With many celebrities opting for face reassignment surgery and other cosmetic procedures – they have reinforced among many others, this one particular marker of beauty. Have you not guessed it yet? High Cheekbones is the answer. But, does there really exist any difference between low cheekbones and high cheekbones? High Cheekbones vs low cheekbones– Keep reading ahead to find out.

Cheekbone Science

The facial bones that provide structure and prominence to the human face are called the cheekbones. These are also termed as malar bones. The facial anatomy of the person varies as per ethnicity and racial backgrounds. For instance, Asians, and Africans are thought to have higher cheekbones. Similarly, the cheekbone structure is also influenced by the genetic makeup of the person.

High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones Psychology

The difference between low cheekbones and high cheekbones become visible when we notice the psychology behind it, that is, the psychology behind the perception of the low cheekbone and high cheekbones. People with high cheekbones are perceived to be more courageous, more powerful, trustworthy, and determined. However, it is important to mention that this does not mean that people with low cheekbones are not courageous or determined.

People’s perception is colored by a variety of factors, including their socio-cultural backgrounds, media exposure, people’s own beliefs, and expectations about beauty. Additionally, higher cheekbones are associated with facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is considered the marker of beauty, especially among western cultures. If it seems interesting, it can be speculated here if the obsession and perception of higher cheekbones are anyway connected to the statues of the Greek Gods we see or the lower representation of people with low cheekbones in the mainstream media and pop culture.

Find Out Your Cheekbone Type

Whether you have higher or lower cheekbones can be assessed through a very simple technique that takes no time at all. Follow the below-written steps to find out if you have high or low cheekbones.

Step 1: Wipe away all makeup from your face and clean it.

Step 2: Sit in front of the mirror and ensure good lighting in the room.

Step 3: Place your thumb on your tragus. The tragus is the little cartilage area of your outer ear. And, then put your index finger on the nostril area, right under your nose.

Step 4: Now, gently move the finger and thumb on a straight line until they meet at a point.

Step 5: This meeting point is where your cheekbone lies. If you press gently on this spot, you will be able to feel your cheekbone.

Step 6: Now to assess, if it is high or low cheekbone, see the location of the cheekbone. If the cheekbone is somewhat indirectly under your eye, parallel to the bridge of your nose then it means that you have a higher cheekbone whereas if the location is parallel to an area that falls below your nose then you have low cheekbones. Fun fact: No matter where the location is, know that your cheekbones are perfect the way they are.

How to Modify Your Cheekbones?

High Cheekbones Vs Low Cheekbones
How to Modify Your Cheekbones?

If you are not satisfied with your facial anatomy then there are multiple ways to modify it, to accentuate and enhance the structure of your face. However, if you are driven to modify your face just to fit into the conventional standards of beauty – know that these beauty standards aren’t universal and they change with time, place, culture, and ethnicities.


  • Using Makeup

Makeup is the best way to play around and enhance your facial features. Obviously, you are aware of the multiple tricks and tips of contouring and highlighting. Additionally, using a bronzer and some blush are amazing tricks to bring more prominence to your face. Contouring and highlighting allow you to play with how light reflects from your face, thus creating the illusion of a more structured and bony face. You will find multiple makeup tutorials by renowned influencers and makeup artists on all social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram to TikTok that you can follow along to create some ravishing makeup looks.

  • Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are minor cosmetic procedures to enhance your facial anatomy. Cosmetic surgeons with years of experience are the experts that you need to consult with if you ever decide to go for dermal fillers. In this procedure, compounds like hyaluronic acid and collagen are injected into your skin to give it more structure and to make it look more youthful. The best part about dermal fillers is that it involves the injection of good chemicals, that is the chemicals that are already synthesized in your body naturally. Hence, you do not put anything toxic or unhealthy in your body through this procedure. The chemicals get absorbed and degraded by your body naturally, hence, the procedure may last anything from three months to two years depending on the kind of the injections you get.

  • Cheek Implants

Another cosmetic procedure is considering cheek implants. An experienced plastic surgeon will inject silicones in your face by making small incisions on either side of your mouth. This procedure lifts your cheekbones providing more definition to the face. It is important to not ignore the probable side effects of this procedure. You may take a week to recover and there will be pain, swelling, bruises, and other minor injuries. Not the healthiest way to go ahead, but one of the options on the list.

  • Cheek Reduction Surgery

For getting low cheekbones, many options for cosmetic surgery are available like cheek reduction surgeries. Other options may be availed after proper consultation with experts and professionals.

Other methods:

Other methods like facial exercises, chewing gum, eating healthy, working out regularly have proved beneficial for many women. These have been reported on the internet and some women swear by these very natural and most healthy options. Among all this craziness and obsession with high cheekbones, know that cheekbones should not be the markers of beauty. The concept of beauty is not universal. Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and it is for us to decide what looks beautiful to us.

What you must remember is that our facial anatomical structures and the built of our body are influenced by our heredity and ancestry. These reflect where we belong, it reflects our identity. Changing or modifying based on the scale made by your colonizers is the last thing you’d want to do. However, if that’s something that makes you comfortable and makes you feel better – then go ahead with all your might.

Remember, you are your own kind of beautiful.