Hey ladies, this is the 21st century and this is our time to shine. Is your crush avoiding you or haven’t he noticed you yet? Are you wondering how to talk to boys? Are you nervous to talk to boys or do you stand speechless in front of him? Relax !! If you have been in any of these situations, then you have landed on the perfect page. Here are all the ticks and tricks on how to talk to boys you like and rescue yourself from freezing at that crucial time of your life.

First of all, prepare yourself. And to do so, all you have to do is stay confident. Confidence is the key. Do not be shy or embarrassed. If you get nervous while talking, you will make the opposite person very uncomfortable. This will ultimately affect your first impression as well. Confidence is sexy and men are really attracted to strong independent women. 

Tips On How To Talk To Boys For The First Time

Below are the various tips on how to talk to boys first:

1. Take The First Step

We were always told that men should approach first. But time changes and so should people. There is nothing wrong for a girl to be the first one to say ‘hi’. She will still be a lady embracing her feminine within. Take the first step. Move towards him and greet him.

How To Talk To Boys
How To Talk To Boys

If not, at least say hi when your eyes meet. Say it in a confident and welcoming manner. Add a hint of a smile on your face too. Do not wait and smile from a far distance. Those days are in the past by now where the girl wonders and waits for the boy to approach her. 

2. Serve The Conversation Starter

Serve the starter, not from the menu, but directly from you by your words. There are many classic conversation starters in the world on how to talk to boys. Begin to talk about any events you both encountered recently.

As for example, the college project that you have to submit, or the targets your boss has bestowed upon you, etc. If you are not in any of those situations, simply pass a compliment. Say “I love your jacket” or “Hey! Nice jacket”. These sorts of compliments will surely start up the conversation. 

How To Talk To Boys
How To Talk To Boys

3. Give Him A Chance Too

It is not a conversation if only one of the two speaks. Both parties should participate to make a conversation and only then it will last long. So don’t just keep blabbering about yourself. Give an opportunity for him to say too. Ask about him or his opinion.

Hear his words and beliefs. Let him speak out loud and clear about his thoughts on the topic you both were communicating. This opportunity will make you look like a good listener too. People love people who listen and pay attention to what they say. It makes them feel important and remarkable. 

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4. Smile

Smile, an effervescent smile could bring him closer to you. Words of Boyzone are certainly true. Don’t be a boss or arrogant in front of him. Behave friendly and cheerful. People who are easy to talk to can make many friends. Be generous so that the other person is comfortable with you.

He will surely remember the time spent with you if you both are compatible with each other. A smile gives warmth and a sense of tenderness and this is the best impression of all. Laugh if it’s funny. Let him know that you are having a good time with him. 

5. Know About Him Too

Once you are compatible with each other, you can definitely ask him about his life. Allow him to describe his lifestyle, his background, his choice, and many more. Don’t inquire too much though. Let him say about the things that he is comfortable with.

These things don’t work if you keep on pressuring it. Let it flow on its own. This is the best opportunity to know him well. Start with some silly things like his favorite food, restaurants, music, movies, etc. 

6. Find Something Common

You guys must have something in common. You have spent quite some time by now talking to each other. It is time to find something in common. And whenever you find the common string, turn the conversation towards it. Say, for instance, you love a movie which by chance, he loves it too.

Eventually, turn the conversation by talking about the songs, the story, the actors, the dialogues, etc. Find any common ground and make your conversation interesting. This common ground will stop you from wondering about how to talk to your boy crush for the next time. 

7. Be Young

Everyone is young by their heart. Even a 90-year-old woman has an inner kid within her. So irrespective of your age, be young and stay young. See your life in an adventurous journey and express the same to your man.  Talk, laugh, be childish and funny. Guarantee that you are going to love it. And seeing you enjoying your life, he will definitely start to envy you. He will turn out to be one of your admirers.

Not just to impress a boy, be happy for yourself, and keep the kid in you alive. Doing so will keep you alive from the harsh reality of the world. Take a break and enjoy it.

8. Quality Of Your Conversation 

The quality of your conversation matters a lot to build any relationship. Gossiping is easy but that will lower the grade of your quality. It will also describe your standard of living and your thoughts about others. Hence, instead of gossiping, talk about yourself and your lifestyle. Talk about some interesting topics where he can never be bored. Talk about something important or funny but not gossip.

These above-mentioned tricks will definitely work out. So don’t worry much and try these tricks on how to talk to boys. Make an effort to try them out with appropriate preparation. Your crush will not only have a good time with you but will also look forward to seeing you again. Give him a remarkable meeting at the first time itself so that he stays eager to confront you soon. 

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