Hot Spots Of Your Partner Where You Should Get Your Hands On!

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men’s hot spots
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And besides the gential, there can be other sexy spots to touch that creates arousal. And if you wonder what can be sexy to touch other than his penis, well let us tell you it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating sensations. 

So let’s get on with the 33 sexy men’s hot spots to touch your guy that can arouse him!

  • The Chest Hair!

If your guy has hair on his chest, you might play with the same. You might not know or imagine that would be something guys would like to be touched on, but well they shall love you running your fingers through it.  

  • The Third Eye

The third eye is the region lr the pressure point located in the middle of the forehead. Adding force, with your thumb for a while might help relieving tensions in your partner. This tension killing is actually necessary as tensions can be one of the causes for killing a boner.

  • The Head

Touching and massaging the head can also intend on to give great pleasure to your man. This is because your head is rarely touched other than by the hair brush. Rubbing your fingers through his scalp and moving your fingers in circular motion may relax his whole body.

  • The Temples

While you are on at applying pressure to the third eye, you can jump onto massaging the temples by moving your fingers in circulatory movement in a slow, sensitive and sensual manner. 

  • Facial Bones

It is a necessity to get rid of stress or tensions before indulging into something sexual. Many people carry stress and tensions on their heads and necks. So you could always try making him comfortable before engaging into any activity. Lay his head on your lap and trace his facial bones with your fingers. 

  • The Lips

The lips knowingly have the sensory nerves which when being touched will release oxytocin, the love hormone. So lightly trace your fingers around your guy’s lips. 

  • The neck

The neck is one of the Erogenous zones! Yes you read that right. Unknowingly, the neck can always be a place where most of the guys, if touched, can feel turned on! Feel and reach out for the small hollows in his neck! Those are the real things to look upto.

men’s hot spots
  • Shoulders 

Just like the neck, a body’s shoulders are heavy with stress too. So, with your hands and the massages you can help in releasing enough tensions. You can also make use of your elbows as it is said that nothing releases quite like an elbow. Though keep in mind to not use too much force. 

men’s hot spots
  • The Inner Thigh!

The sensitivity of Inner thighs are nothing you are not aware about. Even you might be playing around with yourself at times as it is extremely sensitive and the same goes for your man! 

  • The Torso

 The torso and the region that follows are all included in the vulnerable category. You can move your hands or tongue slowly around the same.

  • Prostate 

Well, You might have heard about the word when used with gland, but trust me crooking your finger and finding the right spot can make him go crazy! You can lubricate your finger previously 

  • The Bladder Region

Ever heard of Gate of origin? Well that’s the point that has a very sensual acupressure near the bladder.  It requires a slight push to actually turn your partner on

  • The Root Of The Penis

Obviously, Penis is known for its sensitivity as a whole, but if you focus on touching and massaging the area where the balls connect to the perineum, it is going to feel pure heaven to your guy.

  • The Ball Of the Foot

Who does not love a foot rub? It can be such a pleasure while getting the same. Twist your knuckles around your guy’s ball of the foot in order to release tensions 

men’s hot spots
  • At The Back Of The Knee

Another Erogenous zone it is! Massaging at the back of your partner’s knee lightly and smoothly can add up to an erotic flair.

  • Soft Interiors Of Elbows!

The smooth area above your elbow can be highly sensitive,  moving your hands around it can make the sensory nerves on high alert!

  • The Ears…

Ears being soft and highly sensitive can make your man go crazy if you bite his love slowly and blow air into his ear softly!

  • The Clavicle

The clavicle, when applied pressure lightly with your thumb can help you go a long way in arousing your guy!

  • The Nipples

And like a woman’s,  even a man’s nipples got sensory nerves too! Pressing them, kissing them can be a savor for your guy.

men’s hot spots
  • The Breast Bone

The acupressure point found in here is called the Sea of tranquillity, that is a very heavy duty relaxation trigger!

  • The Armpit

What comes as a Surprise, you may experiment with it by caressing or moving your fingers around by giving a ticklish feel.

  • Calves and Achilles Tendon

You can slide all your 10 fingers with pressure down his calves, and to the back of his heels as well. This shall create energy to speed up.

  • The Big Toe

While massaging his foot, you can make use of your knuckles and twist it around in swivels and release the distress in the big toe!

  • The Scrotum

This part consists of heaps of nerves making everything sensitive when you touch it! Any touch and massage can be pleasurable. 

  • The Perineum 

This magical region between the testicles and the anus is the area that shall provide the utmost pleasure to your partner!

  • The Buttocks

Applying Oil or lube on your hands, try massaging and slide in your palms in a circular motion of both of the two!

  • His Butthole

You really cannot deny the sensitivity of this hole. However, if you aren’t the buttgirl type, you can always try fifty shades of grey kind of method by using a feather!

  • Lower Abs

A man’s heart through his stomach! So well, in this case it’s the same but not in terms of food. Running your tongue from his lower abs to torso can stimulate him

  • Fingers

The fingers when touched, kissed and licked is one of the most liked stuff by most of the guys. Kissing and licking it like his penis makes them go wild. 

  • The Sacrum

It is the region right above his buttocks, acquiring nerves that connect directly to his genitals, so go get it!

  • The Hips

Yes, even hips can be a place to touch your guy to arouse him. So give him the tease by kissing his hip bones.

  • Belly Button

Like the girls, even Guys like to be touched, kissed around the belly button, that shall give him a jolt of pleasure 

men’s hot spots
  • The Back

Giving your partner a back massage and rubbing your fingers over his skin shall always lead to something more than a massage!

So Go on to try making him feel the Pleasure he deserves, and make him go crazy!

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