Chiselled jawline has been a beauty trend for a long time. Most of the women yearn to get that chiselled jawline and supermodel cheekbone features. Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie is well known for her features like a sharp jawline and cheekbone which makes her face look more pronounced.

What is Chiselled Jawline?

When we describe someone having a chiselled feature it usually means that her face has a well-defined and distinct bone structure. The external display of your jawbone is considered as the jawline. A well-defined jawline has a more angular and proportional look. To be more specific a well-defined jawline is something that stands out as an attractive salient feature of your face as if the jaws were chiselled with a carver. 

This description of chiselled features became popular from the romantic novels that usually described the protagonists as someone of the possession of beautiful features resembling some Greek Goddess whose appearance was literally carved out by a sculptor with much tenderness and precision. Thus a chiselled jawline is also known as having a Greek God Jawline. Is a chiselled jawline attractive? Yes! There is no doubt that having a beautiful jawline can make someone look very attractive. There are three things that customarily define a prominent facial structure. These are a distinct V-shaped jawline, noticeable zygomatic bones, and less fat in the cheekbones that leads to the formation of the chubby cheek or a double chin.

How to Get Supermodel Cheekbones?

To be born with a powerful enviable jawline relies largely on various individual factors related to genetics. The people who have that perfect chiselled jawline naturally are indeed blessed. Those who do not have that perfect jawline naturally and fancy to have one can get so by some simple lifestyle adjustments and exercises for a chiselled jawline that will not only get you that Greek God Jawline but also will be beneficial in the longer run. All you need to do is to tone down your jawline and practice some exercises for a chiselled jawline so that you can maintain that chiselled feature you crave so much.

Like any other muscle in our body, the jawline’s muscle extending from your chin to ear can be toned with hard work and consistent efforts. According to experts, you need a workout for overall fat reduction at first and simultaneously perform simpler exercises like face yoga regularly to get effective results. Unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of junk food frequently, absence of regular physical exercise, even genetics all these factors contribute to the development of double chin, puffed face, and make your jawline broader.

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What Determines The Sharpness Of Your Jawline?

The sharpness of your jawline to a great extent is defined by the range of striking shadow that your jaw is capable of creating. Hence the more definite the edge of your jawline, consequently the feature of the face appears more chiselled. Also, the jawline appears sharper when the mandible jaw bone clings out further and it is effective in producing a noticeable contrast between the jawbone and the neck making it look attractive.

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Ways to Get that Dreamy Chiselled Jawline

Here are some of the most effective tips that you can try to get that dreamy chiselled jawline

1. Massage Your Face

If you massage your face daily it will automatically make your skin more tight and firm. Massaging also improves blood circulation in your face muscles which proffers your face that beautiful glow. So take some time out from your night-time skincare regime and try this simple face massage technique with your preferred moisturizer, essential oils. Start off by using your fingers and move them through your face in a circular motion. Then massage your temples in the same way. 

 Ways To Get Chiselled Jawline

You can also use facial oils or serum to do the massage. The next step is rubbing your cheekbones. Start off by clenching your fists so that you can use your knuckles. Now rub them over your cheekbones following the same circular motion. You should always massage in an upward motion starting from your chin to your cheekbones as it prevents your skin from sagging. Besides helping you to achieve that Greek god jawline this massage will also improve blood circulation in the face to a great extent while making your skin tight and bidding adieu to your puffiness. This massage relaxes your face muscle giving you that healthy glow from within. Repeat the same process in the morning as well.

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2. Stay Away From Consuming Excessive Salt

The sodium present in salt is capable of retaining water. Hence consuming excessive salt will retain more water in your body which will eventually make you feel and appear bloated. A diet with a lower amount of salt is always recommended if you are trying to shed those extra pounds. Avoid too much salt in your food items for those envious chiselled cheekbones. 

3. Do Facial Exercise

Yes just like our body sculpting that chiselled jawbone requires exercise as well. Exercises for a chiselled jawline are very simple and do not require any kind of tools besides you can do them anywhere and anytime. Doing these exercises regularly for 10-15 minutes is beneficial to get rid of those excess fats from your face and neck as your face muscles indulge in some workout. There are many exercises that tone your facial skin and some of them are pretty funny such as making those weird faces like you do while clicking pictures with your BFF. 

Smiling not only brightens up your day but also a very effective exercise to tone your jawline because when you smile you your cheekbones get extended. This makes it a great way to exercise those face muscles. So don’t forget to give a big wide smile. Fishface, repeatedly opening and closing your mouth and chin-ups are also a great way to make those muscles workout and get that chiselled jawline. For chin-ups make those kissing skills come to your aid and pretend like you are kissing the ceiling of your room. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and repeat it 15-20 times. Feel the burn and embrace it.

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4. Contouring

This is the simplest way to achieve those chiselled jawlines and supermodel cheekbones. All you have to do is to darken the area that you want to hide with contour and highlight those features which you want to gain visibility. If you follow the right procedure contouring will undoubtedly give the illusion of a sculpted face. Just learn to blend the products properly for a more natural look. Follow these suggestions and you will get that attractive chiselled jawline in no time. Also, remember that you are perfect with all your imperfections. Stay happy and beautiful.

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