From the time of Shakespeare to Gen Z, every era has its style of speaking but now it has turned out to be with Color Heart Emojis . Once upon a time, people wrote long love letters filled with a dozen metaphors. These days, the same emotions can pretty much be conveyed through a single emoji. Language has evolved so much over time, taking its unique tone for each generation. Today, the words might be less and the pictures more, but the feelings are still there. 

We often dismiss the current generation’s style of conversing by calling it superficial. But the truth is, thousands of years ago, Ancient Egyptians used pictures to talk too. The only difference is that they chose to call them hieroglyphs. So why is it that we revere one pictographic language in museums, but shun the other? Pictures have just as much depth behind a phone screen as they once did on the walls of dark caves. Only our way of understanding changes.

Out of all the existing emojis, heart emojis are probably one of the most common ones used. We casually slip them at the end of an emotional or supportive text. What if we told you that each color heart emoji has its special meaning? Wouldn’t conversations be more meaningful if you put some thought behind your choice of emojis as well? Worry not, because we are here to tell you all about the various color heart emoji meanings. So, the next time you decide you text someone, you will be extra prepared.

What Are The various Color Heart Emojis Mean?

You may be surprised to know that there is a whole set of color heart emoji meanings. Most of us know about the few obvious ones such as the romantic red heart or the affectionate pink heart. But there are several other heart emojis color meanings which go ignored. It may seem like a small thing, but knowing which color heart emoji to use in which situation can ensure better conversation. Text conversations have the con of not carrying proper voice tone. Knowing your emojis helps you navigate your way through social media effectively. Besides, what better way to revise basic color psychology than to do it through the language we know best these days: emojis?

1. Full Red Heart❤️️ 

Ah, the full red heart that we all know so well. Red hearts hold in it them the very essence of love. This 2-D heart is a representation of your actual heart and all the love that it holds inside. Red hearts are typically exchanged between lovers or while flirting, indicating passion for the other person. 

Red hearts can also be used between close friends with whom you have a comfortable relationship, provided both parties know not to read into it. Here, they symbolize deep friendship. Red hearts are a symbol of celebrations of love, such as Valentines Day. Using this emoji in a formal conversation can create an awkward mood.

2. Broken Red Heart💔

You can send this to symbolize hurt feelings. This could represent a genuinely heartbreaking situation or be used sarcastically as a joke. 

Meaning Of Heart Emojis

3. Exclamation Red Heart❣️ 

This is a decorative punctuation mark used at the end of messages instead of the usual exclamation mark to emphasize on a point or add a pinch of love to your statement.

4. Arrow in Heart💘 

You’ve been shot in the heart! Cupid’s arrow, this means you are completely head over heels.

5. Beating Heart💓

Representation of life and love, this could also mean someone is expecting a little one.

6. Yellow Heart💛

Yellow hearts are the most gentle-looking hearts out of all the hearts. Hence, yellow heart emoji color meaning is also a gentle one. These often go ignored but yellow hearts represent soft support and friendship. It means a pure heart, full of glowing happiness and wonder for life. Sending your friends a yellow heart shows your care for them. It may be a platonic color, but the yellow color heart emoji is no less deep in its feelings as the red heart is.

7. Green Heart💚

The green color heart emoji meaning has both positive and negative connotations. On one hand, it might mean jealousy and envy for a person. It could also mean a combination of light jealousy and happiness. For example, your friend wins concert tickets that you missed out on. Sending them a green heart would be you telling them that you are jealous of them for being so lucky but also that you are happy that they are experiencing this.

Green hearts can also be used to shown love for nature and organic products. Green is the color of the earth and growth. Hence, it also indicates hope to mend a broken relationship. For those who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you could use the green heart on that occasion.

8. Blue Heart 💙 

Blue! The color of the permanent sky and deep sea. Blue represents belief and loyalty in the other person. The use of blue hearts in a friendship shows the other person that you trust them and in return, always have their back. Sending a blue heart to a friend when they are going through a tough time conveys your faith in their ability to heal when they might not be able to see it themselves. 

9. Orange Heart🧡 

Though rarely used, the orange heart emoji color meaning is also one of affection, sometimes quirky. In a conversation, it could also be used to politely hint that you do not reciprocate the other person’s romantic feelings and wish to keep thing’s platonic.

10. Purple Heart💜 

Purple color heart emoji meaning is unique. It can be vibrant and exciting, along with caring and compassionate. Purple represents glamour, a sense of fashion and style. Purple also carries a sexy, confident vibe. You could consider using it the next time you sext. Purple is also a symbol of martyrdom in the US, engraved on a medal given to wounded or dead soldiers. If you are a BTS fan, you might use the purple heart completely differently. BTS member Kim Taehyung created his famous phrase ‘I Purple You’ which means a love that goes all the way until the very end, just like purple is the last color of the rainbow.

11. Brown Heart🤎

This is a chocolate heart. It could represent a craving for sweets. Brown is also a tamer shade in comparison to vibrant red. Thus, people who do not want to be ‘flashy’ in their expression of love sometimes use the brown heart show a steady, grounded love.

12. Black Heart🖤 

Black is the absence of any color. You could use this with ‘dark humor’, provided the other party is comfortable. Black heart emoji color meaning is also one of grief. In the current context, you can use the black heart to show your solidarity with black lives. 

13. White Heart🤍

Though seldom used, it could symbolize purity, kindness and a desire for peace. It could also be used when grieving the loss of someone.

Other Heart Emoji Meanings

Here are some of the other heart emojis with their meanings:

1. Sparkling Heart💖

A glowing love: the sparkling heart represents fondness and adoration towards someone.

2. Two Hearts💕

Pink is a softer color as compared to red, but no less affectionate. This can mean that love is in the air and possibly in the cards for you.

3. Revolving Hearts💞

A sign someone is possibly flirting and hinting at their interest in you.                                                  

4. Growing Heart💗

A growing pink heart means ever-growing love that only builds with time. It means giddiness and a fast heartbeat while talking to someone.

5. Heart with Ribbon💗

A gift! This emoji is reminiscent of the chocolate gift boxes wrapped in ribbons. It could hint at a surprise. It could also mean someone is offering their heart to you.

Choosing the Correct Color Heart Emoji Meaning

Now that you know what all the different hearts mean, you can use them to add flavor to your conversation. The benefit of technology is the ability to mix pictures with your words, so your feelings can reach someone, especially now when we are locked in our own home. So, during your next conversation, remember all these different color heart emoji meanings to sprinkle that extra pinch of love and playfulness in everyday talks! 

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