We all want flawless skin for our wedding picture and follow a strict skincare regime. Wedding preparations are extremely stressful and daunting and for the wedding and the pre-wedding ceremonies, the bride is usually caked up in layers and layers of make-up, adding to an assault of the skin!

We are all aware of the post-wedding glow that a bride usually has. Relatives throng to your in-laws’ house to see the new bride and there are innumerable meet-and-greet sessions and parties. Also, it is not possible to maintain a healthy schedule as a newlywed bride in your in-laws’ house.

How to Maintain Your Post-Wedding Glow?

Don’t be stressed about losing your post-wedding glow in all the humdrum and keep the radiant shine on for days after you tie your knot. Most brides concentrate on their pre-wedding skincare regime, but it is equally important to take care of your skin once the wedding is over.

1. Get a boost of vitamins

Consult your dermatologist to prescribe multi-vitamins that you can have for a month or so. Erratic eating schedules and unhealthy foods like sugar-rich and oily foods don’t really contribute to flawless skin. Being healthy internally will help maintain your post-wedding glow.

2. Bottoms up with water

Can any skincare regime be complete without proper hydration? Water helps in washing out the toxins. Also, dehydration reflects on your skin in the form of dry and patchy skin, lackluster hair, and a general feeling of fatigue. Avoid alcohol and other aerated drinks since it will further dehydrate you. The frequent loo trips will be worth it when everyone compliments your newlywed bridal glow.

Post-Wedding Glow
Post-Wedding Glow

3. Catch up on your beauty sleep

A new house and then sharing the bed with your partner (*wink wink*) isn’t really conducive to getting a good night’s rest. Aim to achieve a minimum of 6 hours of sleep to maintain your post-wedding glow.

4. Exercising is the goal

Hitting the gym isn’t really an option a few days after the marriage. That doesn’t mean you have to keep sitting. Help your MIL with household chores. Take a walk around the house or on the terrace if it’s possible. Exercise helps in maintaining proper blood circulation.

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5. Keep a bottle of calamine lotion handy

To flaunt a sexy back or that toned waist, brides nowadays resort to waxing the rarely touched and sensitive areas. It can lead to rashes and breakouts, which can make you lose your newlywed bride look. Also, the short stubs of hair that appear 10 days after waxing can make the skin look dull. Apply calamine lotion lavishly. 

6. CTM

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should not be ignored just because you are a married woman. It should become a permanent part of your skincare regime after marriage. Always remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply under eye cream.

7. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Whether you are visiting your relative’s place or going for your honeymoon, make the sunscreen your BFF. 

Post-Wedding Glow
Post-Wedding Glow

8. Too much makeup isn’t good

To compensate for lack of sleep and proper nutrition and to look radiant, brides often end up putting too much makeup. Instead of highlighting your post-wedding glow it rather diminishes it. A little foundation and concealer, with a hint of kohl and lip stain, will make you look gorgeous.

9. Meditate to relax

Stress leads to unwanted dark circles and stress acne. Setting into a new life as Missus and wedding planning can be extremely worrisome. Meditate for 15 minutes before bed and watch everyone compliment on your new bride look. 

10. Hit the parlor

All those products that are used on your face and hair can take its toll. If it’s possible to hit the parlor, it’s not only relaxing and a much-needed break from the wedding shenanigans. Opt for a facial and hair spa. 

11. Travel kit essential

Those honeymoon pictures are a testament to your newlywed look. Traveling to an exotic location, you should carry a travel size bottle of cleanser and moisturizer. It will help to keep your skin look supple even in flight, whose controlled air-flow can turn dry skin drier and oily skin further greasy.

You get married once and you should enjoy it in every possible way. 

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