Why marriages fail especially when we choose to marry the ones we love is a question that has baffled many! Being in love is a beautiful feeling. You fall head-over-heels for someone and nothing else seems to matter. If you are lucky, you will get to marry the person of your dreams. The next few years are considered to be the best phase of your life, but then the infatuation starts to boil down and marriages fail. 

Slowly but surely, you realize that the other person is not perfect at all. The smallest things might start to annoy you. But, here is the catch; your partner may feel the same way about you. It is at that moment that your attitude decides the direction of the marriage. Many decide to keep quiet hoping it’s a phase while others fight over tiny things. Either way, things can quickly turn sour and marriages fail. Why marriages fail, how to save a marriage from failing and how do you build a healthy relationship?

Reasons Of Marriage Failure

In this blog, we focus on some of the reasons why marriages fail and suggest how to save a marriage:

1. Not enough time

This is one of the biggest reasons why marriages fail & partners grow distant from one another. Healthy relationships take time to build. They also take time to maintain and grow. It is so easy to get caught up with work or other commitments and not spend enough time with your loved one. Before you even realize, days turn into weeks and weeks into months since you had a meaningful conversation with your spouse.

Even if you are busy for days to come, it is important to communicate that to your partner. Small things like sending texts through the day or buying little presents go a long way. They are a great way to show that you still love and care for him even if you are busy at the moment.

2. Expectations and Emotional dependency

We are all emotional at some level. We have many emotional voids that different people like friends and family fill. However, after you get married, a sense of emotional dependency develops towards the partner. There are also expectations attached. Even little things like him not remembering your favorite color can hurt your feelings. 

marriage failure
marriage failure

Every person is different. It is wrong for us to expect our partners to be a certain way just because we want it. The best way to how to save marriage is to recognize which of your expectations are unnecessary and detach yourself from them. You will notice a healthier change in the relationship. 

3. Lack of communication in marriage 

Every one stresses how important is communication in marriage. But no one mentions what the communication should be around. Although it is important to communicate and talk about everything, many couples try to keep the communications ‘happy’ to avoid conflict and save marriages. This goes on to hurt the relationship more than it helps.   

Speak your mind. Approach your partner in a way that does not feel offensive to him. If you are able to communicate the small issues at the beginning with each other, big issues will never build up. This factor is making a lot of couples unhappy. However, it is a very small problem that could be solved easily.

There are many issues that cause a marriage to collapse. Sometimes, people figure out in the first few months how they are not fit for each other. Sometimes, the couple realize decades later that it would be better if they went their separate ways. Although, there are some problems that may be far too big to be sorted out, most of the little complaints and issues that go on to become big ones could be taken care of with a little affection and communication.  

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