Acupressure Points For Women

Feeling tired, restless and anxious during periods? Need some alternative other than medicine and yoga?? We have got it right here, with some acupressure points which are all set to relieve you from all kinds of issues ranging from period cramps to anxiety. So, let’s first make an effort to understand what are acupressure points and how do they function. 


It refers to an alternative medicinal phenomenon that resembles acupuncture. It has been conceived from the concept of life energy which finds its pathway through meridians in the body. Its treatment is inclusive of applying pressure to these acupuncture points to clear out the blockages in the meridians. Pressure can be applied by the usage of hands or any device. It was discovered by Indian Ayurvedic Medicinal Association back then in the Vedic Era. 

The points listed below are some of the most commonly known ones for women’s health. They help in the regulation of movement of energy and blood and hence are helpful in keeping the mind peaceful. So, before you start make sure you are in a comfortable seated position. You can also sit on a quilt if that’s required. Now, exert some pressure with either of your fingers, index or middle, as you come in contact with the point. Then try finding a way of touching it lightly yet not losing a connection with it. Try not pushing harder. Instead of exerting muscular force, try channelizing your mental energy. 

Once you come in contact with the point, let it be that way for around 5 minutes. 

Find it at

Reach out to the bottom tip of your sternum and let your fingers move upwards slowly. 

Significance: These are the points that allow your heart to function in a peaceful manner. By letting the chest open, it helps in relieving your anxiety and breathing issues. 

Where to Search for this Acupressure Point

Find Ren 17 in the Centre most area of your fourth intercostal zone. Also, find Pericardium 6 on your forearm, between the tendons. Another way of reference can be- a distance of three fingers width from the crease of your wrist. 

Significance: This is another calming point that settles the heart’s pace. It is helpful in restoring your breathing back to normalcy. 

Point Located At

You can find Spleen 6 at 4 fingers width distance from your inner ankle. It is located above it behind the tibia, which is an acupressure point. 

Significance: Having been the cross-sectional region of Spleen, Kidney, and Liver; it helps in the counteraction of imbalances. Also, it is because Spleen, Kidney, and Liver are together considered as the three most important organs governing the menstrual flow and hormonal balance. 

Reach Out to It At

Take a finger and a thumb of yours and place it exactly where your metacarpals meet. While keeping contact with your second metacarpal, let your fingers slide in towards the knuckles. There you will find your Large Intestine 4 in the midway. 


Significance: Having been a strong point for moving vital energy that is Qi, it proves immensely helpful in the reduction of headache, digestion issues, and stress. So, these are four of the major acupressure points which are going to be your savior during stressful or periods days of the month! And acupressure, as we all know, has been one of the most scintillating forms of healing that Ayurveda has ever blessed us with. Also, it has no side effects as compared to allopathic and homeopathic treatment. 

So, go forth with all these acupressure techniques and let us know in the comments section about the results! 

Stay healthy, stay hearty! 💚

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