Most women complain that though the sex was mind-blowing, they didn’t quite orgasm! Now most men when it comes to a woman’s body are quite naive, apart from the very specific nether region, they are quite clueless. It takes a lot of effort to really turn on a woman and make her climax, unlike a man. As an ardent FRIENDS fan, we have the ultimate guide to female erogenous zones given by Monica. The season 4, episode 11 had Monica Gellar teaching Chandler how to make a woman in bed go from “nice to my-god-someone-is-killing-her-there”. Later the girlfriend had even thanked Monica for an awesome sack session. As Monica finishes her “SEVEN-SEVEN-SEVEN” -gasm, we see Rachel, Chandler and Monica head to their respective rooms for we can imagine what! *wink wink*

The female erogenous zones literally translate into love producing zone. These are those areas of the body that can make a woman quiver and make sex an ethereal experience for her. There are some basic areas whose stimulation can turn on a lady, but it differs in every individual. It can be a fun expedition among couples to find these hot-spots. We will help you with a road map to pleasure spots! So whether on your own or with a partner, brace yourself or some earth-shattering ORGASM!!

Female Erogenous Zone

Following are the some main Erogenous Zone of female:

1. Ears  

Ears are one of extremely female erogenous zones, so gentle stroking, touching or if you are comfortable some tongue action and nibbling can make you see stars. The lobe is highly sensitive.

2. Lips

The ultimate love-making technique has been a really nice long kiss really does it for us ladies, or some teasing is also good.

3. Neck

The hickies are oh-so-SEXY, and the neck is the extremely erotic zone. The nape or the back of the neck is even more sensuous, as there are hundreds of nerve endings there. A light neck massage or some trailing finger, tongue, and kisses, can make any woman worth her salt shiver in her socks.

4. Breasts

Breasts are extremely female erogenous zones – the nipples, and the underside of the boob. Teasing this area lights the same area in the brain as vaginal stimulation. Varying between light and hard touch a woman would be extremely pleased.

5. Butt

Touching, licking or fingering the butt, might be part of anal sex, but it can also be used as foreplay.

6. Inner Thighs 

Tracing the inner thigh is extremely erotic; it mentally teases a lady, since this area is very close to her lady-parts and there are so many nerve endings there.

7. Vagina

This is a no-brainer, but no woman wants all the attention only on their vajayjay. It contains the holy spot of orgasm- the fabled G spot.

Female Erogenous Zones
Female Erogenous Zones

Other Female Erogenous Zones

  • Armpits – It is extremely sensitive and a highly ticklish female erogenous zones – it can be a surprise turn on.
  • Stomach – The area between the navel and the pelvis is extremely erotic but often ignored. This area is so close to the lady parts that any touch can be extremely tantalizing.
  • Feet-Remember how Rachel was a sucker for some footy action. Weedmark, a renowned sexologist has told Glamour that the sole of the feet are packed with nerve endings and some sensuous massage can really turn the right keys for a woman. 
  • Hands – This part of the body is often ignored during sex. But the wrist and the fingers can be extremely sexy. When your partner sucks on your fingers while making eye contact it can melt your ovaries. Kissing your wrist can also be an intimate gesture.
  • Scalp- We are all aware of how great a head massage feels, those feelings can be recreated in your bedroom.
  • Behind the knee- We never ever pay attention to this nerve-ending rich area. Lie on your stomach and let your partner give you massage, and see the effects in assisting you to reach an orgasm.
  • Clitoris – It has over 8000 nerve endings more than the penis and it is one-tenth its size. So you can just imagine its effect on reaching the big O.

Every woman is different, so you need to explore your body with minute attention to understand what actually turns you on. Orgasm is an important part of sexual interaction between partners, and especially for women. Find out your female erogenous zones and enjoy it!

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