So you want to give your guy a lap dance. You might associate lap dances with seedy places like strip clubs, but actually, it can be a really good way to spice up the relationship and try something new for a change. It can be especially good in long-term relationships when you feel like you’ve tried everything else. Most women might feel awkward when thinking about giving a lap dance, but it’s all about the approach! 

Tips For A Sizzling Lap Dance

Here are some tips to give your partner a lap dance to remember!

1. Dress Right

It’s important to wear the right clothes. Unless you’re super comfortable in tight clothes, try to go for something sexy but not something you can’t breathe in. The more comfortable you are, the better you both will enjoy it. Don’t wear necklaces or a lot of jewelry that’ll end up jabbing your partner in the eye. If this is going to turn into a striptease, which lap dances often do, then wear something easy to remove in a pinch. Wear some nice underwear. Also, feel free to wear heels, it’ll make you look and feel more attractive. The more relaxed you are, the more fun it’ll be.

2. Choose A Good Space

You want to pick a space in your house (or a hotel, wherever) that’s got enough room and that’s not crammed with furniture so you can move around. Have your partner sit in a chair before you begin. Feel free to decorate the room, make it a special occasion! You can add some fairy lights or even light candles and spritz some perfume to up the romance factor. Keep the lights dim for an intimate evening.

3. Learn The Moves

This is important because to be able to give a really good lap dance, you have to learn to gyrate. Move your hips and be free and fluid with your body. If you feel very awkward about the whole thing, you can practice in the mirror till you feel it’s acceptable. You have to be able to gradually mount the chair your guy is sitting on and gyrate against him, and let him be close to your body and free to touch you if he likes.   

4. Pick Some Good Music

This is a vital part of a successful lap dance. Pick whatever you like depending on the mood you’d like to set; maybe slightly jaunty music if you want to go fast and hot, or slow moody music if you want to make it more sensual. You can pick a song you like, that makes you feel more confident, or maybe pick a guilty pleasure song of his. Try to play something that will suit the atmosphere and that will get you guys in a romantic mood. After you pick the song, remember to practice before the actual performance. 

5. Calm Yourself

If this is the first time you’re doing something like this, and if it’s not you, but you want to do it anyway, maybe try to relax a bit before you’ve planned it. Hit the spa and get a long-awaited massage, or go to the salon to get a wax and manicure done, or maybe have your hair done for the evening. If you want to loosen up, have a glass or two of alcohol and you’ll feel a lot more chill. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun and you’re both supposed to have a good time.

Calm Yourself
Calm Yourself

6. Be Sure To Tease

Don’t tell your partner directly that you’re going to do this if you want to drive him crazy with anticipation. Hint all you want. When it comes to the actual lap dance, take it slow and don’t go too fast. That can be a great way of teasing him further, and he’ll respond well to that. Withhold yourself as much as possible to get the most out of it. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you or how you look!

Lap dances can be a hard task. It’s not as easy as it looks and it requires a great deal of inner confidence. However, if you don’t feel like you have what it takes, just fake it till you make it! If you imagine you’re confident, you will be.  

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