I can imagine how hard it will be to get even a minute together on weekdays when both you and your man are working. Alas after a long 5-6 days, it is finally the day to relieve yourself and make memories together and for that use these foreplay tips. 

Seldom do people realize that they can get a lot by just putting emotions in little things. This weekend, try to feel more for your person. Do something. Stay isolated from the world that day and make that only your love’s day. Make love to your Love, have some lovey-dovey moments and you will be energized the next day. Dedicating a day to each other will help you maintain a healthy relationship with these foreplay tips.  

8 Foreplay Tips

When the day is only for you two with no one to disturb you will get complete 24 hours to make him feel attached, here are some foreplay tips that you can try this weekend.

1. Talk Dirty

On the phone or in front, talk dirty. This is your warm-up stage where you will emotionally get enticed towards each other. Talking dirty has the power to make you wet and swear on anything, you are going to love this feeling. 

Talk Dirty
Talk Dirty

Instead of being touchy, you can start with this. Do not hesitate to talk in detail about all things you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. This will turn everything sexier and you two will get into each other.

2. Watch Each Other Undress

You can make your body go erect at this stage. Watching your partner undress for you is a combination of wow and aah. Start slow and let it go that way. Get yourself undressed one by one with that eye of yours over your man. Make your moves sexy. You can also ask him to help you open your bikini. Doing this will turn things hotter.

3. Listen To Music

If you have not until now, then it is time that you should switch on your speaker. Have a list of all the songs that make you hallucinate and energize at the same time. Listen to songs that turn you two on. You can go for some R&B, country songs, slow music, or even some tunes. Choices are all yours and his. Listening to music is way capable of changing thoughts than any sexual movie. 

4. Make A Bucket List Together

Make a list of all the sexual things that you two want to do to each other. Making this list together will enhance the impact of foreplay. You can note some ideas about having multiple orgasms, making out in the kitchen, playing with sex toys, hardcore, soft play, etc. keep this list safe in places that only you and your partner can reach. Select one each weekend. You will get ecstatic and extremely satisfied. 

5. Text Him (Sexting)

Talking or Sexting over the phone will generate a sense of extreme need for each other in your minds. Just the ways you practice dirty talking front to front, share with him about anything and everything that you can ever imagine with each other. Mention in detail. You can mention to him your best experience with you, you can share some sexual gifts or even your picture with his favorite lingerie (make sure he is trustworthy or just skip this). Any of these foreplay tips will generate the urge for each other.

6. Go To Places That Give You A Flashback Of Your Relationship

Visit the places where you two have memories. Even if that is just a bookstore, go there to buy some books and you will get all the memories back. It is just like your memories are still alive there. Go to the place where you two first met each other. Walk the street that you two used to roam around. They are so refreshing and you will get vivid throwbacks.

7. Play With Ice

These are unique foreplay tips of all. Playing with temperature is a great way to have something out of the box while having sex. You can start with ice on your lips and ask for some sexual kisses, rub it all over your partner’s body, over your nipples, roll them down all over to your toes. 

If ice is too much for you, you can play with some ice creams. Make sure you keep your vagina out of ice cream to prevent any kind of infection.

8. Take A Shower Together

Get your bodies wet and cleaned together. Kissing under the shower is of another level. You can help each other rub their backs and make things go more erotic. 

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