Kinks and fetishes are becoming common with every passing day, especially during the pandemic. A lot of people have been seeking all over the internet to add something extra to spice up their sexual acts. This article will help you in understanding the list of fetishes and kinks. Who knows eventually, you might end up learning a few for your benefit? 

Kink or fetish is essentially something that adds a spice or flavor to your sexual act, makes it more engaging and exciting. Kink is a sexual activity, yes, but isn’t involved in the performing act. 

A fetish refers to a strong desire for something and here, during a sexual act, it refers to a strong desire or attraction to an inanimate object, it might be a body part or a non-sexual object. A person gets aroused by his/her fetish. It can be of different types, for example, a foot fetish has been doing rounds in the movies (in case you’ve noticed)

Women have a plethora of sexual fantasies, of course, don’t believe if people tell you otherwise. Hence, there’s a variety of kinks and common fetishes which might be a turn-on for some but a turn-off for the others. So, before you decide which one works for you, it’s essential to be aware of your partner’s choice and preferences. 

After all, a sexual act is all about consent. It revolves around the fact that you need to be communicative with your partner with the right amount of compromise here and there along with each other’s comfort.

Sexual Kinks and Fantasies

Before we try expanding your knowledge about the varieties of kinks, you need to know about the kind of role a person can play – 

  • Dominant – A dominant person is the one who enjoys the art of dominating their partner during the sexual act while going through various kinks and fetishes. It can be done both mentally and physically.
  • Submissive – A submissive person is the one who enjoys being docile, dominated by their partner, and gets aroused by consensually being called names, humiliated, whipped, tied up, etc.
  • Switch – A switch can be referred to as someone who enjoys the act of switching between dominant and submissive.

Now that we’re familiar with the roles, let’s begin with the actual fun!

1. Role Play

 It is one of the most common kinks. This involves the partners taking the roles of other people outside of their daily life routine. Could be a doctor-patient, nurse-patient, teacher-student, boss-secretary, etc.

 It calls upon the idea of dressing up and hence taking the role of the chosen character, behaving like the same during the sexual act (often acts as great arousal during foreplay)

2. Impact Play 

This involves the act of spanking, flogging, basically any form of consensual striking/beating. It can range from being spanked to being whipped, whichever works for both of you. Before getting into impact play, it’s important to set boundaries from both sides and also essential to communicate before you get into a kink with your partner such that you are aware of his /her preferences and also the extent of their desire. 

Because, after all, you do not want any of it to go wrong!

3. Foot Fetish 

A foot fetish means that a partner has strong a strong desire for their partner’s foot and it sexually arouses him/her and the partner worships it by kissing, massaging, sexually touching the foot, whatever suits him/her the best. 

Kinks And Sexual Fetishes
Kinks And Sexual Fetishes

4. BDSM 

BDSM is an acronym for – Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. This entire act requires and involves the consent of the submissive partner during the entire play. 

5. Cuckolding 

Now this one might come as a shock, but believe us, it’s very much sexually arousing for the others! It’s a form of erotic humiliation by watching your partner engaging in sexual activity with someone else. 

If the partner who’s very much into this kink, but doesn’t want to go through the emotional baggage of his/her partner developing a sexual relationship with someone else, then just a mere thought or imagination of their partner’s engagement with someone else, does the job of arousing.

 Sometimes, the cuck stays at home and gets off at the idea of their partner having sex with another, whereas, on the other times, they’re cuddled up in the corner of the room and watch their partner engage in the activity. 

6. Rope Bondage 

This act is where a dominant partner ropes a submissive partner and binds him/her using, of course, a rope.

7. Sadism and Masochism 

A sadist can be titled to someone who, of course, consensually derives sexual pleasure by inflicting physical or psychological pain and humiliation on their partner. Masochism, on the other hand, refers to a person who is a masochist and tends to derive immense sexual pleasure out of receiving the psychological and physical pain inflicted by the sadist. 

8. Voyeurism 

This is the basic kind of kink where a person gets sexually excited by hearing or watching other people’s sexual experiences or activities. 

9. Golden Showers and Piss Play 

Yes, uhm, you got it right. (this involves the urine of a partner) As the name itself suggests, this kink involves nothing but peeing on a partner. 

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10. CBT 

In the kink-world, CBT refers to as – cock and ball torture. Pretty much self-explanatory, this kink involves the idea of a dominant female inflicting consensual pain on the submissive male’s genitals. 

11. Fisting 

As the name suggests, it’s the act of inserting an entire fist inside a vagina or as many would prefer, a rectum. 

12. Orgasm Control 

A kink in which the partner gets to decide when the other one is supposed to cum, basically the partner gets the full orgasm control of the other! The dominant brings the submissive male ‘almost’ to climax and then suddenly stops the stimulation, not letting the submissive partner to cum. The latter, also known as edging. 

13. Aftercare 

This isn’t a fetish or kink of any sorts but it involves the idea of communicating with the other person once the kink and the sexual act is over. This helps them to reach a better understanding of one another and also getting to know each other’s comfort level in the world of kinks and fetishes.

The list is a never-ending one. Remember, you might find yourself scouring the internet for a list of kinks and you will no doubt land in a list of fetishes, talking about common fetishes here and there, but it is always important to have consent. Communicate. Get to know each other’s comfort zone. Question yourself if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone. Do it if it pleases you, no one’s stopping you in exploring a world full of kinks, after all!