No trip can be compared to your smooth honeymoon. When for the first time you travel with your partner for a few days, It is the most awaited trip that a couple looks forward to. From the time of fixation of the wedding date till the time you finally pack for your honeymoon, you make long lists of romantic destinations you wish to visit, honeymoon shopping, things you wish to do there, and everything possible. 

Blueprint for A Smooth Honeymoon

We don’t want you to miss out on anything from your smooth honeymoon checklist. So here we have made a blueprint for you to follow while you are making your honeymoon list so you don’t miss out on anything. Here is what you have to do for a smooth honeymoon:

1. Research research and lots of research

Once you and your hubby finalize the honeymoon destinations you are going to visit, you have researched a lot. Be well aware of the climate of that places at the time of your visit, which places are you going to visit (beach, mountain, or plains), the food of that place, culture, and everything possible. If you are well informed about the place that is going to be your home for a good amount of time, you will be able to prepare well. You have to buy clothes accordingly, beachwear should be collected if it's a beach destination, warm clothes if you are visiting somewhere chilly, etc. so know the place well before taking a flight for it.

2. Pack well ahead of the wedding

We know you are all piled up in your wedding preparations but you should take some time to prepare for your honeymoon preparations too. We’d suggest you plan your smooth honeymoon after a break of 10-15 days from your wedding so you get some time to relax. But if you are a couple who just wish to fly off within a day or two of your wedding then you should prepare well in advance. Packing for a honeymoon before your wedding will make things easy. It can be difficult for you with all the wedding preparations going alongside but your honeymoon is equally important. 

3. Make sure you have your beauty kit ready

Well, not just makeup, perfume, moisturizer, sunscreen, you also need hair removing tools, an epilator for facial and eyebrow hair, a mini manicure kit, etc. if you are going to have a long smooth honeymoon then you do need all these things to make sure you look and feel perfect for your hubby. You are going to miss your salon visits so be well prepared in advance.

Blueprint for Honeymoon
Blueprint for Honeymoon

4. Don’t try to follow the trend

In today’s world of social media, trends get set and everyone just follows them. Especially for such special trips like honeymoon, people are just following one another and nobody is opting to visit a new place. With the mutual consent of your partner and after good research, decide a place you both wish to explore where you two can do exciting things instead of going to the place where you are just going to the museums and stuff. So choose wisely!

5. Make a to-do list

Sit together and make a to-do list for your honeymoon. A smooth honeymoon doesn’t happen every time and you want to make the most out of it so make a to-do list. Pen out things you both wish to do together. Make him do the things you like and you do what he likes. Your list can include, making out on the balcony, skydiving, skiing, chilling on the beach, bathing together in a pool and the list can go on and on. 

Blueprint for Honeymoon
Blueprint for Honeymoon

6. Make space for extras

Don’t overfill your suitcases, you are going to shop your heart out. Do keep space for your newly shopped stuff in your bag. You must know something from each place you visit for memories.

We don’t want you to miss out on anything on your honeymoon and your mood gets spoiled. Plan out things well in advance so nothing goes wrong. Honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so make the most out of it with the love of your life. May you have a happy smooth honeymoon. 

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