engage in foreplay, lots of it and don’t rush for penetration.

7. Lower your expectations

Lower the expectation, greater is the satisfaction. Don’t build some fantasy, as you might be disappointed IRL. Just enjoy the moment. It is bound to get awkward and trust us, it gets better with time. First-time sex for maximum women is bleh! Marriage gives you a lifetime pass of sex. So as you both get comfortable, the act will be fine-tuned and the pleasure will be manifold. Don’t be swayed by the hype of “wedding night” sex! Remember sisters, orgasms are difficult to achieve especially for women. During your first rodeo, you might not visit O-town at all.

8. It might pain and you might not bleed

First-time sex pains a little, and it is normal, and there is nothing to worry about. And not all virgin girls bleed on having sex the first time. So don’t be pressurized if you can’t “prove” your virginity.

9. Abstinence and try something different

If you have been with your partner for some time then avoid sex for a few weeks before the wedding. Also, you can try some new positions and really make it an interesting and novel experience. Girls we are in 2020, and taking the initiative doesn’t make you brazen, rather you would be appreciated. Even if it’s your first time having intercourse, you can still get pregnant, so always use protection.

Awkward, funny or sexy, you are going to remember, your wedding and the night for a lifetime. So cherish every moment with the help of these wedding night tips!

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