Milk Cream or Malai (as it is popularly known) is the yellowish thick layer of fat settled on top of our milk. Most of us don’t like it and just throw it away. But, you may be unaware of the fact that this layer of coagulated proteins and fat, could be put to numerous uses. 

Malai has been used since generations by our grandmothers and mothers. Milk cream for skin is an excellent beauty remedy. This off the shelf kitchen ingredient can really reward you with flawless and radiant looking skin.

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Benefits of Milk Cream for Skin and Face

Here are some of the great benefits you can gain by applying milk cream on skin and face

1. Is Milk Cream for Face Good Moisturizer? 

Milk cream (Malai) is super rich in fat; hence it acts as a great natural moisturizer. The nutrient content present in malai goes deep down your skin tissues and thoroughly hydrates your dry skin. It boosts the blood circulation and results in radiant 

You can make a simple homemade mask at home by mixing 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of malai. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. Honey has nourishing and moisturizing properties which would provide two fold benefits to your skin when mixed with malai.

2. Glowing Skin

Are you struggling to get to get rid of your dull and lifeless skin? Well, milk cream for skin could be your savior. Not only is it a great moisturizer, but it could help you in restoring your old glow back. For getting that natural glow, mix a tablespoon of malai along with a tablespoon of besan and leave it on for 20 minutes. You can also make a malai turmeric face pack for getting that golden glow.

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3. Eliminates Dark Spots

Using malai on face on a regular basis, can help in reducing  dark spots. The proteins and vitamins present in malai would help you in getting rid of those nasty dark spots. All you need to do is apply malai directly on the affected areas and let it sit for several minutes before washing it off. Doing this daily for over a day would greatly benefit your skin.

4. Removes Tan

Been too much out in the sun and now regretting it? Well, try using malai or milk cream for skin to remove that stubborn tan. It is a known fact that raw milk has skin lightening properties due to it’s high lactic acid content. Malai on face has the same effect on your skin. The nutrients and minerals present in it cools down your skin and helps in the fading away of tan naturally. For coupled benefits, make a thick paste of malai and besan and apply it on the affected areas. Use this milk cream face pack twice or thrice a week for best results. 

5. Natural Exfoliator

Not many people know that malai can be used as a natural exfoliator  too. It gently sloughs off the dead skin cells and reveals the younger looking skin beneath. Mix malai with equal amounts of oatmeal and grind them to form a paste. Apply it gently on your dark spots and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Gently exfoliate before washing it off . Trust me, it will produce wonderful results.

Benefits of Milk Cream for Skin and Face
Benefits of Milk Cream for Skin and Face

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6. Softens the Skin

Most remarkable benefit of using milk cream for skin is it softens. malai ‘s smooth texture softens dry and dull skin by rejuvenating the dead skin cells. If you have a celebratory week ahead and have no time to head to a salon, then Malai would do the work for you. 

You can apply milk cream for skin or face as a mask and leave it overnight for best results. You can also mix a few drops of rosewater with malai for added benefits. It’s the easiest way to invigorate and refresh your skin.

7. Cures Acne and Eczema

If you are also struggling with acne or eczema, you’ll be elated to know that milk cream for skin can effectively clear that up. The cream also helps in fixing skin irritation and any patchy appearances, which is a definite plus point. So yes,  malai on face works wonders for acne. 

You can make a milk cream face pack by mixing malai, lemon juice and orange juice together. Apply this pack on the affected areas and wash it off after 30 minutes. You can use this pack once or twice a week for the desired results.

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8. Getting Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Since malai moisturisers the skin and tightens skin pores,  it can prove helpful in the fading away of fine lines and wrinkles. The proteins and vitamins present in malai also boosts collagen production which further prevents ageing. Apply milk cream for face overnight and wake up to a refreshing face. So stop using all those chemical based anti – ageing creams and try out this wonder remedy. 

You can also make a DIY face pack by blending olive oil and malai together. This could be your go to anti ageing milk cream face pack. Olive oil boosts your skin’s elasticity and would thus prevent lines and wrinkles. Mix two spoons of malai with a few drops of olive oil and apply this pack on your face and neck. Rinse it off after 15 minutes. Use this pack once a week.

9. Purifies Oily Skin

Malai could do wonders on your oily skin as  it helps to considerably reduce oil formation on your skin. If you are also struggling with too much oil on your face, then malai on face could be at your rescue. Make a face pack by  mixing milk cream with a few drops of lemon juice. Slather it on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. Use this milk cream face mask once or twice a week. 

This would lighten the blemishes on your face very effectively and would also reduce the oiliness on your skin. You don’t always need expensive products to pamper your skin. You can find some products in your home itself which can really reward you with glowing skin. 

Malai or Milk Cream for skin is one such ingredient and shouldn’t be considered a throwaway. So next time, save it and use it for benefiting  your skin before trashing it away.  Thank us later !

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