Apparently, G-spot is not a myth and its really there. The fortunate ones have uncovered the mystery to find out their G-spot and the rest of us are still in search of the mighty G-spot to make our heads spin. It’s a tad complicated to locate it though. Finding your G-spot is somewhat a sort of treasure hunt in the world of pleasure. It is claimed that stimulation of the G-spot induces orgasmic pleasures higher than those achieved by stimulation of the clitoris and vaginal penetration. This concept has been studied and researched since the 1940s. It has been named after the German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg.

What is G Spot?

It is an area to be found about one to two inches inside the front wall or you can say the upper side of your vagina. It is considered as the meeting point of your clitoris, urethra and, vagina. In other terms, stimulation of it means stimulation of the internal portion of your clitoris.

How Does G-Spot Stimulation Feel?

This area under normal conditions remains small in size like that of a pea. The G-spot consists of erectile tissues like in the clitoris or the penis of men. So, when stimulated in the right way, the area gets engorged. At this point, women may get the sensation of urge to pee which is followed by a high-level orgasmic experience. However, the experience varies from woman to woman. It has also been reported that some women may not achieve any pleasure and can be uncomfortable for them during their g-spot stimulation. 

How To Navigate Your G-Spot?

So, now that you know the whereabouts of the popular G-spot, it’s time to take a trip to your very own G-spot and see what happens. Locating it will be much easier with the help of your lover. To make it easy, I would suggest setting the mood. Engage in some foreplay. Getting aroused will make the process easier. 

Now, for stimulation for the best results, you will need to lie down on your back. Allow your lover to insert one or two fingers a few inches inside your vagina with the palm facing upwards. The fingers touching the upper walls of your vagina now has to be moved in the “come here” motion gently while still applying appropriate pressure as per your comfort level. This motion should make you feel tingly and induce the urge to pee, and hopefully will give the ultimate pleasure of all times. 

G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is of two types- a diluted version of urine, also known as “squirt” and female ejaculate which is a whitish fluid more like diluted milk. If you ever fantasize or want to experience squirting, stimulating it right way and achieving orgasm may lead to squirting. Squirting occurs mainly due to intense muscle contractions around your bladder when you are aroused. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of squirting with it’s stimulation.

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Best Sex Positions To Play with Your G-Spot

Get ready to have a party started for your G spot with these positions. 

1. Leapfrog position

This is the same as doggie style but a bit improvised. This position allows your partner to penetrate deeply towards it, giving you maximum pleasure.

2. Reverse scoop position

This position is more intimate and hot; all the positions are intimate but this one is better because you will be closer to your lover, face to face. Top of that this position gives easy access to your g-spot through penetration and it will blow your mind. 

Navigate Your G-Spot?
Navigate Your G-Spot

3. G-whiz

This is an improvised missionary position and another best position to provide stimulation of it.

4. Girl on top

You will have to do a bit of hard work in this position but the pleasure is worth the sweat. This position will give you control in penetrations.

Finding yours won’t be easy honestly. Keep your expectations low at your first attempt because you might not find what you’re looking for. The location of it cannot be pinpointed in the upper walls of the vagina as it is different in the case of every woman. So, you have to explore your own and find your point of pleasure and orgasms. Good things in life aren’t always easy to find. So is the G-spot. I would say, ladies, have some fun with yourself and with your lover and unlock the mystery of your G-spot.

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