The dent in your navel is the belly button, and it says a lot about the person. The Omphalomancy theory studies the navel shape of a person to analyze and identify their personality traits. According to Chinese mythology, it is significant in telling a lot about a person, it can also predict how many children the person will have.

Types of Belly Button

There are different shapes of the belly button, including the following:

1. Protruding Navel (or Outie)

This belly button sticks out from the navel. This belly button type signifies a strong, extroverted, and optimistic person who also possesses deep perseverance to achieve whatever they want. The people of this kind give a lot of thought and perspective to their beliefs. The average life expectancy of the protruding navel is 72 years.

2. Deep and Round Navel

This type is deep inside and round in shape. The shape signifies a modest person who has a big heart and a shy personality. People of this kind do not generally like sharing their misfortunes and failures with others. The average life expectancy of this kind of person is 81 years.

3. Vertical or Oblong Navel

This type is narrower and thin and signifies a person who is confident and emotionally stable. The average life expectancy of this person is 75 years.

4. Horizontal Navel

Its shape is sideways across the tummy portion and signifies a person of complex and emotional character. The people with this type do not trust anyone easily and they treat others exactly the way the other person treats them. the average life expectancy of this kind of person is 68 years.

5. Off-center Navel

This is an unusually shaped navel and signifies a person with a fun-loving but unique character prone to mood swings and super emotions. The average life expectancy of this kind of person is 70 years.

5. Oval Shape

This is an egg-shaped navel and signifies a person of hyperactive as well as over-sensitive character. The people of this kind take things too seriously and get hurt easily. They are impatient and get bored easily. The average life expectancy of this kind of person is 65 years.

How to Clean Belly Button?

It is a crucial body part that requires regular cleaning and care. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria, if not cleaned regularly. If germs, bacteria, and yeast breed in it, it would lead to a foul odor and infection. Infection and issues are more common in people who have piercings, though people without piercing should also take care.

Belly Button Types and How to Clean It
How to Clean Belly Button?

1. Cleaning an Innie Belly Button

Find out the ways of cleaning your Innie Belly Button here:

  • Use Q-tip

To clean the Innie, one should use a Q-tip to get access to the nook and corner of the deep skin. Before getting the Q tip inside, make sure it is swabbed with soap and water. One should clean the navel with the Q tip gently.

  • Regular Rinse

After cleaning it with soap and water, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly with water and re-clean it with the swab.

  • Dry It Off

Dry it with the tip of a dry and clean washcloth or another dry Q-tip.

2. Cleaning an Outie Belly Button

Find out the ways of cleaning your Outie Belly Button here:

  • Use Loofah/Washcloth

Clean an Outie like any skin area with a washcloth or loofah. Lather up the washcloth/loofah and scrub it.

  • Dry It Off

Dry it and clean it with lotion or body oil to keep the area soft and supple.

How to Clean the Belly Button When There is a Piercing?

Apart from following the regular steps of cleaning the belly button like a regular one, one can use add an extra step by washing the belly button with salt water or any isotonic saline solution. This helps to prevent any infections in the pierced belly button.

If a person gets a belly button infection, there will be a foul odor or pus by which the infection is recognized. In that case, the person should consult a dermatologist who may prescribe an antibiotic and cleaning agents to ward off the infection and heal the belly button. 

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