Abortion is not only a difficult decision but also life-changing. A mother faces various issues and sometimes abortion risks if not taken any expert guidance. The risks can be of multiple types and potential hazards to the intended woman.  

Abortion is a legal offence as well. Hence if it is not executed while abiding by legal rules, the mother and doctor involved in this process can experience severe legal consequences. 

Let us know why a woman may want to abort her child before birth. 

Reasons Behind Abortion 

Abortion is not accessible to a woman, but sometimes, a woman is compelled to abort her unborn child. 

1. Troubled Marriage

Troubled Marriage
Troubled Marriage

A woman lacking spousal support may take the abortion risks. The difference in idealism or sudden divorce can increase the chances of abortions. If a woman is mentally disturbed, it becomes tough to carry on her pregnancy journey.

Family support is crucial for a woman to keep up with the physical and mental pain during pregnancy.

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2. Economical Problem

Economical Problem
Economical Problem

Poverty is another significant reason for killing an embryo. Child rearing is full of responsibilities and requires good financial backup. A couple can decide to abort their unborn baby if they fail to have it.  

As abortion is a mentally and physically draining effort, couples should be mindful about having safe sex and use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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3. Pregnancy Out of Wedlock

Pregnancy Out of Wedlock
Pregnancy Out of Wedlock

Many times a woman or a teenage girl gets pregnant out of wedlock. In that case, the girl or woman sees an unwanted pregnancy as a problem for her from many angles. 

She may want to hide her pregnancy from society and family and take the help of over-the-counter medicines to terminate the pregnancy. Sometimes a girl is compelled to abort if her partner breaks up with her or doesn't want to recognize the unborn baby as his own. 

But there are lots of exceptions. Many girls braved the breakup period so fast and gave birth to their children without any partner support. They take the risks of abortion and stay happily with their offspring. 

4. Ongoing Health Problems

Ongoing Health Problems
Ongoing Health Problems

Sometimes the unborn baby can be affected by some deadly diseases such as HIV aids, thalassemia, or other gene-borne diseases. In such cases where the baby does not have a healthy future, the doctor can alert the mother. 

It is up to the child's mother and father to decide on the continuation of the pregnancy journey. But every country follows strict guidelines for pregnancy, and one needs to abide by them before it is too late. So, consulting with the doctor about the legal, medical issues, and abortion risks involved in pregnancy. 

Is Abortion Safe? 

When the question arises if it is safe or not, you need to know which method you are taking to abort. Your stage of pregnancy will determine the type of abortion you should choose. There are multiple ways to abortion, such as vacuum aspirations or medical abortion, dilation and evacuation, labour induction abortion, and abortion pills.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to understand your capacity to withstand various abortion risks and have the mental preparation to deal with them. But there are various complications involved in all of these procedures. The patient has to undergo multiple abortion risks every time. 

All types of abortions come with various risks, like any medical procedure. It is hazardous if you want to make this an end on your own. So please resort to a surgeon and take professional help. Some women rely on over-the-counter pills and use them without consultation to abort the embryo.

This may worsen her problem in the future of being pregnant again. So acquire reliable information on these abortion medicines and their ideal usage time. Ensure you ask your doctor if abortion is safe or not safe. 

Let us now take a look at the various types of abortion risks that a woman has to undergo: 

Risks of an Abortion 

You may have to bear some abortion risks, such as: 

1. Mental Risks 

Women who underwent abortions were reported to have destructive emotions or suicidal thoughts. No doubt it's a traumatic experience and can lead to post-abortion stress syndrome—women who had to suffer an abortion start to think of this incident as abuse. 

This trauma does not go away immediately; instead, it takes time to heal and sometimes persists for many years. 

Abortion can lead to some disturbances in marital and couple relationships. Couples tend to disbelieve each other and never cease to blame. So it is always better to walk the safe path and not incur the loss due to abortion risks. Ask your doctor if abortion is safe or not. 

If you don't have access to family support and assistance, it could be more difficult for you to deal with the feelings that come up after an abortion. By meeting with a qualified counsellor before the procedure, a woman can better understand her decision to have an abortion and the feelings she may experience after the surgery. If she can't seek counselling, the lady may find it harder to control her emotions. 

2. Physical Risks 

There will be lots of abortion risks in terms of the physical plane. The patient may have a pelvic infection and bleeding issues. In pelvic disease, bacteria can enter the uterus and infect the area. In that case, the patient has to go under hospitalization or surgery. 

If the woman experiences heavy bleeding, immediate medication is necessary, or it may lead to anaemia. 

One of the risks of abortion is that the person can have a cervical cut or torn during the procedure due to medical instruments passing through. 

One may also face problems of blood clots in the uterus, which are treated by repeat suction curettage.

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3. Future Risks  

Early abortions not aggravated by infection do not make being infertile or carrying a subsequent pregnancy to term more difficult. But having children may be challenging due to complications from an abortion or numerous abortions. 

You would have a decreased risk of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer if you had your first full-term pregnancy at a younger age. Additionally, with each succeeding full-term pregnancy, the risk of acquiring these cancers declines.

A woman who chooses abortion over continuing her pregnancy would lose the protective benefit since terminated pregnancies do not offer protection. Before deciding whether to maintain the pregnancy or have an abortion, you should see your doctor if you have a family history of breast cancer or any clinical symptoms of the disease. Always be sure to tell your doctor everything about your previous pregnancies.


To conclude, you can avoid any types of abortion risks if you and your partner were cautious in the first place. However, abortion is necessary sometimes if the medical condition of the mother is too critical. Proper decision-making and consultation with the doctor will help you make the right decision. Avoiding an abortion will save you from mental agony and have justice for your overall relationship.

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