Emojis are emotions in the form of standardized picture characters. They are symbolic representations of emotions or objects that are built into mobile or PC operating systems which can be used in texts to make our expressions more vivid. We often make use of it in our texts to prevail in our emotions. There are several emojis guys use when they love you. And with time these emojis have been made advanced in many detailed ways to each new and old character and symbols. Sometimes, it offers or provides great help to save time by using an emoji instead of writing proper letters or words or sentences.

Earlier, there were emoticons to express your feelings of being happy or sad or loved or sarcastic, and later emojis were introduced as a new visual language to express emotions. An emoji gives a strong, solid, and comforting meaning to your information. An emoji of heart💓 to a sentence like “I know” will add a sense of warmth and support which might otherwise sound cold or passive on its own. There is no doubt that there is a cute emoji being added at the end of a quick sentence that can lift the mood of the receiver.

Emojis are fun nowadays and it can lighter the blues of conversation. Also sometimes it works as an alternative to clean-cut our hidden emotions. If one is not bold enough to specify a few things, emojis makes it partly easier to convey the message. It may also sometimes be misinterpreted or misconceived but the communications do ‘not go off-color easily. One can give signs to others by sending emojis without saying it precisely and the message can be smoothly interpreted. It can be said that emoji is nowadays a new language of communication. 

Some of the most popular emojis being used are smiley faces, tears of joy face, hearts, etc. Every social media user loves to send these emojis and is trending in a definite way.

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Are You Interested in Knowing What Emojis Guys Send their Girls When They are in Love?

Initially, in a relationship with the adoption of an emoji, you can cover a lot of emotions rather than saying or writing it directly. For example, you are far more secured by sending ‘the heart-throbbing emoji’ 💓 to express your feelings rather than saying ‘I love you’ straight away. It eventually gives a sign or an indication to the girl and it seems kind of cute. It becomes easier for those guys who take a long time to open themselves up and emojis plays as a hint in their messages.

Every emojis have secret emotions behind it and the more the boys use emojis, the more he is in love with the girl. This is the page for the decoding guy’s emoji. The most common emojis being used by guys when one is trying to date a girl or frame love relationships are as follows: 

10 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

Meaning Of Emojis

Here is the list of emojis guys use when they love you:

1. The Heart Eyes Emoji 😍

The meaning of this emoji is very positive and warm. The emoji gives an idea of love, infatuation, and adoration or extreme positivity towards the subject. One of the most common emojis guys use when they are crushing on you.

2. Kissy Face Emoji 😘

It’s a sugary kiss with love. This emoji is used to play safe and act casual. Guys are shy to express their love and it may become awkward if they tell those three magical words at once. So this is a good way to tell his girl that he loves her.

3. Winky Face Emoji 😜

This winking smiley is a backbone to be playful and this is the emoji guys use to flirt. This smiley makes a conversation light even though sometimes truth is being told but the tone remains casual. The winky smiley helps hides the actual meaning.

4. The Couple Emoji 💑

It depicts two people(a girl and a boy) with a heart in between and they signify they are couples. If a guy sends this emoji that means he is in love or wants them to be a couple.

5. The Bride 👰 

The bride emoji is an explicit sign of asking a girl to be his bride. It’s a proposal act. It is a simple message saying that he loves you and wants to marry you. He takes a chance to be said ‘Yes’ because it’s hard to deny the innocent cute bride emoji.

6. The Heart Emoji💓

The heart emoji is the biggest indication that the guy has feelings for you. He will cutely place the emoji after saying ‘goodnight’ or ‘take care’. It’s kind of like processing their love story to a better angle. Out of all, this is the emoji guys use when they are in love with you. 

7. The Smirking Face 😏

Smirking face represents the facial expression of a smirk. It’s used to communicate a range of feelings, including smugness, self-confidence, mischief, cheeky humor, and general satisfaction or even when he is jealous. It’s a good sign of flirting and teasing and boys use this often to chat with girls.

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8. The Angel Face 😇

 Angels are good and kind and the same is the message boys want to convey to their girls. No one wants to look ‘bad’ in front of the girl he likes and by sending this emoji he tells that he is sweet and innocent just like an angel.

9. The Relieved Smile 😌

This emoji means peace and relaxation. It’s kind of an expression that says that he is getting comfortable with you and ready to open up. He feels consoled while talking to you and is easeful to express his love. 

10. The Kiss Mark Emoji 💋

It is a symbol of flirting and indicating affectionate love and romance. It’s a mark of passionate and sweet love. It may also sometimes mean sassiness. By putting this emoji the guys express their concern and love towards the girl.

In the present day, emojis can help to convey a lot of messages from saying ‘let’s go on a dinner date’ to ‘i love you’ to ‘will you marry me’ and many emotions as such. There are so many characters to show emojis of smiley, weather, food, technology, and a lot more and it is developing and growing in times. Sometimes, even if your keypad isn’t working, you can make a rough conversation through emojis. Guys are known to be bad at expressing their feelings, so emojis makes it easier for them to reveal their affections unusually. Study the emojis guys use when they love you and know the true feelings of your admirers. Texting with emojis is always fun and illuminating. I am sure you are an emoji lover too.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Emojis do guys use when they love you?

A. Boys generally use heart, kissing, and hug emojis to show their love.

Q. What does 😘 mean from a boy?

A. This emoji symbolizes romantic affection and love for someone.

Q. What does ❤ mean in texting?

A. People use heart emojis to express gratitude, love, happiness, and hope.

Q. Do guys like when you use emojis?

A. It depends upon the type of guy. See whether he himself uses a lot of emojis or not. If he does, you should also use them more often.

Q. What does 😅 mean from a guy?

A. Guys generally use this emoji to show their nervousness or sarcasm.

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