Congratulations on being the maid of honour to your best friend wedding. It is super exciting yet a big responsibility. There is so much planning and fun stuff you have to put together. Of course, you want to make your best friend’s wedding memorable for her. So start planning today and start putting all the essential stuff together.

You have to plan a bachelorette party, help her in wedding shopping, help her with honeymoon stuff, taking care of the wedding guest list and the invitation. That’s a lot to do.  Here we have framed a special maid of honour checklist especially for you to make your preparations easier:

Your Duties As Maid Of Honour Before The Wedding

  • Help in shopping: Your best friend must be going crazy with the wedding dress, jewellery, the decorations, the band and every little thing that’s going to be a part of her big day. 
    Of course, you don’t want her to struggle alone with all the chores. Sit with her and plan a time table for each day about when you guys are shopping, to choose the band, to finalize the decor, deciding the cake and everything. Be with her and help her out. 
    A wedding is the most important day of a woman’s life and your best friend needs you to help her. So be with her and lend a hand in everything. Be there to listen to her ideas and advice on what’s best for the wedding.
  • Stay in contact with all the bride’s maids: You are the maid of honour so it is your duty to stay in contact with all the bride’s maids. Make a WhatsApp group and keep updating them about the bachelorette party, the dresses, the special performances by the troop and everything that is required for the bride’s maids to do. 
    Make sure you approve the bride’s maids outfit with everyone and get it maid well in advance and is delivered to each bride’s maid. You all should also do the dress trial together. You can also assign some duties to each bride’s maid as required. And also sort the bachelorette party preparation.
  • Guest work: Sit with your best friend and make the guest list and choose the venue accordingly. Help her pick out the invitations and post them well in advance. You don’t want your best friend to miss any of her special guests. 
    You should also call the special ones to make sure that they received the invitation and they will make it to the wedding. You can be the RSVP on the invite and be there to help each guest with anything that is required.
  • Prepare an emergency kit: You don’t want your best friend to get stuck in an emergency situation. So make an emergency kit that should include some emergency medicines, bobby pins, safety pins, jewelry box, an extra pair of footwears, cotton, band-aids and everything that you think your bride may require.
  • Host and prepare for a bridal shower: Bridal shower is very important and special to any bride. So plan a nice bridal shower for your best friend to let her cherish it for the rest of her life. Buy mini gifts to make the bridal shower exciting and write a speech for your bride to cherish. Make her feel special in every possible way.
  • Plan a bachelorette party: Plan a bachelorette party for your best friend and invite her close girlfriend. You can book a hotel room for the same, get her a bride-to-be tiara and a cute dress. Book a stripper if you think she will like that and make sure to provide her with all the fun she deserves.
  • Surprise planning: Surprise your best friend with something that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Prepare a performance or a speech or make her parents do something special for her. You can also take the help of her husband to make her D-day special. Make a video of all the people she is leaving behind and how all of them are going to miss her. Do something cherishable for her.
Duties As Maid
Duties As Maid

Your Duties On The Wedding Day

  • Compile the bride’s stuff: Make sure your best friend has everything with her by the morning of the big day. Her dress, footwears, jewellery, hair accessories etc. make sure she has it all and if not then get it for her and don’t let her struggle. Make sure she reaches to her makeup artist on time and if possible drop her there.
  • Bridesmaids check: Call out all the bride’s maid to make sure they are getting ready and reach the venue well in time. Make sure they are in no trouble and have everything that they need. Most importantly, don’t forget the ring and keep it safe. Don’t forget the emergency kit that you prepared.
  • Get ready in advance: You are the maid of honour so get ready well in advance and reach the venue to check. You must reach before the guests and make sure the decorations are on point, the band has arrived and settled, the photographer, the food and the bride’s maids are ready. Since you have a huge responsibility you must be aware of everything that is needed.
  • Keep your bride calm: When you have checked that everything’s in place, go to your best friend. Brides sometimes go cold-feet before the wedding so make sure you keep her calm. Give her confidence over her decision of getting married. Comfort her in every way possible. Keep with you the things she likes to eat that will make up her moods like chocolate cake, candies or gums. Just keep her confident and sane.
  • Do the usual: When the time comes, you have to do what any maid of honour is supposed to do. Walk down the aisle, hold the bouquet, keep the groom’s ring ready, attend the guests, raise a toast, deliver a speech, be there at the cake cutting and do everything that will make your best friend happy.
Duties As Maid
Duties As Maid

Your Duties Post-Wedding

Don’t think your responsibilities get over with the wedding. You are still the bride’s best friend. She needs your help with the wedding gifts, wedding pictures, honeymoon planning and whatever she asks for. Be there for her whenever she needs you.

By doing so much for your best friend, you are also showing that you are there for them for the rest of their lives. Your best friend can look up to you whenever in need. Be the best maid honour to your best friend. 

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