If you are someone who is keen to know what is going on inside their body, do you ever consider there might be more to your tongue than just taste and speech? Well, you are in for some shocking mind-numbing facts today about the strongest muscles in your body, which is the human tongue. It is a muscular organ located in your mouth that manipulates food for mastication and is also used in the process of swallowing. It has importance in the digestive system and it is the primary organ of taste in your gustatory system.

Despite its very similar function, the tongue varies in shapes and thicknesses from person to person. All of these distinct shapes of the tongue can mean and tell a lot about you and your health. So, before we dive into this article, stick your tongue out and study it in the mirror. Identify which type you have. The tongue is classified into six categories by its geometric features: Square, round, rectangular, acute triangular, obtuse triangular tongue and the hammer. 

Know What Your Tongue Shape Reveal About You

We are going to discuss a few of these tongue shapes and what they tell about you:

1. The U-Shaped Tongue

If you have the U-shaped tongue, or more precisely a tongue shape that is slightly pointed and curves at its tip, then here’s what it can tell about you. People with this type of tongue shape tend to be frank, open and known for their honesty. These people have no fear of speaking the truth. They like to say things as they are without hesitating. However, this does not indicate that you can be rude. You are one of those people who manage to be honest with people without hurting their feelings or coming out as rude. 

The U-Shaped Tongue
The U-Shaped Tongue

Your honesty has an endearing effect on others. You are also a born leader. You can sense people who are clueless, in need of direction and you can effectively organize them and lead them in a direction in a better way. You tend to be courageous and willing to take risks. You are not afraid of the thought of failure or any hurdles that might come your way. You take defeat with open arms and stand back up on the ground with your forever hustling and never giving up attitude.

2. Squared Tongue

If you have a slightly squared tongue or a tongue that flattens out toward its tip, then you are a very kind person. You are known for your merry, outgoing and cheerful nature. You can talk to strangers and never face difficulty in making friends with people. You don’t like to put up a fake face in the world because you believe in being yourself and you’re not afraid of being your own raw self in the world. This is the reason why people find you appalling and admire you. You are also a fairly emotionally stable and down to earth type of person. 

Squared Tongue
Squared Tongue

You have slight wisdom in you from your age and your experiences, and the way you talk about these things puts a good and positive impression on people immediately. You are very careful with your words so as not to hurt anybody and always weigh them before you let anything out of your mouth. People admire you and often let their woes out to you because you lend a good hearing ear and you are a good listener. You are like the shoulder people can always count on. This is also the reason why you find yourself oftentimes buried with people’s grief and thus engaged in a relationship with someone who is just like you so that you can unload your woes unto them.

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3. The Dented Tongue

If your tongue has a small dent on its tips, you are known to be the type of person who is very spontaneous, energetic and fun to be around.  You grab attention everywhere you go and are often known as the life of the party because of your fun attitude. People admire you and want to be like you. You are also a very independent person with a fiery nature and you repel people who are controlling or give you commands on what to do and what not to do. Despite this you have a soft heart and you love poor and weak people. You also make sure no one feels abandoned or left out in your group. You value freedom and enjoy it and also give others the same kind of vibe. 

 The Dented Tongue
 The Dented Tongue

People love your fierce nature and even in your relationships you bring out the best in you for the person you love and care about. These are the three basic shapes of tongue shapes and what having these shapes can tell about you and your personality. You can do some self-evaluation and re-check the above-mentioned things by sticking your tongue out in the mirror and analyzing if you really match these personalities described. You can also notice other’s tongue shapes and predict a lot about their personality, occasionally.

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