Bones are the most important part of our bodies. It gives shape and structure to make our body move. Not just for movement but bones make our body look attractive and stunning. The most popular bone which is known as the beauty bone is the most striking in our body. Beauty bone or collarbone is considered the most attractive beauty bone in the female body.  

This bone has often titled the skeleton of beauty. Having a sharp collarbone is eye-catching and looks startling. And you can even enhance this beauty bone with some exercises. The shape of this beautiful bone gives a subtle and divine look to your body. We are going to tell you some tips and exercises to enhance this beauty bone in the female. But first, let us understand what is a beauty bone and why is it called a ‘beauty bone’? 

What is a Beauty Bone? 

Collarbone is the most structural and stunning bone in the body that is why it is called a beauty bone. Collarbone or clavicle is a beautiful bone which is located just below the neck and just above the ribs in the chest. The other two sides of the clavicle are attached to the shoulders. The structure of these beautiful bones can draw great attention when it is visible to the eyes. Nowadays having a visible and prominent collarbone is evaluated as the most desirable and glamorous feature in women. Why is beauty bone in female considered so desirable and attractive? Let us know why!

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Why Collarbone is Known as ‘Beauty Bone’?

Collarbone is a beautiful bone in the female which have been attributed with being skinny and addition of beauty and charm of the body. High profile models and ramp walkers in the fashion and film industry are crazy with the idea of having a collarbone to outstand their ramp walks because this beauty bone is truly eye-catching for the audience. 

Collarbone is naturally formed, some may have it and some people won’t. But that doesn’t make you ugly. These can be desirable for most people but definitely not important! The structure, alignment on the body, and the predominant location of these beauty bones in female is the reason it is labelled as a ‘beauty bone’. 

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Ways to Reveal the Beauty Bone in Female Body

Many people are insecure about their bodies. Not having a beautiful bone might be one of those insecurities but not having one does not mean your body is not beautiful. You might be wondering if there is any way you can enhance your beauty bone. Yes, there is! And we are going to tell you about some of those. Read on to find out how to improve the look of the beauty bone in the female body.

1. Exercises

Performing exercises is one of the most common and effective ways of augmenting the beauty bone in the female body. Several exercises can be done to stimulate the shoulder muscles making your collarbone visible and sexy. Some of these exercises are:

  • Push-Ups: This exercise is a great way to use your muscles of your shoulder and your back. It tones your muscles and makes your beauty bone appear more defined. It can even relieve your shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder Shrugging: This is an extremely easy to do and effective exercise for having one of those beautiful bones in the female body. It also helps in relaxing your muscles and toning them.
  • Crunches: Losing weight can help you achieve a defined collarbone or beautiful bones. Crunches can help you in losing weight easily it can even enhance your muscles and tones them. It’s easy to do and a great exercise for your collar.
  • Jogging: Jogging is a great way to lose weight have visible and sexy collarbone. Burning some calories can help you shed some fat from your chest area which means a more visible collarbone.

2. Yoga

The most relaxing and effective way of keeping your posture perfect and your body flexible, yoga. If you do not like heavy workouts, yoga can be a great way to enhance your beauty bone. Simple yoga poses help in the proper alignment and structure of the bones. Yoga can even help you in shedding a lot of weight. You can try a lot of yoga poses to make your beauty bones visible. Some yoga poses like cobra pose and bridge pose can help you get started with yoga and get a sexy and noticeable collarbone you’ve been wanting to have.

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3. Swimming

Swimming is an amazing way to work your shoulders and help it intensify. It is a great sport that works the muscles all around your body. Swimming is known to be a great exercise for losing weight and toning your muscles, shoulders, and arms.

As you swim, the fat around your body sheds making your bones more visible. When your shoulder muscles work hard, they get toned which implies a sexy and striking beauty bone ready for you to flaunt. 

4. Weight Lifting

If you are serious about having some good quality muscles around your collarbone to make it sexy and extraordinary, then weight lifting can do the magic for you. Lifting weights can help you build sculpted collarbone. Achieving the beauty bone this way may require a series of hard work and patience but the result would be magnificent. Weight lifting is known to tone the muscles and keeping them strong. You can lift small dumbbells if you are a beginner but you need to be regular with this, only then you can notice the results.  

Reveal your Beauty Bone


Beauty bone in the female is deemed as the most attractive part of the body. Some women may or may not have it. Some people may not have collarbone naturally even after performing regular exercises. Not having a beautiful bone does not make you less attractive. Remember that! You can enhance or augment your collarbone to make it more visible and striking with some exercises like swimming, weight lifting, yoga, etc. Performing these exercises regularly won’t just give you a perfect collarbone but it can also keep you fit and healthy.  

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