Weddings are an important event in your life and your fiancé, and probably to your immediate family too. But it isn’t the “event-of-the-year” for your extended family and friends. They are most certainly happy for you and want to be part of your celebrations. So, cut them a little slack if they aren’t always ready to talk about wedding stress issues with you.

The Wedding Planning Stress Can Turn You Into A Bridezilla 

The modern bride is a multitasker- she manages her career and plans her wedding simultaneously. Every bride since time immemorial has been trying to have a perfect wedding.

Let’s clarify it on the onset- there is nothing called perfect. With such wide social media exposure-brides-to-be are exposed to a plethora of options for having a dream wedding and it can be extremely overwhelming.

Wedding planning is an extremely daunting task with lots of last minute planning– whether it is choosing the right venue, decor, guest list, food, bridal trousseau, and a host of other details. You are going to spend a lot of money and would not want to settle for anything second best, and it leads to severe stress.

Who Exactly is A Bridezilla?

Managing wedding stress is extremely pivotal to having THE happiest day of your life. A stressed bride can turn into a Bridezilla- and frankly, no one likes one!

  • A bride who is uber stressed and isn’t getting adequate rest
  • Someone who is a perfectionist and can never be satisfied
  • She is totally obsessed and a stickler for details
  • Constantly feel frustrated
  • You are constantly bickering with your partner- and they feel you are some different woman.
  • The wedding planning ceases to be fun

But you don’t need to turn into a bridezilla, TBH nobody likes one, to have your dream wedding. Instead, you can be Bridechilla and breeze through the months of wedding planning and your wedding stress free. This way you will enjoy your wedding to the hilt too!!

Wedding Stress
Wedding Stress

Amazing Tips to Handle Wedding Stress

Here are some of the best tips that can help you to handle wedding stress and save your from bridezilla

1. Set a budget

You don’t need to become a pauper or be in insurmountable debt while wedding planning and trying to incorporate ostentatious dreams. The main seed of stress is monetary issues and overshooting of the budget. At the very start- fix a budget, and allocate an amount to every wedding paraphernalia and stick to it. Keep a certain amount for contingency. This will help you manage your wedding stress and be the relaxed Bridechilla.

2. Set a guest list

You should decide the number of guests as one of the foremost things while wedding planning. Talk to your folks and fiancé and decide whether you want a 1000 people extravaganza or a more intimate affair. Every other detail will depend on this and any changes, later on, can turn even the most docile girl into a Bridezilla.

3. Too much information isn’t healthy

Every wedding vendor has an online presence. Look at a few of them and decide for yourself. For caterers, you can also go for food tasting. Asking your newlywed friends or relatives or reading every review for every vendor can become mind-boggling and extremely stressful.

4. Learn to delegate

Remember, it isn’t humanly possible to do everything yourself, and that’s where your bridal team comes into play. Ask your parents, siblings and willing friends to help you with the wedding preparation. You should not impose but ask for their convenience. Don’t be bossy, tell them what you want and try and respect their decisions. If you keep criticizing and interfering, not only will you get frazzled but also strain your relationship with them. 

5. Choose vendors who offer a comprehensive package

Nowadays you get vendors who offer all-inclusive packages like the venue that also provides for decoration and catering or decorators who do flower arrangements and lighting. Choose wisely.

6. Accept that things don’t always work according to the plan

From the very onset of your wedding planning keep in mind that certain things might not go according to your wishes, rather it’s beyond your control. This will help you cope with these aberrations better, but most certainly don’t be a pessimist bride. Nature is not in our control and the weather might fluctuate, make preparations for such instances. Learn to adapt. 

7. Do not have unrealistic expectations or draw a comparison

Don’t compare your wedding to that of celebrities or royalties or even to your cousin’s for that matter. Every wedding is unique and so is the budget and resources available. It is not a competition. This is one of the main reasons for a bride-to-be to turn into a snarling and grumpy Bridezilla.

8. Don’t ignore your health

In all the wedding planning mayhem, brides often end up skipping meals or not getting adequate sleep. To look radiant for your wedding pictures, you need to eat healthily and be properly hydrated; otherwise, you can end up with patchy skin and bags under your eyes. Getting your beauty sleep is an absolute necessity. 

9. Practice mindfulness

Meditating for 15 minutes daily will prevent you from turning into a Bridezilla. It will help you prioritize what’s important and also maintain your calm and poise.

10. Keep a dialogue open

Everyone is allowed to vent, especially a bride. Talk to your fiancé or your mother or BFF. Don’t think that you can solve everything on your own. You can also talk to a therapist. Trust us, you wouldn’t be the first overwhelmed bride-to-be that they will be seeing.

Wedding Stress
Wedding Stress

11. Too many cooks spoil the broth

Don’t take everyone’s opinion- it is after all your day. Have a core team of trusted people-who are efficient, dependable and judicious. If you paid heed to every piece of advice and well-meaning suggestions, then you can just get derailed from Bridechilla to Bridezilla. Assert yourself without being boisterous.

12. Take a break

Being constantly obsessed with the wedding planning 24/7 can turn you from a sweet blushing bride to a snarling monster bride aka The Ultimate Bridezilla.  The best way to manage wedding stress is to take a break- go away for a weekend with your girlfriends or just pamper yourself or go out for drinks, where you just relax and talk about anything apart from the wedding.

Remember, the pomp, and celebration are just for a few hours- what really matters is your union with your partner- and the blending of two families together. It is to be surrounded by your loving ones as you embark on this journey.

Trust me, few years down the line, they probably won’t remember the shade of your napkin or the decorative pieces-but will remember the mood and ambiance once. You want happy memories!!

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