While guys always have the pressure of high expectations of making their girl feel good in bed and pleasurable by reaching to their magical button, What about them? Guys have the right to feel special and pleasure too! 99.9% of guys love it the most, yes you guessed it right! Going down on them! While there is no one way to give them a good blow job, there’s a basic straightforward start to the same, however, there are certain tricks and techniques that could give you expertise while performing the task.

Tips to Make Him Scream with Pleasure 

So, indeed there are some good blow job techniques that you can try to make your mango in the world of extreme pleasure.

1. Sensitive Spot

Everyone has a sensitive spot in their heart, well so does their body. Like women, even guys got some sensitive hot spots that can make them orgasm in no time. Like a matchstick in every way but size, the penis of a man is always hot at the top, and well rest is the wood. The head of the same is called glans is the most sensitive part. And similarly, Corona is the rim that makes the bottom of the head that is highly sensitive and can make some men orgasm by only stimulating their head. 

2. Top Kiss

The kiss on the top allows you to focus on the sensitive head. Kissing the very top point of the penis with your lips would make him go crazy. Allow your lips to open up and move a little down his penis head. Squeeze your lips tightly together as you’re about to reach his corona and then repeat and go back to the head.

3. The Swallow

While you can initiate by kissing the head and practicing the above-mentioned way, when you get to further down a step, let your tongue press against the underside of his penis and take care by wrapping your upper lips around your teeth and then try on swallowing. This should create an amazing suction feeling on his penis head.

4. Twisting Tongue

As now you have him inside your mouth, twisting and twirling your tongue around the most sensitive part can give him chills. By wrapping your upper lips over your upper teeth, extend your tongue out of your mouth and push it up and move the same in circular motions. You can also try adding pressure with your upper lips as well. Then swirl your tongue around his penis in another way and then the opposite, and punctuate the same with random suck, and keep teasing and titillating him with those moves.

Twisting Tongue
Twisting Tongue

5. Long Lick

If you wish to boost his ego, well the most prominent way shall be to show him how exactly long his organ of masculinity is. And you could do the same by licking it from the very top to the bottom repeatedly with the usage of hands as complimentary. Now try to place your hand on the side of the penis and by using your flat tongue lick him from the bottom to his tip by applying pressure the entire time.

6. Sideway Suck

If his penis was docile juicy corn on the cob, the next move is you eating him up. This requires you to make use of your hands underneath to give a push against and put your lips against the same. Hold your lips so the inside is touching his penis and then moving up and down, sucking your lips and out as you do it.

7. Lubricate

Your saliva is a natural and great lubricant but it dries up quite fast. So you could invest in finding a tasty lube to help yourself to give the best and perfect blowjob that goes smoothly. It shall help you go smoothly and the efforts you shall put in would make it worth it.


Well, there is no way to do it perfectly unless it’s showered with love and passion. With the same, try on getting to practice the best blow job techniques and advice and make your man feel that he deserves the pleasure. He deserves what he gives and blows his mind with these tips. Let him do nothing while you shower him with extreme pleasure! 

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