You may have heard the rumor about the friend of a friend who got pregnant even while using protection. It is common to experience such doubts before the big moment. The fear of a surprise pregnancy with condoms can put a damper on your intimate plans. 

Birth protection should always be the first thing on your mind when it comes to engaging in sexual activities. But just protection will not be sufficient if you do not know how to use it correctly. This is why the idea of a surprise pregnancy with condoms is still something to be careful about.

There is nothing wrong with fulfilling your sexual needs, provided you are being safe. If you and your partner are not ready to have a child, check to be sure that you are using prevention methods effectively. 

Is it possible to get pregnant while using condoms?

Condoms are the only birth-control that protects from both pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. This makes them a popular and easily acquired option. 

The effectiveness of condoms is dependent on many factors. Usually, condoms offer 98% protection when used correctly. This means that there is always that 2% window in which pregnancy might occur even when you are being fully safe. 

But humans are seldom perfect. As creatures of emotion and passion, it is easy to be careless due to nerves and arousal. Thus, at the moment, some mistakes are bound to happen. Keeping that in mind, the chances of protection for condoms get reduced to around 85%. Statistically, this means that 15 out of 100 people who use condoms as the only form of birth control end up with pregnancies. 

So, yes,  it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms. If not used properly, condoms can break and tear mid-intercourse. Thus, it becomes necessary to consider all possible scenarios due to which a surprise pregnancy with condoms is likely to occur.

Can condoms break without you knowing?

A condom, even while being a powerful a birth control, is still susceptible to wear and tear. Often, in the throes of patience, people try to open a condom packet with their teeth, which could cause the material inside to tear. Accidentally using old, expired condoms also increases their chances of breaking midway.  

Can condoms break without you knowing? Well, if a person is wearing the condom when it breaks, chances are that they will feel the sensation, if not at the exact moment, then at least while pulling away. But often, in your excitement, you may not realise that you are using a condom that’s already torn. Thus, many times the realisation only comes after sex is over. This could result in pregnancy.

To avoid surprise pregnancy with condoms, it is important to first know how to avoid condom breakage.

How to prevent condoms from breaking? 

So while it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, knowing how to prevent condoms from breaking increases your chances of avoiding mishaps. There are a few common condom mistakes that people are prone to make. To prevent these, you and your partner must educate yourselves thoroughly on how to effectively use protection.

Multiple discussions should be had beforehand to ensure that you both are on the same page about your preferred methods. Doing this before sex will make you extra prepared for it and give you the freedom to lose yourself in the moment with the knowledge that you are being careful and safe.

Here are a few precautions to take to avoid condom breakage: 

  • First, your partner has to choose a type of condom that suits them the best. Using the correct size and material gives the best results.
  • Second, always store the condoms in a dry, cool place. Do not keep them within pockets, wallets and purses for a long time. Doing so will cause the condom to wear.
  • Always check the condom before using it to make sure that it is not expired, damaged or discoloured.
  • When opening a condom, open the packet carefully along the edge. Do not use teeth or scissors. This can rip the condom and create microtears.
  • Putting the condom on in the correct way is most essential to avoid condom breakage. You and partner should watch tutorials and practice a couple of times beforehand. When putting a condom on, the rim of the condom should be on the outside and the entire shape should resemble a hat. Make sure that you are using the correct side.
  • Pinch the head of the condom when putting it on and leave a little space for semen. Make sure to unroll the condom from the shaft down to the base of the penis.
  • If your partner accidentally wears the condom on the wrong side, do not flip it and wear again. Get a new condom and make sure to wear this one more carefully.
  • Do not use two condoms or use an external condom if you are already using an internal one. It is a common myth that using two condoms reduces the chances of pregnancy but the truth is that using two condoms can cause friction between their materials and actually offer less protection.
  • Use sufficient lubricant to reduce any possible friction. Using lubricant also results in more comfortable and pleasurable sex.
  • Make sure to use a water-based lubricant. Using oil-based lubricants increases the chances of tearing.
  • Always recheck the condition of the condom when you change positions.
  • After ejaculation, your partner should hold the rim of the condom to avoid spilling and pull out while still erect. This ensures that the condom doesn’t go loose and spill semen.
  • Dispose of the condom securely in a hygienic manner.

You should never reuse condoms. Always wear a new condom after the previous one has been used. Use condoms even if you are not having vaginal sex or reusing sex toys. A surprise pregnancy is not the only thing you should worry about. Using a condom correctly offers protection from a range of sexually transmitted diseases, which can be as serious as HIV.

Avoiding surprise pregnancy with condoms 

If you’re truly not ready for a child and want to avoid a surprise pregnancy with condoms, just knowing how to prevent condoms from breaking may not be enough.  You should consider using other protection methods too. Using birth control pills even while using condoms reduces your chances of an unexpected pregnancy. 

Along with that, pulling out before ejaculation while wearing a condom adds an extra layer of safety.

You can only get pregnant during your fertility window during ovulation at a particular time every month. Using ovulation trackers and calendars, you can find out the approximate date of your fertility window and avoid having sex in that time as a precaution measure.

If you suspect that the condom was broken during sex, take a pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period to find out for sure. The earlier you find out, the more you have the chances of deciding what you want to do.

Leading a safe sex life

There is no need to be ashamed of enjoying sex. You only have to be careful. Do not repress your needs because of your fears. Instead, seek knowledge to dissuade those fears. There are so many myths about misinformed sex that can lead to the spread of incorrect information. Due to the lack of proper knowledge, many teens turn to porn for advice. But real life is not the same as a pornographic film. Real-life sex involves actual people who do not just exist for your pleasure. The comfort and needs of all those involved should be considered. This is exactly why education about sexual health becomes important. 

Always make sure to get regularly tested. If you accidentally get pregnant, remember that you have the freedom of choice. It is your body and you should make the decisions which you think are most comfortable for it.

Communication between partners is the key to healthy sex life. Remember that there is nothing sexier than safe, consensual, protected intercourse.