Quirofilia Or Hand Fetishism: Taking Things In Your Own Hand

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Everybody has their kinks that turn them on like nothing else. And that’s okay! Until and unless your fetishes are not offensive or derogatory, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having specific kinks. 

There are people with so many different fetishes, some who have a thing for feet, some for asses, and there some whose kink is hands.

Quirofilia or hand fetishism is a thing. Is that your kink too? And are you not sure what to do and how to proceed with your partner to satiate this kink? 

Well then, don’t worry because we have just everything you would need to know about hand kink to help you out. 

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What exactly is quirofilia?

Quirofilia is a type of sexual fetish for hands. 

And the attraction doesn’t necessarily involve the whole hand, it could also be a particular part of the hand like the palms, fingers, fingers, etc. 

It could also be a sexual attraction towards a specific action performed by the hands and at times, this action that is being performed is very likely to be non-sexual. But, oh well, a kink is a kink after all.

Although it is not that common in the area of fetishes, it is completely normal to fetishise hands. 

How does a hand kink work? 

As Quirofilia involves a sexual attraction towards hands and/or a part of it, there are various ways wherein this kink is quite commonly expressed. 

So, find out which way you prefer the most or which one suits your style in the bedroom the best:

  • Fingering 

Hand fetishism is often expressed with this act of sex because it involves the use of fingers to stimulate a woman’s vagina. 

So if your major turn-on involves hands, having your partner finger you is one of the best ways to fulfill this kink. And this is a low-risk and safe way too. 

  • Finger sucking

It might sound weird but only the ones with quirofilia how hot it is to suck your partner’s fingers. Here are a couple of ways to do this in the bedroom without making it weird:

If you’re making out with your partner or kissing them, then slowly grab the hand with which they are cupping your face or cheek while kissing you, and softly lick or suck their finger. 

Or if you like no boundaries in the bedroom, then you could suck your partner’s fingers after they finger you. That is a great way to heat things and it also makes it quite intimate for the both of you. 

Quirofilia Or Hand Fetishism

This is yet another common way that is great for satisfying hand kink. This is because a handjob involves using your hands to stroke your partner’s penis. 

And for someone with a hand fetish, this is just the right way to spice things up and turn on the heat with their partner. 

  • Palm licking

Just like finger-licking, this is also a way to satiate quirofilia and involves caressing and licking your partner’s palms and even fingertips. 

How to carry these acts out in the bedroom? 

Now, onto the more important part about how to use these ways of satiating hand fetishes in the bedroom. 

Take a look at the following tips and ways that will help you out to do that: 

Talk to your partner

This is the first and the foremost rule in carrying out any kind of sexual act, be it foreplay, kinks, or intercourse. 

Communicate with your partner and let them know about your preferences, turn-ons, turn-offs, and kinks (if you have any) and have them share the same with you too. 

This way, you both would be aware of your likes and dislikes which will only make it easier for you both to indulge in sexual activities without much hesitation and weirdness.

The more open and vocal you are with your partner and vice versa, the better it is for both of you in the bedroom. 

Comfort and consent are the key

Refrain from doing anything that makes your partner uncomfortable or weird. And don’t force or push your partner to do it just because you like. 

Instead of that, reach a common ground or simply don’t do that thing because if you don’t prefer doing something in the bedroom but your partner does, you wouldn’t want to be forced into liking it either. 

Get adventurous

Explore and try out new things, styles, and even sex toys because all that will lead you to find out your comfort zone and what exactly suits your needs the most. 

And that can be helpful in the bedroom. 

Timing matters

Include hand kinks in foreplay and see how your partner likes it. Also, picking the right time to carry that out is equally important because if you pick the right moment where you’re both hot and heavy to do something like licking or sucking their fingers, then you might just make it hotter and they might end up liking it. 

But if you’re kissing your partner and you suddenly stop them to do something like this then they might feel awkward or not like it.

Either way, make sure you don’t pick the wrong moment. 

If you talk to your partner about your hand kink and they get weirded out, then instead of snapping or arguing with them, try to explain or educate them on the matter; you have to understand that it might be something really new for them so it might take some time for them to get the hang of it.

 And remember that if they don’t give out a positive reaction for the first time, then that doesn’t mean that you have to feel bad about your sexual choices and kinks. 

Just don’t put too much pressure on them and give them the space they need to think about it and who knows, they might end up developing a thing for Quirofilia too! 

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