Although getting married is a beautiful event, a bachelorette party is just as important in any woman’s life. This party is like the last chance for the bride-to-be to enjoy her single self because, after that, she’s not single anymore. But organizing a hen’s party is no joke because you want everything to be just perfect, so, it can also get a little bit overwhelming because you are pressured to throw an amazing party, especially for a bridesmaid. But, fear not, because we have these perfect outdoor hen party ideas that will leave everyone with their happiest faces!

7 Cool Outdoor Hen Party Ideas For Your BFF's Wedding

Checkout the 7 cool outdoor hen party ideas for your bff's wedding:

1. A Lovely Garden Party 

Everyone loves a beautiful garden brunch, especially in spring. So, why not utilize that idea! Choose the perfect garden for your party and start decorating! Get bouquets of white and/or baby pink flowers and decorate them all around the brunch table, set fairy lights around the table or hang them from your lampposts (if you have them).For seating arrangements, instead of chairs, you could get fancy cushions or mats and place them on the grass. But make sure that if you choose to go with that idea, the table is a low-sitting one. 

You could either set the food at the table beforehand or you could keep a sort of buffet too. For an extra touch, have some helium balloons of the same color as the flowers lying around the whole lawn with confetti. And you could also organize some fun games like a treasure hunt to play in the evening. Voila, a lovely and warm bridal shower where you have fun with all your girlfriends and one worth remembering for! 

2. A Yacht Party 

A Yacht Party
A Yacht Party 

This is one of the chicest and best outdoor hen party ideas. Not only will you have a refreshing change of scenery, but throwing a yacht party is also really classy and exciting. Plan a whole day to spend in the waters on a slick yacht where you can have fun as well as relax. You could all sunbathe in the afternoon, play pool or card games, have a mini dance party in the evening with your girlies, and have a wonderful lunch and dinner too! 

Have the yacht cleaned and decorated a bit beforehand – set some balloons and lighting, get a sash for the bride-to-be, and you could even design a beautiful banner that welcomes the party! Unless the bride might get seasick, this is a great way to throw a bachelorette party. 

3. Go Clubbing

What better way to spend the last day of being single than getting drunk and dancing the whole night! 

Go Clubbing
Go Clubbing

Book a lounge in a club and spend the night eating, drinking cocktails, dancing, and making some amazing memories because being wasted means tons of hilarious memories and stories to tell. You could also pay a little extra to the DJ and have him/her play a specific playlist designed for the bride-to-be and give her a little surprise with that. Oof, you’re going to need a load of caffeine and aspirin to get through that striking hangover though; but it would be worth it. 

4. Have an Adventurous Hen Party

Feeling impulsive and adventurous? Well then, how about you throw a hen party filled with adventure and go camping! Yes! Get ready for the most unique hen party ever! Pack up your essentials, and go hiking on a cliff nearby or simply set camp in a woody area. And for the extra comfort on your camping trip, consider bringing the best shower tent. You could have a lovely campfire after that and heat your smores while you all chat and reminisce about the good old days. If there’s no camping site nearby, you could simply spend the day near a lake and have a great picnic by it or rent a cabin and celebrate there. This is one of the most terrific outdoor hen party ideas to go with. 

5. Host a Barbeque Party

A sizzling BBQ is always a great and cozy way to spend the day with your friends and it suits just perfectly as a bachelorette party too. 

Host a barbeque party
Host a Barbeque Party

Refreshing weather, music going on in the background, the smell of fresh barbeque, drinks in everyone’s hands, and the sound of lovely laughter and chatter – that is the perfect recipe for a day to remember. After all, a party does not necessarily mean dancing and jumping and getting wasted, it is more about making memories, having fun, and enjoying that time with your friends. You could also play games and decorate the backyard or lawn a bit with balloons and bright hangings to give it a special effect. 

6. A Classic Girls’ Day

Plan a classic and cozy girls’ day out! Start with a delicious brunch plan followed by shopping and pre-book spa, manicure, and pedicure appointments too. Then, spend the evening by going on a drive and then plan a movie to watch in the cinema at the night followed by dinner. You could also go clubbing after dinner or keep a girls’ sleepover at the end of the day. Either way, you’re going to have tons of fun! 

7. Throw a Theme Party 

Make it personal and throw a theme party! Book a banquet so that the venue stays a surprise, and pick a theme or a dress code. 

Throw a Theme Party
Throw a Theme Party

Get creative! Choose a sparkly and shiny theme, a minimalistic, or one that involves the favorite color of the bride and personalize the party accordingly. For instance, if you choose to go with the first option, then decorate everything and go fully extra. You could even decorate the glasses in glitter, get a similar cake, get fancy colored plates, etc.

With these outdoor hen party ideas, you are most definitely going to put together one hell of a party everybody is going to love! So, get your party mode on and throw an incredible outdoor bachelorette party, and give the bride-to-be one of the best times of her life! 

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