We all know pretty gold looks when adorning our skin, be it in that shiny ring around your finger or the sleek pendant glinting on your neck. But what if we told you there was more than one way in which gold can make you feel beautiful? 

From centuries gold has been a part of skincare routines of various civilizations such as the Egyptian civilization. It was used by Chinese physicians to soothe skin conditions such as an ulcer. It has also been an important component of respected Ayurveda medical science since ages.

So, it’s not a surprise that gold has recently become a part of facial treatments in many parlours. Once reserved for royalty, gold facials are now available for anyone who wishes to try them out. Add a glamorous twist to your usual facial routine with this skincare method—recommended by Cleopatra herself!

What are Gold Facials?

To put it in layman terms, gold facials are mostly like usual facials which follow the normal sequence of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, etc. but choose to top it off with a grand cherry on the top: a gold face mask which is made up of sheets of 24k gold being applied on your skin.

Sometimes, depending on the technique, a liquid with gold nanoparticles in it could also be applied instead. Thus, in a typical gold facial, your skin is treated with a component mixed with gold at the end of the usual facial format.

Is Gold Facial Effective? 

It does sound pretty amazing and luxurious. But is gold facial effective? Well, according to the discovery of a certain Japanese company in 2006, there is a way for gold to penetrate your skin and rejuvenate it from the inside. The properties of gold support your skin and help keep it in a good condition. So, along with looking stunning, a gold facial genuinely helps your skin with its beneficial property. All that glitters is not gold, but sometimes, it is even better.

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How much does Gold Facial cost?

If you have been nervously sweating wondering how much does gold facial cost, then rest assured because it is not just reserved just for the elites. The prices of gold facials have dropped considerably over the years as they have slowly become more and more common. But they’re still pretty expensive than usual home facials, with the usual cost of a full-gold facial being somewhere in between $100 to $300. The maximum cost of a gold facial can go up to a whopping $1000. 

If that is enough to make you give up on it, pause for a minute because there is a much more affordable way to get a gold facial—by doing it yourself at home. DIY gold facial kits are easily available online for you to acquire. Through this, you can get some gold facial benefits without spending too much on them.

Gold Facial Benefits

Now that you know that gold facials are effective and quite expensive, you may want to know about the exact ways in which they boost your skin health. There are several rewarding properties held in gold which truly do support your skin recovery. Here is a list of a few gold facial benefits to help you make up your mind:

  • Gold facials are effective on all types of skin such as oily, normal, etc. They work towards reducing the excessive formation of melanin and thus, help in controlling both suntan and pigmentation of any kind.
  • Gold has characteristics which boost your blood circulation, leading to improved removal of toxins, giving much healthier, brighter skin.
  • Gold particles have anti-ageing constituents in them which help in the decline of fine lines and wrinkles, giving more youthful, glowing skin.
  • Gold facials slow down the depletion of collagen, which is necessary to maintain both fresh skin and lustrous hair. This is how gold facials rejuvenate dull-looking skin into becoming healthier again.
  • Gold facials supply your skin with a generous amount of oxygen and also fight anti-oxidants, which prevents and heals skin damage, resulting in making your skin look much less worn and tired.
  • Gold also has antibacterial properties which help in eliminating conditions like pimples and acne. It helps in decreasing inflammation. Gold has been known to be used for treating serious skin conditions like skin ulcers as well.
Gold Facial Benefits

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Gold Facial Side Effects

Just knowing the positives is never enough to make a final decision. Gold facials, like all skincare treatments, are not perfect. There is always a possibility, however small, that they will end up doing more damage than good. Thus, to make a choice, it is necessary to compare both gold facial benefits and gold facial side effects to decide whether this luxuriant treatment is for you or not.

  • There are possible allergic reactions which may occur as a result of gold facials. Dermatologists warn that gold facials may induce such responses in people who experience contact dermatitis while wearing any jewellery. Allergic reactions may cause itching, swelling of face and throat, rashes, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, etc.
  • Being exposed to the sun after getting a gold facial can damage your skin as after a facial routine your skin is much more susceptible to such harm. Thus, if you can’t stay at home after your gold facial, you can end up making things worse.
  • The benefits of gold facials are not permanent and you may need to get one done every three to four months if you want to maintain the positive effects. This means that you have to spend a lot on consistent gold facial treatments to redeem the benefits to their full capacity, which can be unaffordable for many people.
  • Gold facial side effects align with the usual facial side effects such as the commonly caused redness of the skin, breakouts due to unclean instruments, possible scarring as a result of rough treatment, dryness, etc. The only thing that sets a gold facial apart from a normal facial is the gold treatment at the end, which may not be enough to eliminate the risks of facial side effects.

It is important to know how your skin reacts to gold before you consider getting a gold facial.

Gold Facials: Yes or No?

Gold facials have their pros and cons. To choose a gold facial, you have to be prepared that it may not go as perfectly as all the pictures make it seem. It is okay if you find it out of your budget. You do not need a gold facial to feel beautiful because you already are. A facial is just a treatment to give your skin some support and relief. You can always opt for DIY gold facial kits or other homemade scrubs, masks and creams for your skin.

If you want to experience the dazzle just one time, give it a try. If it suits you and you can try more, make gold a part of your skincare routine. And if you find that it is not your cup of tea, well, at least you added a pinch of glitter to your life.

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