Sex Tips: Every Woman Must Know To Make Her Man Go Crazy

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Supriya Singh
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Want your lover to have a mind blowing experience, making him want you more than ever? Girl, you have come to the right because here you get some tiny details on how to turn on the heat in the bedroom. 

Sex itself is a very kinky and appealing act to all of us. However, it can be more fun and interesting with a few tips and tricks. Making it fun will help to keep the flame in your relationship alive and thriving. 

Try to include these simple yet effective tricks in your routine with your lover and have a wild and crazy night full of intense making love.


Seducing your partner is like lesson 101 you should learn to have a steamy and hot session. Get some raunchy and sexy lingerie which will make you look sexy AF making your lover drool over you.

The art of seduction consists of several techniques that can be tried. One such technique for seduction is the lap dance. This may sound quite intimidating and vulnerable but if you can overcome these feelings and give your lover a good lap dance, you definitely make him wet. 

Taking charge of the situation

Man love it when women initiate it and take charge of the situation. Just like we women love it when they approach us for some lovemaking. Taking charge may seem a bit awkward for some but it is totally fine. Try to initiate with baby steps if you feel shy. Like, grab him unexpectedly for a hot make out session or get on top of him if possible and kiss passionately. 

Indulge in Foreplay

Foreplay is a very important and essential part of a its session. Improvise your oral sex skills and make your lover beg for more. Foreplay has a physical and emotional purpose. It helps prepare your mind and body for an intense sexual connection with your partner. 

Know the erogenous zones

Man and woman both have several erogenous zones that are highly sensitive and can be easily aroused. To please your man making his toes curl and blow his mind, there are few erogenous zones in his body which should be given special attention. 

  • Mouth
  • Neck
  • Nipples
  • Balls
  • Nipples
  • The tip of the dick
  • The perineum
  • Ears

And for you ladies to have the maximum satisfying and arousing sensation, ask your lover to give some love to these below mentioned erogenous zones:

  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Inner thighs
  • Ears
  • Pubic Mound
  • Back
  • Bums
  • Breasts

My suggestion is to spend a good few minutes of caressing and teasing, focussing these areas and believe me you and your partner will be aroused like crazy. 

Try different sex positions 

There are almost hundreds of positions available to engage in. Missionary and doggy style are old school tricks from the playbook. Try different and unique positions that are more intensifying and packed with pleasure for both of you.

Improvise with toys

Sex toys are getting so much popular nowadays among couples and individuals as well. These toys do enhance the entire sexual experience if it is included with the sexual routine. However, don’t use the sex toy only to achieve the climax. Treat it as an addition to your sexual acts.


Create a playlist 

Create a playlist full of you and your partner’s favorite love songs and sexy songs to set the mood. Flaunt some of your sexy moves and sway away your lover’s mind. Walk towards him like you own the moment and steal his heart once again. 

You can also keep the music on while you and your partner are busy with the foreplay. Best feeling ever! Good music along with session is a must try, ladies!!

Try sex games

To make it even more interesting, you and your partner can indulge in sex games. Talk with each other about any fantasy which can be tried. Many couples consider the concept of role playing as fun and hot. You can try this list of a few sex games that I have sorted out which you can try out. 

Make The Room Cozy And Romantic

The ambiance of the room plays an important role as well to set the mood for it. Get some fairy lights or warm white led lights and hang them in a suitable location. Also, you can get lamps with shades to get the perfect lighting. 

So these are the few tips which I think can boost your sex life and its sessions. Having great sex is actually an important thing for a relationship to stay strong. After all, it is all about the physical and mental connection that we feel with our lover. Never let the spark in your relationship die out. Keep it alive!

Stay Kinky♥

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